Kshow123: Korean Dramas & TV Shows Platform [Complete Review]

Kshow123 Website

Kshow123 is a Korean TV shows website, which allows you to see the latest dramas from Korea for free. If you are tired of watching movies and TV-series from Hollywood, I would suggest you give this website a try. It is entirely free to watch something on it, and all you need is a reliable VPN service like Speedify. You can visit the site without one, but it would not be safe as it is pirated.

The content on Kshow123 has English subtitles for almost all the shows, so the language will not be of any trouble. You will not even have to turn them on, as they are built-in into the videos. All you need to do is visit the site, and play the show of your choice.

Is Kshow123 Safe and Legal?

It is a safe website to visit, but you will have to be cautious when you are on it. There are plenty of advertisements that ask you to download some software, which basically is a virus designed to gather maximum information from your computer. So, stay away from them, and close them as soon as possible when they pop-up.

In terms of legality, this is a pirated website, and you should not visit it without any VPN. Otherwise, your internet service provider can take strict action against you. The punishment can be anything from a fine to a complete ban from the use of their services. So, make sure you invest in a good VPN software.

Top Features of Kshow123

  • Translated Content: Even though all the shows are in Korean, they have been translated thoroughly into English. There are English subtitles for each episode, and some of them even have English Audio. This is amazing because the majority of people who visit the website do not speak Korean, and this feature becomes more and more essential.
  • High Resolution: Everything on the website is in 720p HD resolution. There are some shows in SD quality, but they are very less. The famous ones that most people watch are of excellent quality, making the viewing experience much better. However, you will need a reliable internet connection for it to work.
  • Fewer Advertisements: There are no ad-panels on the website, which makes it easier to navigate through it. You will not open up tabs of advertisements on misclicks, so its user experience is much better than other pirated websites. The only time you will see them is just before the show starts, and it is tolerable even then, as it is not aggressive.
  • Multiple Servers: Each episode has multiple servers affiliated with it. If one of them does not work, you can change it to the others. This ensures that you never miss out on your favorite shows due to technical errors.

Tip: To switch between servers, scroll down and you will find 4 links named K+, Kembed, Vidlox, and Other. Click on any of these to switch.

  • Reviews: It covers everything from hosting links of shows to their reviews. You will be able to find everything in one place. To see which show is the most popular and highly rated, click on the menu of the website and go to “Rated Shows”. This will show you the most-watched shows on the website. An excellent feature for people who are exploring Korean dramas.

Active Mirrors of Kshow123 in 2020

You should be able to access the site after turning on your privacy-focused VPN app, but there are chances that it still might not work. Pirated websites are highly unreliable, when it comes to stability, as the government bans them at first sight. This is where proxy links come in, as they redirect you to the main website, but from a different address. I have mentioned some of the active mirrors links below, please go through them in case the one written above does not work.

  • api.kshow123.net
  • load.kshow123.net
  • kshow123.net

Tip: Make sure that your VPN is on, before clicking on any of the links mentioned in this list. Proxies do not mean that they are not illegal.

Popular Shows to Watch on Kshow123

  • Running Man
  • Produce X 101
  • Produce 101
  • Idol Room
  • Produce 48
  • The Unit
  • We Got Married
  • The Return of Superman
  • Mix Nine
  • Hello Counselor
  • Weekly Idol
  • Knowing Bros
  • King of Mask Singer
  • I Live Alone

How to watch a show on Kshow123?

Before you open the main site or proxy, make sure you have your VPN turned on, and connected to a country different from your own. This will ensure maximum safety.

  • Type the show/movie that you want in the search section of the site. It is located right at the top.
  • The show will open up in front of you, along with its rating. Click on it.
  • A mini summary of the entire series/movie will be in front of you. Read it if you want to, otherwise, scroll down. The entire list of episodes will be in front of you, so click on the one that you want to watch. (In the case of movies, you will not have any options.)
  • Now, you will be on the main page of your movie/show. Click the play option and enjoy it. Keep in mind that you will see some ads at this point, so close them as soon as they open up.
  • If the server that has been chosen by the website does not play, you can change it from the same page. Just scroll down, and select a different one. Usually, there are 4-5 servers for a single episode.

Best Free Alternatives to Kshow123 in 2020

There are plenty of alternatives on the web, and we will discuss some of them in full detail below. All of them are free, so do not worry about spending any money, just visit them and start bingeing. Before I tell you the names, make sure that your VPN is turned on and connected. Don’t disconnect it until the duration of your visit, as you do not want to give any chance to the ISP to know your browser history.

1. Viki.com

Viki.com has shows from all around the world, including Korea. Moreover, its shows are not limited to English languages as it boasts an impressive library which covers more than 200 languages. So, if you want something in your native tongue, try viki.com. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

2. DramaFire

DramaFire is a two-in-one website that covers movies and tv-shows from Korea and Japan. There is content from other Asian countries too, but these two dominate the most. Everything has English subtitles, so you will be able to watch with ease.

3. MyDramaList

MyDramaList is probably the most famous name on this list for watching Asian drama. It has the biggest library of all the sites and offers content from Korea, Japan, China and other Asian countries.

4. Animeshow.TV


AnimeShow.tv is a dedicated website for anime series. It covers everything from mystery to reality tv shows to dramas. The only issue is that it is littered with advertisements. They might appear when you visit the site, which makes the user experience very bad.

Some other sites that you can check out are discussed below, but they might or might not be free.

  • Asiancrush.com
  • Kocowa.com
  • KissAsian.ch
  • DramaGo.com
  • NewAsianTv.co
  • Viu.com
  • OnDramaNice.io

Best Legal Alternatives to Kshow123 in 2020

You will not get the same variety as free websites with paid ones, but they are good nonetheless. I will not go into their details, as they are famous and you probably know all about them.

These paid websites are legal, and you will not have to turn on your VPN to access them. However, some of them might be region-locked, which will require a digital address of the location where they can be accessed. For example, to use HBO in Asia, you will have to set your VPN connection to one of the US cities.

Now that you know everything about these services, here is the list:

  • Netflix
  • Prime Video
  • Hulu
  • Fubo TV
  • Sling TV
  • AT&T TV

Tip: The first month of each of these services is free, which means you can use them without any cost for 30 days. If you make multiple accounts, you will be able to extend this trial period.

Best VPN Services to Stream Anime Series

VPNs will play a major role when you are accessing pirated sites. Most of the time they are region locked, and you will need a strong and reliable VPN connection to watch their content. Free VPNs that are currently available in the market can do the job, but your connection will be unstable, and it will ruin your viewing experience. My advice would be to spend some money on a trusted service, as not only will it protect you from the government, but also give you a seamless experience. Check the ones I mentioned below, and see if you like any of them.

  • Speedify VPN
  • Nord VPN
  • Pure VPN
  • TunnelBear
  • SurfShark VPN
  • IP Vanish
  • CyberGhosts
  • Express VPN
  • Turbo VPN (Free)
  • Hotspot Shield (Free)
  • Strong VPN

All of these services have plans starting from 3 dollars to 15 dollars per month. You can choose the one that fits your budget. Moreover, I have included some free ones too, as you can see from the list. They are ideal for people who are low on money and will provide you anonymity to some extent. Having a VPN is better than having none, so use them at least, if you do not intend to splash any money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which one would be the best VPN from the list?

The one that is most popular and reliable is Speedify VPN. It has servers in more than 50 countries and will make you entirely anonymous. It can combine multiple connections together for better speeds which is unique and something that makes it the best VPN for a reason. Its packages start from about 9 dollars per month which is a bit expensive, but if you buy for 3 years, it would only cost you 3 dollars per month.

2. Can I watch Hollywood movies and shows on Kshow123?

No, the website is exclusive for Korean shows and movies. You will not find any of the Hollywood movies on it. I would recommend you to check out Primewire and Fmovies for that purpose.

3. Is everything in English on the Kshow123 website?

Yes, you will find English subtitles for each and every show on this platform. They are in their original audios with hardcore English subtitles embedded.

4. What if the show that I am looking for does have subtitles in English?

In such a scenario, check out other Korean drama websites. I have mentioned plenty of them in the above sections. I am sure one of them will solve your problem.


I want to make this as clear as possible that the website Kshow123 is a pirated website, and by accessing it, you are breaking the law. Even by using a VPN, you are not 100% safe, and the government can track you down and take strict action against you.

Moreover, we do not support piracy by any means and are strictly against it. The information on this website is just for entertainment purposes, and we will not be held accountable if the user gets in trouble with the use of this information.


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