Watchseries Website: Is It Still Working? [Unblocked Mirrors]


Watchseries is a website that hosts TV shows and movies and allows its users to view them for free. It has the latest collections, which makes it perfect for all kinds of audiences. Whether you are into romance, crime thrillers, or dramas, this website has something in store for you. It will not require you to make any account for its usage, so you can just visit the link and start bingeing.

The best part of Watchseries website is that it does not keep poor quality shows and movies. Everything on the website is either in HD or Full HD. So, your viewing experience will be fantastic, given you have the right internet speed.

Is Watchseries Safe and Legal?

It is a pirated website, which posts links to streams that are not free. It is an illegal website, and the government can take strict action against those who use it. So, it is not safe to visit, but you can use VPN software to become anonymous and access it. Your internet service provider will no longer be able to track you, and you’d be safe from the government. However, you will need a privacy-focused VPN service provider for this purpose.

The other thing which you need to be aware of is its ads and pop-ups. From the moment you access the site, you will see pop-ups all around it. Every click that you do on the website will result in a new tab asking you to download a particular software. These software are nothing but viruses that want to gather as much information about you as possible. So, stay away from them, and try to close them as soon as they open up.

These ads can be annoying if you are a first time visitor to the movie downloading sites, but you will get used to them in no time. It is a price that you will have to pay if you want to watch content for free.

Working Proxies of Watchseries Website

Proxies are links similar to the one I mentioned above. They are necessary because the addresses of pirated websites keep on fluctuating, as the government bans them. So, users like you and me need proxies to keep viewing the content of such sites.

Here is an updated list of new domains:


It is possible for all of these links to be deactivated by the time you see them because the uncertainty in such scenarios is super high. However, you can always look for new proxies on search engines.

Top Features of Website

  • Covers everything from TV-shows to Movies: Unlike other websites, this site is not exclusive to movies or tv-series. It hosts both, so you do not need to visit separate sites to watch them. It will be the one-stop for all your entertainment needs.
  • High-resolution content: The content on this website is in HD. Let it be a reality show or movie. You will not have to watch them in CAM or SD quality.
  • Entire Netflix library: Netflix is the most popular streaming service on this planet, and you will find its entire library on the site. New shows that come on Netflix are available on it within 24 hours, which is nothing but fantastic. Since it is a free website, we can not expect anything better than this.

Moreover, you can expect content from other libraries too, such as HBO, Prime Video, Hulu, Hotstar, and much more. So, I do not think you will need any subscription if you have this site.

  • Multiple Servers: There are multiple servers of each episode and movie on the site. So, even if one of them does not work, you can visit the other. Sometimes the servers are down or preoccupied with other users, which makes them unstable to watch something on. This multi-server system bypasses that, allowing the user a much better experience.

Best Alternatives to Watchseries Website in 2020

There are plenty of pirated websites on the internet, and it would not hurt you to know some of them. Sites like this can get banned anytime, so here are a few backups in case this one does not work.

I will discuss the free ones first because this is what the majority of people are after. Keep in mind that these websites are pirated too, just like this one. So, you will have to turn on your VPN before accessing them. Now that we have all the instructions out of the way, let us discuss the first one.

1. 123Hulu

123 Hulu

The 123Hulu website offers the same features as this site, but its library is a little bit smaller. However, you will find famous movies and tv shows on it. It will be an excellent substitute for the platform.

2. Fmovies

FMovies website 2020

Ever heard of Fmovies? it is one of the most famous free to watch sites. It has a vast library (bigger than the watch series) of movies and tv shows, but its proxies are hard to find. However, you can do a quick Google search to see if you can get one.

3. CouchTuner

CouchTuner is the perfect host for TV-shows. It covers everything from talk shows to reality to dramas. It is straightforward to operate as there are a minimum number of advertisements, and its proxies are easy to find.

4. Movie4k


The Movie4k website hosts all kinds of movies, from Asian dramas to Hollywood blockbusters. They are not in 4k as its name suggests, but you will be able to watch them in HD.

Best Legal Alternatives to Watchseries in 2020

If you are fed up with the ads and pop-ups of these pirated websites, the following suggestions are for you. All of them are paid, and you will not see a single add on their platforms.

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • HBO
  • Hotstar
  • Disney+
  • Popcornflix
  • Hubo TV
  • Sling TV
  • Sony Liv
  • Airtel Xtream

These services might be paid, but you will not have to pay for them for the first month of their usage. It is free on a trial basis, and the fee will start to deduct only after this offer ends. So, try all of them and see what their library looks like before opening up your wallet.

Tip: You can create multiple accounts on each platform, and keep this trial offer going for as long as you can.

Top Rated shows on Watchseries

New shows are being added every day to the library of the site, so you do not have to worry about it growing old. You can find something new to watch every day. The most popular shows that it currently has are:

  • Game of Thrones
  • Breaking Bad
  • Modern Family
  • Extraction
  • Ad-Astra
  • Impractical Jokers
  • Parasite and much more.

It is impossible for me to name all of them on this page, so why don’t you go and check them out yourselves.

How to watch content on Watchseries?

Before you follow any of the steps that I mention, turn on your VPN, and connect it to a place different from your home country. Do not turn it off until you have closed the website entirely. Without any further ado, let us look at the first step:

  • Visit the website or proxies.
  • Write the name of the show/movie that you want to watch in the search section of the website, and hit enter.
  • If you want to explore, click on the 3 parallel lines beside the search bar. It will take you to the menu section, and from there, you can look for whatever you want.
  • After hitting enter, the search results will pop up. Click on the one that is most relevant to you, and you will be redirected to the main page of that movie/show.
  • Scroll down the page, and click on “Show All Episode”. Then click on the one that you want to watch from the list. (If you searched for a movie, this step is not for you.)
  • Scroll down and click on the play option. The movie/show will start to play. (There might be some pop-up advertisements at this point, so just close them)
  • If the file does not begin to play in step 6, scroll a little bit down, and select a different server. There will be 4 of them, and I am sure one of them will work.

Top VPN services to visit movie sites

There are plenty of VPN services that you can get for free, but they are not 100% safe. They might make you anonymous, but the ISP can still track the sites you visit. So, I would recommend you to invest in a trustworthy service, as it is a matter of your safety.

Here is a list of top VPN services that are some of the best in the world. I have discussed them in full detail, so feel free to go through all of them.

1. ExpressVPN

Referred to as one of the best VPN services of the world, ExpressVPN has everything that you ever need. Servers all around the globe, numerous Netflix and Prime Video libraries, and reliable connections. It will not disappoint you in any way whatsoever.

Its plans start from 8 dollars and go all the way up to 10 dollars per month.

2. TunnelBear

If ExpressVPN is a bit too costly for you, try TunnelBear. Its plans start from 3 dollars per month and is one the cheapest and most reliable forms of VPNs. Its reach is not as good as that of ExpressVPN, but it does have servers in 23 countries. I hope they are sufficient because you can not get more at this price range.

3. PureVPN

PureVPN is another very trusted service provider. You would be able to download torrents, access numerous Netflix libraries, and be entirely anonymous from your ISP. Its plans start from around 8 dollars per month.

Apart from these three, there are plenty of other VPN providers that you can purchase. I will not discuss them in full detail, but I will give you a list so that you know which ones to choose. All of them have trial offers, so you won’t have to pay any money upfront. Just try them out, and see if you like one more than the other.

  • IPVanish
  • Surf Shark
  • NordVPN
  • Cyberghost
  • Norton Secure VPN
  • Strong VPN
  • Private Internet Access
  • Hotspot shield
  • Goose VPN
  • Buffered VPN

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I download movies on this website?

Unfortunately, you can not download any movies or TV shows from Watchseries. It is a stream-only site and does not allow offline viewing of its content.

2. When can I expect to get HD print of new movies?

If a movie has been released in a cinema, it will take at least 2 months for it to be available on this website, but content from Netflix and other streaming platforms can be viewed in real-time. You will not have to wait for months to watch them.

3. What should be my digital location on VPN for minimum stuttering?

Set your location to a neighboring country, and you will not even feel the lag due to VPN. You would be safe without having to compromise on your internet speed.


We do not support piracy by any means and are strictly against it. The information on this website is just for entertainment purposes, and we will not be held accountable if the user gets in trouble with the use of this Watchseries website information.


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