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If you want to buy hard drives for gaming then you are in the right place, we have compiled the best deals from around. Black Friday is the best time to buy hard drives for gaming from amazon. We have invested around 143 hours in curating this list. If you haven’t liked any product from the below list please do comment on them we will try to fix them up.

We have curated all Black Friday deals on Hard drives for gaming in this article. We have read all reviews by previous buyers, scanned reviews on the internet, watched youtube videos related to hard drives for gaming and finally curated this list of Black Friday deals.

Top 30 Best hard drives for gaming Black Friday Deals & Sales in 2019:

1 ) Seagate 2TB FireCuda -Best Overall

By Seagate

The wellrounded Seagate 2TB FireCuda normally takes the cake because the drive for gaming. The solid state hybrid offers similar ability of state drives with a access speed at an inexpensive price. Both terabytes in the FireCuda will leave you with loads of room to your future.

The FireCuda is capable of holding as much as 80 games each at 25GB, making it perfect for just about almost any gamer focused on finding that distance in their computer. Accessing and storing games are simple, while the drive’s 8GB NAND flash partition gives gamers quick read and write rates of over 200 Mbps. Top this off with the five-year warranty on the FireCuda of Seagate and you’ve got satisfaction.

2 ) Seagate 3TB BarraCuda -Runner-Up, Best Overall

By Seagate

Seagate’s 3TB BarraCuda is your best runner up for gaming hard disks because of its enormous storage space, cheap price-point and multi-tier caching power. The best among the list delivers reliability and the performance you’d expect from Seagate but is affordable.

The Seagate 3TB BarraCuda is built with industry standard 64MB cache system and 6Gbps SATA interface for access and swift operations with a 7200RPM design. The drive is simple to put in and is supported by the seven-year warranty for peace of mind of Seagate. If you’d like a smaller upgrade and affordable choice with reliability because the best gaming hard drive on the list, this is the one to get.

3 ) Fantom Drives PS4 Hard Drive Upgrade Kit -Best Kit for PS4

By Fantom Drives

Take a look at the Fantom Drives PS 4 hard drive, if you’d like some kick and storage for your PlayStation 4. The kit consists of everything required as a way to upgrade your memory so you can download games and more content.

The Fantom Drive comes with a 2TB ultra rate Seagate FireCuda that’s designed with flash-accelerated and multi-tier technology, so matches on your play station 4 games are saved and got five times faster than hard drives. As only a little extra, the kit comes as well as a 16GB USB 3.0 flash drive using USB 3.0 technology, which means you’ve got an additional portable memory storage, too. It works with play station 4 and PlayStation 3 consoles and it features a warranty.

4 ) Seagate Game Drive for Xbox One -Best for Xbox One

By Seagate

The amazing green Sport Drive for Xbox One of seagate is created for the Microsoft console also comes ready right. The drive is packed with some 4TB storage space which gives enough room for around about 100 x box One games to gamers.

The Sport Drive for Xbox One is an outside portable storage drive designed exclusively for either the Xbox One and xbox360, with a slim size measuring 4.6 x 3.1 x.8 inches, which means you can fit it directly on your pocket. The Game Drive uses USB 3.0 rates for quick composing and reading at 140Mbps, meaning an total x box One game at 25GB may be moved in under three minutes. The drive also requires no power cable, making it ready to use where you playwith.

5 ) Toshiba X300 4TB -Best for Cache Storage

By Toshiba

The Toshiba X-300 is the choice on the list when you would like quick access to a games. Its 7200RPM speed and 128MB data buffer deliver performance for gamers who would like to dive in to play. N Together With its onboard cache algorithm and buffer control platform, cache allocation is optimized by the Toshiba X-300 together with write and read cycles for data programs that are dense and storage placement of games along with accessing. The gaming drive is engineered for jolt sensors which detect impact, for example a bonded motor shaft to safeguard against machine vibrations and equilibrium having its ramp loading technology.  Toshiba throws in a​two-year restricted guarantee.

6 ) WD Blue 1TB -Best Budget

By Western Digital

On a strict budget? Take a look at the WD Blue 1TB. It's Amazon’s No. 1 best seller for hard drives and features a two-year warranty. This Western Digital gaming hard-drive option provides maximum GB of storage to its price and has easy installation. It s optimized for lower energy intake with top performance handling.

The WD Blue 1TB gaming hard drive SATA-3 6Gbps interface and uses a 7200-rpm construction for access. Though 1TB may be smaller to some players on the market, it s possible for further drive storage expansion. The WD Blue can be created using no-touch Ramp Load Technology which safely places the tape head its disc surface off to guard your data. It comes with a warranty.

7 ) Silicon Power 2TB Rugged Armor A80 -Best for Durability & Portability

By Silicon Power

The tiny and tough Silicon Power 2TB Rugged Armor A80 isn’t the most powerful but also the most mobile gambling drive among the list. Gamers that are always on the go will appreciate the Silicon Power 2TB Rugged Armor A80's shockproof design. It’s also engineered using an waterproof protection if it has a dip into a liquid.

The Silicon Power 2TB Rugged Armor measures 5.5 x 0.94 x 3.4 inches and can be built with a sturdy aluminum casing with an anxiety resistance that could withstand more than 650 pounds of force, so that it 's fairly crush-proof. The hard drive connects via USB 3.0, assuring fast hardware connectivity and data transports. Also contained is a three-year manufacturer warranty.

I hope you like the black friday deals on hard drives for gaming. If you have finalized to buy any one product from the list please do mention them in the comments below. If you have any queries related to the above product or deal let us know we will try to sort it out quickly.


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