Google to Officially shutdown ‘Inbox by Gmail’ on April 2


Google+ is not the sole product Google is shutting down the following month. Inbox by Gmail can be set to close down on April 2. Google had announced its plans to kill the popular mobile email app this past year. The company didn’t provide a particular date until today. If you’re still using Inbox by Gmail, it is very likely that you have encountered a notification inside the app, notifying you that the app will be’moving away’ shortly (seen above). Google+ can also be placed to close down on April 2.

Inbox by Gmail will soon be shutting down precisely the exact same day as Google+, the business’s failed social network. Together with the in-app note, Google is supplying a shortcut that opens the Gmail app for Inbox by Gmail users. Based upon when the in-app detect has been seen, Google recorded 15, 14, or 13 days into the shutdown – however, each of these points to the identical date – April 2.

Within the last few months, Google was bringing a few of those Inbox by Gmail features to the standard Gmail app. But users are very likely to still skip a great deal of helpful features they fell in love with. Regrettably, core providers of this app will quit working on April 2, therefore sticking on the previous version in hopes of continuing to utilize it, later on, will not work.

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Google had established the Inbox by Gmail app back in 2014. The app was supposed to boost productivity, particularly for people who need to take care of plenty of emails on a daily basis. It enabled users to automatically create feedback, create packages, and much more.

With less than two weeks ahead, Google appears to be making it more difficult for consumers to discover and download Inbox by Gmail for apparent reasons. In case you were trying to check it out for a final time before it expires, you will have difficulty finding it on the Play Store.

Thus far, Gmail has obtained a lot of Inbox by Gmail features such as Smart Reply, Nudges, inline attachments, and much more. But not all features may arrive in the default option Gmail app.

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