Reed Hastings states Netflix will not join Apple TV streaming service


Netflix, the planet’s dominant streaming assistance, won’t make its TV shows and films available through Apple forthcoming video offering, Netflix Chief Executive Reed Hastings said on Monday.

“We prefer to let our customers watch our content on our service,” Hastings told reporters at the company’s offices in Hollywood. “We have chosen not to integrate with their service.”

Apple is expected to unveil a video and television support with an event on March 25, a movement that will amp up a contest for Netflix and many others that provide entertainment programming on the internet.

Sources knowledgeable about the issue have told Reuters that the agency will resell subscriptions from CBS Corp, Viacom and Lions Gate Entertainment Corp’s Starz amongst others, in addition to Apple’s own initial content.

Walt Disney and AT&T Inc’s WarnerMedia also aim to provide subscription streaming solutions.

Asked about the looming contest, Hastings said the greatest challenge for Netflix is to”not get overly distracted” by competitions but nevertheless”learn lessons” from these.

“These are amazing, large, well-funded companies with very significant efforts,” Hastings said. “They are going to do some great shows. I’m going to be envious. They’re going to come up with some great ideas. We’re going to want to borrow those.”

However, he added, “we will make this a better industry if we have great competitors.”

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Despite its emphasis on global expansion, Hastings also stated that although Netflix formerly contemplated entering China by developing a joint venture with a local partner, it now has no plans to do so, noting that the plan still did not help rivals like Apple’s iTunes.



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