Speedify Review: Best VPN That Allows You To Combine More Than 2 Active Connections

Speedify Review

Speedify is the only VPN service that can combine more than two active connections together i.e. your Wi-Fi Mobile data, Bluetooth, Wired Ethernet, or more, for better speeds and reliability! The intuitive channel bonding technology makes this possible. With this contingency, you never lose out on speed and an active connection.

While you may know Speedify VPN for “Channel Bonding” but it does come with a lot of features that makes it quite popular and ahead of others in the market. After reading this review, you’ll have a complete idea about the app, its features, pros, cons, and finally be able to decide if it’s worth subscribing to. And if you decide to get the paid version, then we’ve also have added a few deals. So, shall we begin?

If you’re new to the concept of VPN and don’t understand about what they are and how they work and think they’re risky, then below we’ll be explaining a bit about the tech-based solution and how it’s not risky. However, if you know all of it and are here just to read about Speedify, then jump to the review.

What is a VPN?

In simpler terms, a Virtual Private Network is a tool that protects online privacy. For instance, if you are accessing data using a public or even a private connection offered by the ISP, there are individuals who look for a chink in your digital armor.

They also help you access sites that are blocked on your network, helping you access them safely. It keeps the malicious activities at bay by safeguarding the activities. If and when activated, offers you a channel for safe internet access.

The traffic moves forward via the VPN servers. The servers even mask the IP address and make the traffic undetectable and unintelligible to the online observers. The entire data set travels via the encrypted channel upon using a Virtual Private Network. Every client comes with a predefined protocol for information transfer. These protocols determine security levels.

Why Do You Need a VPN?

If you indulge in extensive online activities, it is necessary to keep a VPN handy. In that case, it becomes easier to safeguard confidential data from the privy eyes. Most importantly, a good and credible VPN client safeguards and shields every bit of the personal data from the Wi-Fi hackers, local networks, and even the ISPs.

However, before you select the concerned service provider, you need to take a closer look at their usage guidelines and conditions. With VPN at your disposal, it is easier to access public Wi-Fi hotspots while gaining access to certain country-specific content over the streaming platforms. Last but not least, you can even work around the authoritative censorship of the government upon using a Virtual Private Network.

Speedify VPN Review: After Using it For 4 Days Continuously

Speedify Review
Speedify Review: The Best VPN with Channel Bonding Technologies (Allows you to connect to more than 2 wireless devices such as WiFi, Ethernet, Raspberry PI, Mobile Hotspots, etc.)

Connectify, the parent company, started way back in 2009, in Philadelphia and since then it has come a long way in offering the best possible VPN services. Here are the 11 metrics against which we measure the efficacy, quality, and adaptability of this bonding VPN.

The Features

  • Channel Bonding technology
  • Built-in Internet Failover Solution 
  • No-Log Policy
  • Extreme Levels of Encryption
  • Extensive Streaming Support
  • Assist for Captive Portals
  • Optimized P2P Support
  • Analytics and usage statistics


  • Exceptional Interface
  • Data Limiting Capabilities
  • Doesn’t log sessions
  • Combines Cellular Data and Wireless Support
  • Excellent Speed


  • Limited Torrenting

For secured online activities, access to a decent VPN service provider is necessary. If you want to access websites on the Android platform or surf through certain digital channels on the laptop VPN offers additional layers of anonymity and security. Moreover, if you are also looking to access restricted content related to streaming a virtual private network in your best bet. VPNs make sure your activities are hard to monitor. However, not every VPN is the same and it’s time to delve deeper into the discussions.

Role of Speedify

As mentioned, not every VPN is the same and it is necessary to opt for a more intuitive client like Speedify for protecting your online sanctity. To start with, It offers a defined protocol that thrives on the concept of channel bonding. The concept involves splitting traffic and transmitting the same as an array of connections. Network performance is far more consistent with the channel bonding-based VPN added into the mix.

Speedify VPN Settings

Moreover, Speedify makes sure that the interface doesn’t leak out any data courtesy of the airtight encryption standards. In the subsequent sections, we shall review it on the basis of the most important metrics. The evaluations are completely unbiased and conducted by experts.

1. Technology

Unlike other clients that offer standard tunneling and encryption protocols, Speedify quickly makes the shift by bringing something innovative like the Channel Bonding Technology, into the mix. The concept plays a major role in increasing the popularity of this VPN client. To start with, channel bonding makes sure that the server uses multiple connections at once. Therefore, the speed of access gets a major boost.

Speedify amalgamates the Bluetooth, Mobile data, Wireless connectivity, and connections over Raspberry PI and a host of other devices. When combined, the internet works faster. Not just that, Channel Bonding makes sure that the servers spread out data packets sequentially, in the form of multiple internet connections. This approach makes it impossible to detect online identity.

Another benefit of channel bonding technology is that even if a part of the amalgamated connection switches off, the surfing, downloading, and streaming processes move forward without hindrances. This factor exists during the downloading and even uploading stages. Data transfer, in no way, gets interrupted.

2. Features and Benefits

Speedify isn’t a regular VPN service but comes with an extensive catalog of features. We shall talk about each feature in detail whilst including the benefits in the discussion:

2.1. Immaculate Streaming Mode

Speedify App

Speedify offers an exceptional set of streaming perks by identifying video and audio streams separately. The process of identification makes sure that the QoS is maintained and streaming traffic is regulated in a seamless manner. Apart from that, bandwidth monitoring is also possible.

Speedify makes sure that traffic selection is dynamic while streaming. The existing channel bonding technology makes sure that it is uninterrupted and there is failover protection to validate the same.

The bonding VPN also offers exceptional results with no buffering. Lastly, for gaming requirements, Speedify minimizes latency and existing lags, thereby making way for improved performance. Gamers use single or even dual connections to improve the gaming experience, specifically by minimizing packet loss.

2.2. Exceptional Speed

Coming back to the channel bonding technology, Speedify is one VPN that is known for faster speeds and a broader spectrum of connectivity. The client automatically sets priority rules for internet connections and monitors individual usage. Apart from that, the server network associated with it is highly diversified and makes way for better connections with lower latency and increased availability.

2.3. Unmatched Reliability

As mentioned previously, the protection against internet failover is a feature that distinguishes Speedify from other VPN clients. Although it allows you to pair 2 or more connections at once, the benefits include reduced loss in data packets. Therefore, users never experience slower connections. The concept of data redundancy isn’t existent anymore as the data sets are sent across multiple channels with increased consistency and reliability.

2.4. Improved Accessibility

Speedify Usage Statistics

When it comes to accessing diverse streaming clients, Speedify is one of the best VPN services to consider. Needless to say, most streaming clients disable VPN traffic but it comes with something known as the Streaming Bypass. This feature keeps the online activity on-point and supports round the clock streaming i.e. 24×7 access.

With Speedify on-board, the territory-wide streaming activities get the much needed global exposure as it becomes possible to view region-locked content with ease. Streaming bypass services are embedded within the interface and are accessible by the users with access to it. Another attribute related to the accessibility is the captive portal support. This feature offers safety while accessing public Wi-Fi networks.

3. Compatibility

When it comes to compatibility, Speedify brings forth clients for different operating platforms including the macOS, iPhone and iPads, Linux powered systems, Android, and even Windows. The setup, in regard to each platform, is easy and seamless enough. Moreover, the app store and even the Play store rate this client as a reliable one.

Another aspect of compatibility is the VPN DNS compatibility across diverse services and platforms. The deployment in the case of Speedify is both through the Open API and the On-Premise structure. Apart from that, there is multilingual support to look at with the primary languages being English, French, Chinese, and more.

When it comes to the validity of the pricing model, Speedify comes with a host of plans which we will cover later during this discussion. Moreover, service deployment is pretty innovative and spans across smaller and medium-sized businesses.

4. More than 200 Servers

Before we ascertain the speed and reliability of Speedify, it is necessary to understand more about the server spread in general. The credibility and quality of a VPN client take the number of servers and their location into account. If the VPN offers multiple servers in increased numbers, we are bound to experience higher speeds. Slow speeds result out of server overloading and it aims at combating the same with more than 200 servers at its disposal.

Most top VPN servers offer fewer services which makes it impossible for them to handle client requirements with precision and speed. Speedify readily fixes the issue of overloading as there are multiple servers that do not need to compete, leading to resource limitations. There are no performance lags as well, especially in the long run.

Speedify Servers

You might have to move far off a physical location to connect the server and in case of Android and any other platform, Speedify combats the issue promptly enough. Another heartening aspect is that the server spread is extensive. There are Speedify servers located in almost 35 countries with the spread ranging up to 50 locations in total.

Speedify understands that in most cases people use VPN to bypass the restrictive internet laws of a specific region. Therefore, if the locations are fewer, it becomes hard for the VPN to offer servers from an entirely different country. Therefore, Speedify can easily circumvent the nation-wide authorities and restrictions by offering almost 50 regions to work with.

Most of the servers are synonymous to the Asian, European, and North American contingents.  Not just that, the service provider also reaches out to Africa with server access in South Africa and Libya. Lastly, it is also available in South America with Brazil being the country.

Speedify also offers support for dedicated servers. This approach means that you can have an entire server for yourself, without sharing the resources with any other individual. For going around geo-blocks and firewalls, dedicated servers aren’t necessities. Instead, if you have more intricate commercial requirements, it is still a good option.

If you are a professional streamer with a large social media following, you will require massive bandwidth. In that case, it is necessary to have a dedicated server. This approach makes sure that there are no interferences. The entire bandwidth is allocated only to you.

While some might state the US servers are on the slower side, Speedify doesn’t disappoint. Apart from that, the company offers innovative and bespoke services to its users. In the case of dedicated servers, the client offers additional bandwidth by using virtual servers across hosting channels.

5. Speedify Plans and Targeted Pricing

Coming to the pricing, Speedify doesn’t charge exorbitant rates. Moreover, due to the threats imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The brand has decided to offer a 50 percent discount on select plans.

To start with, we have the individual plans from the company that is priced at cumulative rates, depending on the tenure. For example, the individual three-year plan is charged at $2.99 per month whereas the two-year plan is fixed at $3.99 on a monthly basis. If you are only looking for a year worth of Speedify, the pricing is calculated at 5.99 dollars per month.

No discounts are there on the monthly plans, billed at $9.99. If the COVID-19 plan is applied, you get an additional 50 percent discount on literally every plan that is billed yearly or more.

BinDaily Staff

When it comes to the feature sets offered as per the individual pack, you get one user account and VPN accessibility across 5 devices at once. Server access is valid round the glove and the company also offers extensive levels of encryption followed by unlimited usage.

You can also move to the family plans with three, two, and one-year billing cycles coming at highly affordable rates. The features include access for 5 members including you with each account compatible with 5 simultaneous connections. The concept of unlimited usage and encryption exist even with these family packs.

Lastly, there is a cohesive team plan which only supports yearly and monthly subscriptions. You can add the number of users depending on the team size. The rates are competitive and this plan also allows you to add a dedicated server for a decent price of 75 dollars per month, billed yearly. The team plans offer exclusive features like the dedicated server, API, and CLI access. Other perks include centralized management of VPN accounts and 5 simultaneous connections for each user.

As far as a free plan is concerned, Speedify does offer a 2GB limit on a monthly basis and that too for a single device. This VPN doesn’t limit server usage for the free plan and only puts a cap on the data.

When it comes to the payment modes, Speedify accepts all the leading debit and credit cards. In addition to that Amazon Pay and PayPal also fall under the payment compatibility list. At present, there isn’t any support for the cryptocurrencies and even cash payments.

6. Security

Speedify is one VPN platform that offers military-grade encryption. Even the most experienced snoops and hackers find it hard to break in and procure sensitive user information. For starters, the 256-bit ChaCha encryption algorithm works like a charm. The encryption standards on offer are completely immune to any kind of fraudulent activity.

In comparison to the usual AES-256 bit encryption, the Speedify algorithm is better at keeping threats away. While most of the other VPN services offer AES algorithms, ChaCha is technical, powerful, and one of the bigger selling points of it after the channel bonding technology.

Certain devices also bring AES-based encryption into the mix. Despite restricted encryption capabilities, the server strength makes even the AES standard comparable to the ChaCha algorithm.

Also, the encryption capabilities span across diverse devices and operating platforms. Most importantly, it is necessary that users understand that despite at least 5 simultaneous connections for each account, the level of protection is the same for each connection.

Speedify is a platform known for mobility, security, and even speed. However, in an effort to be fast, the company doesn’t compromise on security. The encryption standard offered is crafted according to the device. Therefore, if the device you are using doesn’t have the processor to support the AES acceleration, we make the ChaCha algorithm available.

Another aspect of Speedify security is the inclusion of the DTLS. This standard makes sure that that technology brings additional levels of encryption to Facebook and Gmail while handling error connection all by itself. In the case of unreliable host packets, this bonding VPN is the most reliable one in the picture and performs better than any other client in the market.

Last but not least, another layer of protection is available in the form of the Kill Switch. This feature works in two ways. When you connect to Speedify, the internet connection shuts down for a brief period. The same thing happens when you move between different servers.

The bonding VPN brings a connection kill switch to prevent users from accidentally revealing their information and the IP address to the malicious parties. There are many fraudsters loitering across the digital domain that can capture the confidential data with ease during the split-second snag in privacy.

7. Privacy

Speedify wins over others when the data and user privacy is taken into account. The guidelines mention the data that the company collects. Moreover, this client doesn’t keep a tab on the websites that you visit. It doesn’t even track the data and content, sent and received by you.

Speedify follows the no-logs privacy policy. This aspect means that the IP address of the user isn’t monitored or stored after the session ends. It is a transparent company known to generate revenues only from member subscriptions.

The user data with the client is completely safe. When it comes to keeping a tab, Speedify only concentrates on the device IP, UDI, and server logs! The process involves logging only the IP from where the connection originates. This approach allows us to detect the source and prevent possible attacks. It successfully claims to protect users from DDoS attacks and similar threats.

The only reason why Speedify checks the usage pattern is to see whether the users are adhering to the 2 GB slab or not. A good aspect of using the VPN is that it is compatible with the TOR or ‘The Onion Router’ browser.

To start with individuals use the TOR browser to maintain online anonymity. However, in the case of TOR, the browser works well for protecting privacy but lacks in the security department. Therefore, the role of Speedify becomes all the more important.

8. User-Friendliness

Speedify offers an interface that is user-friendly and interactive, all at the same time. Moreover, once you connect, the last accessed server gets connected, automatically. Furthermore, the connections are easy to initiate and even blazing fast.

Changing the server also works like magic on the App. You just need to access the yellow padlock and access the preferred option from the list of choices. Moreover, you can go granular with the search by selecting specific regions, as and when they are available as open servers.

9. Deployment and SDK

Speedify APIs are deployable and help improve network performance. However, this VPN works efficiently across diverse industry verticals and assists in reliable and secure wireless offloading for the clientele. In addition to that, The services also extend across diverse network operators, MVNOs, and mobile carriers.

Apart from that, the exclusive channel bonding concept makes sure that Speedify works effectively even on Linux devices. The deployment is seamless and easy to understand. It simply sits between your existing network service provider and the user applications. The link aggregation feature makes way for multiple sockets and increases the available connections by transferring data across parallel streams. This approach eventually increases speed and overall reliability.

The deployment process involves the inclusion of Speedify cloud, self-hosted, and dedicated servers. They also offers customer deployment for larger enterprises.

10. Streaming Support

According to the existing feature sets, Speedify makes sure that region or country-locked content is easily accessible. While the support site maintains a stand that it will not allow you to access content from streaming platforms of specific countries, it brings something known as the Streaming Bypass. Accessing the streaming bypass feature allows you to connect directly with Hulu, HBO, Disney+, and Netflix content of different regions.

With Speedify, you can keep watching the online shows round the clock without the worry of getting blocked out. The VPN protects your online identity and makes sure that the activity stays hidden. The streaming bypass access is easy as you can enable the same directly from the dashboard of the app.

11. Performance

In the end, every review comes down to the performance and speed of the concerned VPN. To start with Speedify fared well when we took the UK client base into account. The speed test was accurate with speeds ranging up to 68 Mbps and that too on a 75 Mbps network. Once the UK was out of the way, we tested the US 600Mbps network line and the speeds went up to 403Mbps at certain points, which is a pretty good figure, depending on the inclusion of channel bonding technology.

Speeds dropped a bit during the last few weeks but this was due to the increased data requirements during the lockdown. When it comes to testing Speedify’s performance on Android, the company conducted several tests to check the performance levels. While the app installation was easy, It achieved a lot in terms of app reliability and visual prowess.

Speedify Performance

You can also head over and select the fastest VPN server, according to your choice. It is even possible to select the city and country, manually. Besides the android compatibility, it is the speed of this VPN that came under the scanner.

Certain devices resulted in a significant reduction in speed but overall the channel bonding technology keeps up the performance way beyond just acceptable. The bonding mode selects either of the three modes, including streaming mode, redundant mode, and the speed mode. Inferences based on requirements are made accordingly.

12. Customer Support and Satisfaction

When it comes to customer support systems, you can connect with Speedify technicians over emails. Every query gets immediate attention if and when the customer asks for remediation over emails. The email responses are almost immediate. Most importantly, The customer support system also offers a separate knowledge base to the users. This base allows them to look at the instructions for using the app perfectly.

In most cases, the email support system associated with Speedify takes a mere 90 to 120 minutes to remediate issues. Some of the basic questions which individuals generally ask include the type of VPN protocols involved and how the concept of OpenVPN works.

Apart from that individuals can also ask about discounts on specific plans and even the compatibility of the service with the associated routers. Lastly, there are questions about the 30-day money-back guarantee in specific cases.

When it comes to word-of-mouth popularity, Speedify has several positive online reviews by its side. Individuals with negative experiences are few.

Should you get Speedify?

Speedify Dashboard
The Speedify Dashboard

For starters, Speedify is way more than just a basic VPN solution that encrypts traffic and gives safe passage to the data packets. Firstly, this is probably the only VPN client that combines different connections like mobile data and wireless, while pairing them as one.

This approach increases overall speed and makes sure there aren’t connections drops. When it comes to the type of networks you can combine, you can connect to 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Wired Ethernet, and more.

Secondly, this VPN is compatible with diverse platforms like iOS, macOS, Windows, Android, and even Linux. The software-only module works well and to access the same, there is no need to get bulky hardware. The channel bonding and link aggregation feature also work pretty well.

Thirdly, the encryption levels are more than decent. Under any given circumstance, the existing VPN server brings forth different encryption levels, depending on the device and the processor. Therefore, Speedify performs better in the security department as compared to some of the other VPNs.

Another aspect that is necessary to take note of is that the service distributes internet connectivity using the ‘Network Bonding’ engine.

The list of benefits further validates our decision of using Speedify as the go-to VPN client. Here are some of the underrated benefits of the same:

  • Offers higher bandwidth to the users when two or more connections are paired together
  • Lowers online latency to increase speeds
  • Reliable connections with lesser drops than usual, in case you are connected to 2 or more connections.
  • Ensures the highest levels of privacy and security
  • Makes way for smoothest possible media streaming and web browsing
  • Offers the ability to switch between networks in order to keep the connections intact
  • Helps users unlock favorite applications
  • Easy to install and setup
  • Easily blocks by detecting unsecured networks
  • Offers P2P traffic via select servers from the Netherlands

When to consider Speedify?

We would ask you to immediately shift your VPN preferences without any reason. However, consider Speedify if you are facing issues in the select categories:

  • Connect with Multiple Devices at the same time (more than 2): The only VPN service that can combine more than two active connections together i.e. your Wi-Fi Mobile data, Bluetooth, Wired ethernet, or more, for better speeds and reliability! The channel bonding technology makes this possible. With this contingency, you never lose out on speed and an active connection.
  • Connection Drops: In case of connection drops during network outages, this bonding VPN is the client to consider. It gives your device the ability to connect to more than 2 or more devices at the same time, due to which if either of your connection drops, you won’t experience any issues as Speedify will switch to the source that is still active.

    This facility is handy for the end-users who are looking for faster connections during live streaming, remote internet usage, and online gaming. In any given case, a VPN is equipped enough to handle stable connections.
  • Increased Business Demands: In the case of teams handling diverse businesses, VPN comes with team subscription plans. Moreover, if the requirements are even more extensive, companies can implement the technologies into their proprietary solutions via the Speedify SDK.
  • Switching Accounts: If you are planning to switch from a personal VPN to a paid option, then Speedify is one of the few reliable options to consider. Regardless of the connection type, this VPN client effectively minimizes latency and loss of data packets.

The Verdict

If we were to sum up this discussion, we would certainly recommend Speedify to every user who is looking for the best 5 aspects of a VPN covered. These include exceptional speed, enhanced security, complete reliability, unmatched privacy, and increased accessibility.

While there are few who wouldn’t actually like the restricted number of servers, this VPN client wins over other VPNs by offering other innovative features. Last but not least, if we are to pinpoint two standout features, we would definitely talk about the channel bonding technology on display and the innovative ChaCha encryption algorithm.

The service is a must-have for people who have slow connections, because it allows you to combine connections from more than 2 devices. So what are you waiting for?


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