WhatsApp, NASSCOM Foundation work together to educate people on fake news before elections


WhatsApp, a Facebook-owned immediate messaging platform, has partnered with all the social arm of the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) to provide digital literacy instruction. Aiming to suppress fake news, misinformation and propaganda menace on its own stage, the practice is anticipated to reach approximately 1,00,000 individuals before the Lok Sabha Elections 2019.

“We are excited to expand our partnerships with civil society to advance crucial digital literacy skills that can help combat misinformation share on WhatsApp. This training educates people throughout India to be mindful of the messages they receive and to verify the facts before forwarding,” said Abhijit Bose, Head of India, WhatsApp.

The very first batch of instruction is scheduled to begin from March 27 at Delhi, followed by workshops for agents in urban and rural places, and roadshows and interactions at a variety of schools. NASSCOM Foundation, on its part, will supply volunteers to become educated, who would share their learning at least three more people, fulfilling the NASSCOM Foundation mandate of’Each One Teach Three’ effort. These volunteers may even place their takeaways from assignments to their societal websites manages to improve the range of their own learnings.

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The training module is co-created to add real-time anecdotes, tools which may be utilized to confirm a forwards and activities consumers can choose for example reporting misinformed material to reality checkers and Law Enforcement. The program will be accessible to several regional languages.

“The use of technology platforms like WhatsApp are inherently meant to foster social good, harmony, and collaboration, but are sadly being used by a small number of miscreants to entice anger and hatred by spreading false and doctored information. Through this partnership with WhatsApp, we hope to enable all of India’s connected citizens to identify a piece of probable fake information while also sensitizing them on the possible impact of its further amplification,” said Ashok Pamidi, CEO, NASSCOM Foundation.

Aspiring volunteers can enroll at www.mykartavya.nasscomfoundation.org to attend the instruction.


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