Yahoo Mail releases ‘Reminders’ and ‘Unsubscribe’ features


Yahoo Mail has attracted two new attributes for its customers: Reminders and Unsubscribe. Oath-owned Yahoo states these two new attributes will attract more organization and less clutter, offering a more seamless mailing encounter for its round the world. Today, users can place reminders or unsubscribe to junk mails, right out of their inbox.

Yahoo Mail has included new features to help users handle their email inboxes as economically as you can. Both new attributes: Reminders and Unsubscribe, will bring more business and less clutter, offering a more discreet mailing experience for consumers worldwide.


Users are now able to place reminders inside mails to reevaluate what matters the most to them. Real life example: simply opened an email concerning the usefulness bill that is due soon? Set a reminder to cover it in five times, along with a notification will pop up afterward.

This attribute has a notes section to add text and could be set for a particular date and time later on. To allow a fast setup, Reminders indicates which mails must have reminders and urges time, and all based on content. Reminders can always be edited, deleted and updated at any time via a”Manage Reminder” alternative. Additionally, users may see inactive ones anytime they want.

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Implemented within an easy-to-find button when opening a message, the Unsubscribe attribute lets users easily prevent getting emails without having to leave their Yahoo Mail inboxes. A choice to unsubscribe in the email sender looks in every email. And if users clicked the Unsubscribe button, then they could undo the unsubscribe action up to 3 seconds after the first click.

The Unsubscribe attribute helps to keep inboxes clean and stuffed only with relevant content, which makes the whole unsubscribe process fast, efficient and stress-free. E-newsletter senders and email entrepreneurs must also discover a benefit, since they will see a decrease in spam votes and also be incentivized to provide engaging high quality articles, since subscribers that are no more interested will quickly have the ability to unsubscribe.

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Start using these features

These two new features are offered across iOS and Android.

Additionally, Yahoo Mail will add more attribute upgrades in the very close to future, like an unsubscribe recommendation option, where consumers may choose to get automatic recommendations about which emails to unsubscribe.



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