Glorify App Review in 2020: Create High Converting Product Images For Your Store and Social Media

Glorify App Review
Glorify App Review

Designing apps and interfaces galore, but the Glorify app offers several additional benefits to the interested users. In this review, I’ll be walking you through various features of the tool and help you decide if it’s worth purchasing, I’ll also list down a few alternatives you shall consider.

In most cases, designing software modules have a pretty generic clientele. The best part about using the tool is, it doesn’t require any advanced designing skills. With just a few clicks, one can make high converting images.

Whether you are an eCommerce store owner who wants to add annotations to product images, or a retailer on Amazon who wants to remove backgrounds from the images, or a social media manager who wants to use graphics to spread your message, this tool is for you!

Here is a cloud-centric designing tool that allows online sellers to promote products and services, in an enticing manner. In the keen contest e-commerce arena, it is necessary for retailers to keep up with customer expectations. This requirement is why tools like Canva and Glorify App are popular among them.

Although this tool is relevant to almost every designing requirement, it justifies its worth for those who are looking to sell something. Ecommerce sellers and even drop shipping experts find Glorify as the most relevant tool for presenting their products; which in turn results in increased conversions, sales, and profits.

Professional graphic designers, social media influencers, and content creators can also use Glorify for achieving miraculous results. Furthermore, if you are a funnel hacker looking to convert clients with irresistible offers, Glorify is the perfect software to consider.

Glorify App: The Features

Glorify app comes across as a complete branding solution for your retail business. The feature sets on display align perfectly with the diverse user requirements.

To start with, Glorify obviously allows individuals to create new and captivating designs, in a matter of minutes. The existing template library and an extensive color palette help designers draft high converting graphics for improving sales.

In addition to that, Glorify also allows you to add specific backgrounds to graphics. Not just that, the software also has a background removal feature for the more enthusiastic users. 

Apart from that, the software also brings Magnifying shapes into the mix followed by the annotation tool. Furthermore, you can also add natural shadows to product images in addition to diverse forms of reflections.

As mentioned, Glorify also takes care of the organizational brand by allowing you to create marketable logos. If you are a content creator, the software also allows eBook creation. The ‘Smart Resize’ feature is a decent addition and allows users to shape graphics based on platform compatibility.

Although these are some of the best features on display, we will explain them separately in the subsequent sections. This approach will help you understand the functionality and productivity of each.

1. Stunning Graphics (E-Commerce and Social Media Builder)

Creating engaging and saleable graphics is easy with Glorify app. A good thing about this software is that no expert designing skills are necessary. Moreover, the existing dashboard and self-explanatory guide further allow designers and marketers to create graphics on their own.

Once you log into the platform, you get to select the nature of your graphics. You can either select social media images or e-commerce graphics, according to preferences.

Glorify Design Options

There are specific product niches and themes to choose from. The best thing about it is that the image styling isn’t generic and in sync with the e-commerce tone.

Glorify Niche Template

In order to start, you can select the desired template from the extensive Glorify library. The interface also allows you to pair specific product images from the device. You can add images to the template and start branding the product by adding colors from the palette, if and when necessary.

It also allows content addition, in various fonts and styles. Furthermore, you can also add effects and select styles based on the product description. This software also allows you to save the image onto the cloud or the device.

Glorify Design Dashboard

Lastly, you can improve the usability of graphics by adding dynamic icons to the creations. This approach is great for describing products without words.

2. Logo maker

Before you can even start selling products by sending out engaging graphics, it is important to create a brand identity. The Glorify app makes this possible by offering many logo making options. The professional logo maker takes the brand them and personal user preferences into account.

To start with, you can select the logo making process from the dashboard. Glorify app asks an array of questions to understand your requirements and brand theme.

Glorify Logo Maker

Once the brand tonality is taken into account, Glorify Logo Maker allows you to choose the brand color which will make the majority of the logo. The next process involves choosing the relevant icons from the exhaustive list. This software makes sure that it is possible to change every component of the logo, including icon colors, size, logo color, font, and everything else before finalizing.

You can also generate a preview to see whether the logo has come out as expected or not. Glorify supports multiple edits and allows you to tweak the layout, repeatedly. This feature comes in handy for social media and e-commerce startups that are initially looking to create a brand identity.

3. Customizable Shapes and Blobs

Besides dynamic icons, you can also use shapes to magnify certain essential product features. To get things started, every e-commerce template or layout supports the inclusion of customizable shapes. You can add select shapes to highlight some of the key aspects of the brand, without detailing out the same.

Customizable Shapes and Blob

The Glorify app also allows you to modify the shape, color, and layout of the feature-magnifying elements. Furthermore, you can also make fun, creative, and high converting blobs for accentuating sales. These irregularly sized elements and shapes are customizable.

Moreover, you add images, pair existing social media and e-commerce templates, add icons, include text, and make other necessary arrangements, based on preferences.

Customizable Icons

Glorify is probably the only software that supports a diverse set of customizations, even with regular and irregular shapes. Retailers and influencers should make use of this feature as shapes are eye-catching and work better when it comes to describing products, as compared to texts.

4. Annotations (Best for eCommerce Store owners)

There are certain products that require descriptions or highlighting titles to look more relevant. Glorify makes the inclusion possible with its Annotate Tool.


The software offers several options to add textual highlights and descriptions. Moreover, the annotate tool allows companies to highlight a certain section of the main product and describe the same for added insights.

Glorify also brings the pointing feature which makes highlighting easier and more rewarding. The annotate tool also brings in other options that work well with the point-to feature, including frames and textual support.

The frames are highly usable options that make sure product highlights look clear and precise. Glorify also allows you to add texts for explaining the highlighted features on display.

Add Text in Design

Glorify comes with a built-in element scaling feature which you can use to change the size of the annotation, frames, and other elements previously involved with the design. Needless to say, the annotate tool from Glorify is the best solution to create callout images.

5. Background Addition

Glorify allows the background addition feature as a necessary e-commerce building component. If you are planning to create a product or service-centric graphics, it is necessary to stack in diverse backgrounds for making the offerings more saleable.

Glorify brings forth an extensive list of background images. Moreover, you can add the same onto any template, based on your preferences. You can also drag and move the background vertically and horizontally for perfecting the alignment.

Add Background

Color changes are also possible. Also, you can fit in the background images by selecting the same based on keywords. You can also add your own background images instead of accessing the library. This feature adds a certain level of competence to your e-commerce designs.

6. Background Removal (Best For Resellers)

Glorify boasts of the magic background remover which is an excellent feature for the more seasoned designers. This feature allows you to isolate any product, image, element, or smallest possible entity from its surroundings.

Selecting the tool from the dashboard and drawing green and red lines to keep and eliminate the sections is an easy process to understand. Moreover, Glorify also allows you to make refined crops by fine-tuning the edges, feathers, and other minute details.

Remove Background

The user interface is pretty straightforward and the green and red brushes are easy to identify. Moreover, you can also decrease or increase the brush size to make uber-accurate crops. Once you crop the image, you can save it to the collections and pair the same with other templates for designing preferred graphics.

7. Shadows and Reflections

In order to make the cropped images look more natural and adhered to the natural surroundings, glorify allows you to add shadows. You can either opt for drop shadows or normal product shadows.

Shadows and Reflection

Drop shadows follow the product alignment. Product shadows sit at the bottom. Glorify comes with several tools to help you change the vertical and horizontal positioning of the shadows. You can also change the shadow blur, scale, and opacity.

Glorify also supports the inclusion of realistic reflections. The added effect follows the product and we can change the blur and transparency of the reflections to make them look natural. Both shadows and reflections are accessible effects. The minimalistic user interface of the software makes effect inclusions easy.

8. Smart Resize

Images vary in size and you might require larger or smaller versions based on platform compatibility. The Smart Resize feature from Glorify makes this possible. With this tool, you can modify the size of any product image to make it fit a social graphic, Instagram story advert, or even an eBook.

Resize Image

To use this feature effectively, you can select from an extensive list of platforms. You only need to select the social media platform and the concerned image type to start with the process. For example, if you have an existing graphic, you can smart resize the same as a Facebook cover, eBook cover, Pinterest image, and more.

Glorify Smart Resize

Once you resize, you can scale the elements and move them according to the preferences and aesthetics. Image and text realignment is also possible. Glorify also allows you to proceed with the resizing without having to save the image.

9. EBook Creator (Best For Entrepreneurs, Artists, Social Media Influencers)

EBooks are excellent lead magnets for businesses. Therefore, before you even start with your online retail business, it is important to consider eBook-centric marketing. This approach will help create a massive user base before the official e-commerce activities begin.

Glorify app, therefore, offers a complimentary eBook creator with several template choices. You can choose between one column, two-column, CTA, and back covers. Once you select a template, the entire set is available for usage.

Glroify EBook Creator

You can simply start by selecting the template and add desired, brand-specific images to the set. EBook Creator from Glorify also offers you all the repurposed images for other platforms as well, including Facebook cover, YouTube thumbnails, and more.

Create Thumbnail

Besides these highlighted features, Glorify also offers other attributes to the designers and marketers. These include adding specific effects to images, offering detailed guides, and even supporting designs for Instagram Story advertisements.

The Glorify App Pricing

Plan 1: Glorify Free – 14 Days Trial

  • Monthly Price:  NA
  • Yearly Price: NA
  • Free Credits for BG Removal:10
  • Cloud Storage: 1GB
  • User Count: 1 User


  • Color palettes x2
  • Logo maker x2
  • Custom fonts x2
  • 1M+ Stock photos
  • Projects x5

Plan 2: Glorify Pro

  • Monthly Price: $12.99
  • Yearly Price: $119.88
  • Free Credits for BG Removal: 100/month
  • Cloud Support: Unlimited
  • User Count: 1


  • Color palettes x10 / month
  • Logo maker x10 / month
  • Custom fonts x10 /month
  • 1M+ stock photos
  • Unlimited stock credits
  • Unlimited projects
  • Smart resize

Plan 3: Glorify Business

  • Monthly Price: $37.99
  • Yearly Price: $335.88
  • Free Credits for BG Removal: Unlimited
  • Cloud Support: Unlimited
  • User Count: 3 at an additional $5/month each user


  • Unlimited Color palettes
  • Unlimited Logo maker
  • Unlimited Custom fonts
  • 1M+ stock photos
  • Unlimited stock credits
  • Unlimited projects
  • Smart resize
  • Bundled icons pack
  • Priority user support

Alternatives to Glorify App

In case you aren’t using Glorify for certain reasons, here are a few resourceful alternatives to consider:

1. Canva

Used by many, Canva is a worthy competitor to Glorify. This software also comes as a dedicated smartphone app. You can use this innovative designing tool to create alluring posters, flyers, social media posts, presentations, Facebook covers, blog graphics, and a host of other designs. The user interface is intuitive and simple.

Moreover, you can save the created designs as PNGs, JPEGs, and PDFs. Nonetheless, Canva helps you transform ideas into captivating designs, for web or even printing purposes.

2. Desygner

If you are looking for a mobile-centric design solution, this is the perfect tool to consider, Desygner comes across as a simple yet adequate alternative to Glorify users.

The best thing about this mobile and online-focused designing software is that it supports unmatched levels of collaboration. In addition to that, using Desygner is easy and no prior designing skills are required. Desygner is one of the best options for creating a marketing post for social platforms.

3. Stencil

Visual content is a major market mover. Therefore, if you are looking for a decent alternative to Glorify, precisely for increasing the visual credibility of your brand, Stencil is the name to consider.

This tool allows you to design compelling and high converting graphics and images. Stencil offerings specifically target engagement over social media.

In addition to that, there is a feature known as the Stencil ‘Browser Extension’. With this extension installed, it is easy to click on any text or image to create a graphic for social media sharing.

4. Crello

Crello is a powerful and innovative visual editor. Design creation is easy as you only need to choose from the available formats, fix a template, and customize the same.

Crello comprises of an extensive library featuring more than 6000 templates. In addition to that, you can save the designs created in Crello in 29 separate formats. Other specs include more than 10000 vectors and a collection of over 60 million royalty-free images for adding vibrancy to your projects. With Crello, you can design posters, social media posts, and other relevant designs.

5. Drawtify

Here is online designing software that excels when it comes to photo editing, vector drawing, and layout designing. This online graphic designer is highly professional and even brings formal designing elements into the mix. To be precise, the resources on display are on par with InDesign and CorelDraw.

Drawtify brings forth diverse drawing tools featuring online vectors, illustrations, layout drafting, and more. You also get background remover, photomask, image filter, and montage support with this software.

This online tool also includes inner shadow, reflections, blurring, emboss, and splash filters for additional effects.


If you are planning to take your e-commerce brand to a whole new level, Glorify is the designing software to consider. With features like background removal, annotation, and smart resize, it makes visual marketing easy and highly productive for businesses. Moreover, the designing app also support eBook creation that offers you a competitive marketing edge over the competitors.

Not just that, Glorify app covers all bases as the product graphics are completely saleable and in with the social media standards. Needless to say, it is the one-stop designing software that takes all the organizational requirements into account.

However, when it comes to pricing, we recommend the Glorify Pro plan if you are freelancing and only have one user handling the design-centric requirements.


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