Kong grabs $43M to provide its API automation platform to more Organizations


Kong now announced it has closed a $43 million round of venture funding to expand the range of its own API automation support.

The San Francisco-based startup is driving the tide of microservices as firms rethink how that they develop software for computing. Kong claims adoption of its own platform hastened in 2018 to attain over 75 million downloads of its own open source API platform also deals with 110 business clients.

“We’re building the nervous system of the cloud,” said Kong CEO and cofounder Augusto Marietti. “Our platform makes it easier to move data in and out the cloud by connecting all of these applications.”

Cloud-based computing involves breaking separate characteristics, or “microservices,” and putting them in containers which have all the needed bits for a program to operate in 1 package. The development doctrine holds that dividing software into smaller, more self-contained units may substantially lower costs and the time required to compose, deploy, and handle each and everyone.

Ideally, this enables the program to be transferred across various platforms and operating systems without needing to be uninstalled, and it contains the additional advantage of creating the total system more secure. IDC projects that 90 percent of new programs will utilize microservices structure by 2022.

It is a dramatic change, and Kong appears to be in the ideal place at the ideal moment. Its Kong Service Control Platform joins various APIs and microservices across cloud-based computing environments then uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate their direction.

The business was really born from a different startup, Mashape, that was set in 2009. Mashape made an API market and then a couple of years ago developed the Kong merchandise as part of its services. But, Marietti stated Kong immediately took off, and the company sold off its API market to concentrate on Kong, eventually changing its title.

The business increased $18 million in venture capital a couple of decades back. This latest round was led by Index Ventures, with participation from previous investors Andreessen Horowitz and Charles Rivers Ventures, also new investors GGV Capital and World Innovation Lab.

“Modern software is now built in the cloud, with applications consuming other applications, service to service,” said Martin Casado, general partner at Andreessen Horowitz . “We’re at the tipping point of enterprise adoption of microservices architectures, and companies are turning to new open-source-based developer tools and platforms to fuel their next wave of innovation. Kong is uniquely suited to help enterprises as they make this shift by supporting an organization’s entire service architecture, from centralized or decentralized, monolith or microservices.”

Kong will use the money to continue product development, in addition to expanding its global advertising and sales from Asia and Europe.

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