OtakuStream 2020: Is it Safe & Legal? [7 Best Alternatives]


OtakuStream is one of the best websites to stream Anime online. It also allows users to download the latest shows for free. Many users visit this website for their latest and fresh content of anime. Most of them are attracted to it because of the comments that are seen under each category. The site provides HD quality videos with dubbed English subtitles and not to forget the FREE of cost downloading.

Although, OtakuStream isn’t hard to use, but if you’ve recently developed a taste around Anime, there are high chances that you must find it difficult to access your favorite show on Otaku Stream. Also, just a matter of fact, certain ISPs also block such popular sites like these to avoid spreading of pirated content. Therefore, the difficulty wouldn’t just be at finding your favorite show, but there are times when you won’t be able to access the website too. That’s the reason why we’ve published this detailed guide.

Not only do we list down the features which will make using the site easier for you, but we’ve also written various things about OtakuStream that you might be interested in such as legal status, working mirrors, free alternatives, Paid Alternatives, top-rated shows you shall find on it, and steps to download them. Additionally we’ve also added a few FAQs and their answers.

Is Otakustream Legal And Safe?

“Nothing lasts forever. Forever is a lie. All we have is what’s in between hello and goodbye” is the last line given before Otakustream was officially terminated. OtakuStream was taken down in November in 2019 because of piracy and illegal screening of anime. The site could be browsed freely and posed many risks to the users.

Known to be one of the best online streaming sites for anime, OtakuStream has gained a lot of visibility and became a huge hit but lasted for only four years. Since they had an excellent interface with different streaming qualities and brought all subbed Anime in one place, their legality was questioned for piracy. The site has been taken down for cybersecurity issues and for providing the users with non-licensed content.

The comment section also didn’t stick to the regulatory terms by the users. The violation of rules and regulations led to the site shutting down with its famous character PhoenixKola also bidding goodbye. The derogatory usage of words, uncut scenes, explicit content are a few reasons for OtakuStream to shut down despite having such a huge fanbase.

OtakuStream Official Website

To download the latest anime movies, you need to open OtakuStream’s site: https://otakustream.tv/

Active OtakuStream Mirrors

  • https://go.unblocksource.com/premium/1
  • https://otakustream.g2g.best/
  • https://otakustream.proxybit.space/
  • https://otakustream.mrunblock.pw/
  • https://otakustream.unblockproject.pro/
  • https://otakustream.nocensor.icu/
  • https://otakustream.123unblock.pw/
  • https://otakustream.unblocknow.casa/
  • https://otakustream.unbl0ck.pro/
  • https://otakustream.unbl4you.fun/
  • https://otakustream.u4m.xyz/
  • https://go.unblocksource.com/premium/2

Features Of Otakustream

OtakuStream was known to provide HD quality videos of top anime shows with free downloading options. This site was globally available and allowed users in other countries to browse freely. They built a fast streaming website on a good interface and ended up making an empire of the fanbase. OtakuStream website brought all subbed anime into one place and also streamed them on different levels of quality. They were also known for a very famous legendary character called PhoenixKola.

One of the most striking features of this website was the “random anime” and “random movies” section. This provided the users an alternative by itself if they didn’t know what to watch. The tactic behind this concept was to “enjoy the unknown and be surprised by the result.” The comment section was also a great success on this website. There were live commenting options where the entire fanbase came together as one community discussing their emotions and talking to their favorite anime characters.

Best Alternatives To Otakustream

1. Gogoanime

One of the top sites for anime streaming, Gogoanime, has a very structured layout with a huge fan base. They have many categories of anime and keep updating the top charts. Both the subtitles and the dubbed versions are available as per the user’s convenience. Gogoanime has the option of streaming the episodes on various servers at the same time. If one of them isn’t working, you can always choose the other server.

Apart from having the latest collection of episodes and series, Gogoanime also has a massive collection of movies. Right now, even they are suffering a few legalities and piracy issues. This anime streaming website gives an option to connect through various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to find your friends who are fellow anime lovers.

2. Chia-Anime

This website provides high-quality anime shows and episodes. The most popular anime series are available on chia anime as soon as they air. Navigating through this website is very easy because of its structure and easy categorization. One can easily browse the most popular, most recent, random episodes and new anime by just clicking on the options available on the homepage. It also provides the most searched and most-watched anime series and shows for other users to browse. Not only can you watch anime on this website, but you can also read manga, listen to a thousand anime soundtracks and also watch some of the popular Asian dramas.

3. Kissanime

This website also has a huge community and is as well structured. They have alphabetically arranged shows and episodes. “Animelist” option gives you the entire list of Anime from the oldest to the newest collection. You can easily browse through the website and watch whatever pleases you. Anime dubbed options are also available.

4. Animeland

This website is home to a lot of anime lovers and has attracted a huge fan base of late. They have classified news that comes on the homepage where you can scroll down and find whatever you want to watch. The layout of the website is very attractive and also provides users an option to read the manga. They also have news and chronicles related to the latest anime being updated often.

5. Animeshow.Tv

A highly classified website that has an option of ongoing anime on the left-hand side. You can browse through the list and find your favorite shows. The site also provides anime suggestions in case you don’t know what to watch for the day. This option is a huge success for their website. New and popular episodes are updated immediately and have caught the eye of many users.

6. Animestreams

This website streaming HD quality anime also provides users with different categories and the latest streaming episodes. The site is updated very frequently and has no trouble with frequent ad pop-ups.

7. Animeultima

AnimeUltima has a well organized and professional-looking layout. They have an option for trending shows and stream the latest episodes immediately. You can view the latest additions in a separate category. The site provides distinctions in terms of most-watched anime and most liked anime, recent searches, etc.

Best Legal Alternatives

It is always better to watch anime shows and series on websites that provide legal authentication. These options are more advisable because of the high- quality content and no threat to privacy. They have all the options that OtakuStream had with greater benefits. Some of the best options if you find piracy illegal are:

1. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a great alternative for OtakuStream as they have high-quality content with HD facility and different download options. They have a variety of series, drama, episodes, and movies related to anime. They also provide for two different kinds of users, which are the premium option and the free option. The premium option allows the users to view all the content available on the website. It is easy to gain access to all the anime databases, mangas, and movies, etc. Crunchyroll is perfectly safe and has all the rules and regulations intact.

2. 9Animae

This is one of the top websites for anime. What attracts users the most is the website’s purple interface. 9Animae has high-quality videos streaming online with high-quality resolution pictures. The site is very structured and organized and can be easily accessible. It also has a dubbed English version along with subtitles. This is by far the best alternative to OtakuStream.

3. AnimeFreak

The next best option for OtakuStream is AnimeFreak. This website is also free and has the best picture resolution and video quality. The structure and categorization of the site are well planned and make it look very appealing. You can easily search on this website for your favorite series or shows and view it in the best quality picture.

This website gives the user an option to choose the episodes, movies, or shows through the help of their favorite genre. It is known to be one of the most updated websites with online streaming facilities. It also has download options with subtitles and dubbed versions. All in all, this website provides the best legal alternative for Otakustream.

Top-Rated Shows On OtakuStream

OtakuStream has a massive stock of anime series, shows, and movies. The major crowd pullers include the

  • Full Alchemist: Brotherhood
  • Death Note
  • Hunter x Hunter.
  • One punch man
  • Demon slayer
  • Kimetsu no yaiba.
  • Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
  • Darling in the Franxx (Top Pick)
  • My Hero academia (Popular on OtakuStream)
  • Overlord
  • Dragon Ball Super

If you love bigger seasons, which makes you wait for the suspense, you can go for Ojo’s Bizarre Adventure or One Punch Man. They have a varied collection from the oldest anime, like the dragon ball z to the latest trending ones.

How To Stream A Show on Otakustream?

It is not a big task to stream or download your favorite shows from OtakuStream. The below steps will guide you to go about the process easily:

  • Go to the accessible website (which is not blocked by your ISP)
  • The vast expanse of the collection will be displayed to you on the homepage
  • Click on the one you want to watch or search for your favorite Anime show.
  • The genres are displayed onto the right side. You can choose your series through the genres also.
  • The AnimeList option will you a choice to select from the entire list at one shot
  • Choose the one you want to view and select the episode number
  • You can increase the size, adjust the quality, add subtitles, and adjust the volume easily by using the video player.
  • That’s all, you’ve finally begun streaming your favorite anime show there!

How To Download The Anime on OtakuStream?

  • Go to the accessible website (which is not blocked by your ISP)
  • The vast expanse of the collection will be displayed to you on the homepage
  • Click on the one you want to watch or search for your favorite Anime show.
  • The genres are displayed onto the right side. You can choose your series through the genres also.
  • The AnimeList option will you a choice to select from the entire list at one shot
  • Choose the one you want to view and select the episode number
  • You can increase the size, adjust the quality, add subtitles, and adjust the volume easily by using the video player.
  • That’s all, you’ve finally begun streaming your favorite anime show there!
  • A down arrow button is displayed on the video player onto the right bottom corner. This will help you down the video immediately.
  • Or else, you can right-click the video player and click on ‘save as.’
  • Save it in a folder for viewing it at other times.
  • Sometimes, the download option might not be available. This depends on the different kinds of servers.

What To Do If OtakuStream Goes Down For Users?

Illegal streaming sites have a high risk of being taken down due to legal and privacy issues. If a website crashes or is permanently taken down, you can always avail of the option of the mirrored sites. These sites also provide the same content, with or without the same quality of the original website.

Apart from this, legally, you can choose to watch your favorite anime on sites that don’t have any threats. The premium options on different websites offer the best content with high-quality videos. Paying a small sum for a year-long subscription of your most awaited tv-series is always worth it.

FAQs about Anime Download from Otakustream

1. Is Otakustream Safe To Watch Anime?

The site has been removed due to legality issues. You can watch anime on alternative safe and legal sites such as gogoanime, chiaanime, kissanime, crunchyroll, etc.

2. Are Old Anime Available To Watch On Any Site?

Yes, many sites such as kissanime and gogoanime have a huge collection of anime shows, episodes, and movies. From the oldest shows to the most trending recent ones, they have everything categorized in a very structured manner.

3. Which Is The Latest Best Anime To Watch?

Anime has a variety of categories and can be viewed as per your taste. Some of the best-rated anime which are trending now are One Punch Man, Rilakkuma and Kaoru, Mob Psycho 100 II, Ride Your Wave, The Promised Neverland, Vinland Saga, Boogiepop Never Laughs (Crunchyroll) and many others.


The websites mentioned above are some alternatives to OtakuStream. All these sites have mirrored sites as well and can be used to view the trending anime series and shows. If you are an anime buff and need an alternative to OtakuStream, you can try out these websites. But you must always be careful while using illegal and pirated sites for any chance of viruses and legal threats.


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