HTC not quitting smartphone business, New models to launch in 2018 end

HTC not quitting smartphone business, New models to launch in 2018 end
HTC not quitting smartphone business, New models to launch in 2018 end

As per a current Digitimes report mentioning HTC, the Taiwanese tech firm has no plans to give up the smartphone market, despite current speculations indicating otherwise. Reportedly, HTC considers the worlds of VR and cellular devices are connected and VR technology will influence the development of future mobile devices to a larger extent in the long run. The business doesn’t have plans to give up the cell company as smartphones are becoming”crucial” and it intends to release a variant of their HTC U12 Life with much more storage and RAM towards the end of December. In the coming months, added smartphone versions will be added into the organization’s portfolio, together with additional, unspecified consumer and enterprise-grade solutions. The OEM can be thought to be working on alternatives to the 5G age whilst focusing on blockchain and AI-related technology.

HTC’s smartphone industry has been fighting for several years today, despite the OEM’s many attempts to revamp its status on the current market, and despite producing several intriguing smartphones through recent years. HTC was among the first Android smartphone manufacturers to place a larger emphasis on outside design and construct quality, back when the vast majority of Android apparatus were criticized for relying too much on polycarbonate and atmosphere quite”cheap” as a consequence, irrespective of their internal components art.

Additionally, HTC has a noteworthy Android pedigree, having been the OEM to create the first-ever Android-powered smartphone called the T-Mobile G1, in addition to the Nexus One, i.e., Google’s first smartphone in the show, operating Android 2.1 Eclair. Afterwards came its One M series that depended heavily on an aluminum construct, hard other Android smartphone makers to increase the bar and depart out of their polycarbonate manners, but despite all these accomplishments and challenging landmarks, HTC has not been one of the best smartphone makers for several decades now.

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It is unclear why HTC did not manage to climb above other smartphone manufacturers, and also given that the OEM’s various efforts to maintain its smartphone company relevant through time, it is very likely these replies elude even HTC. However, some smartphone users that have possessed HTC smartphones previously would assert that portion of the OEM’s reduction may be attributed to slow OS upgrades and somewhat clunky implementations of its own proprietary applications through recent years. In retrospect, the repeated vetting plans for its cellular lineups may also have led to a feeling of identity/heritage reduction. By comparison, Samsung’s Galaxy S collection was going on uninterrupted since 2010, though the hardware, applications, and design characteristics have changed radically through time.

The legacy will proceed, according to the recent accounts, and the marketplace should see new cellular apparatus bearing the HTC new later on. Earlier this season comes to a finish, the OEM supposedly plans to launch an HTC U12 Life version comprising 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, which will unite the newly launched version equipped with 4GB of RAM and 64GB on-board memory. And talking of the organization’s potential AI and blockchain-oriented attempts, sooner in October that the OEM introduced the HTC Exodus 1 as a”blockchain smartphone” that could only be bought online with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The unit is expected to be sent to clients in 34 markets this December.

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In terms of its normal Android smartphone industry, the OEM appears to desire and establish its devotion to the cellular section by introducing fresh smartphone versions from the coming months, as well as CES and Mobile World Congress closing in quick, more information on HTC’s future lineup must emerge relatively shortly.


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