Lockbox Password Manager App made by Firefox arrives on Android


Mozilla’s free password manager designed for users of the Firefox browser is now officially coming on Android. The standalone app, known as Firefox Lockbox, supplies an easy if a little basic way for consumers to get from their mobile apparatus their logins stored in their Firefox browser.

The app is nowhere near as developed as password supervisors such as 1Password, Dashlane, LastPass and many others as it lacks shared attributes such as the ability to add, edit or delete passwords; indicate complicated passwords or alert you to possibly compromised passwords caused by information breaches, along with other items.

On the other hand, the app is free — and when you are already using Firefox’s browser, then it is in the very least a more secure alternative to composing your passwords in an unprotected Passport app, for instance. And you can Choose to empower Lockbox as Autofill support on Android.

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However, the app is actually only a company to Firefox. The passwords in Lockbox securely sync into the app from the Firefox browser — that they are not entered by hand. For safety, the app can be secured with facial recognition along with a fingerprint (based on device support). The passwords are additionally encrypted in a manner that does not enable Mozilla to read your information, it clarifies at a FAQ.

Firefox Lockbox is currently among many endeavors Mozilla developed by its now-shuttered Exam Simulator app. Within a couple of years’ time, the app had enabled the company to examine more experimental characteristics — a few of which left their way into official goods, such as the recently established file-sharing app, Firefox Send.

Others at the app — such as Firefox Color⁩, ⁨Side View⁩, ⁨Firefox Notes⁩, ⁨Price Tracker and ⁨Email Interface — stay accessible but are not actively developed beyond intermittent maintenance releases. Mozilla’s recent focus is on its own package of”privacy-first” alternatives, not its other useful utilities.

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In accordance with Mozilla, Lockbox has been downloaded over 50,000 times on iOS before the Android launching.

The Android variant is a free download on Google Play.



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