Facebook cut ties with PR-firm Definers which helped it blame George Soros for the Anti-Facebook movement


Facebook has chosen to quit working with the consulting company Definers, the business composed at a statement printed Thursday. Additionally, it refused that Facebook ever contracted Definers to perform resistance research-style work on its own behalf. The action comes in the aftermath of a sweeping New York Times post printed Wednesday that contained reports that Definers sought to reinforce Facebook’s picture by supporting the publication of damaging content about its rivals and critics.

“Finally we wanted to cover the dilemma of Definers, who we finished our deal with last night,” Facebook composed. “The New York Times is incorrect to imply that we asked Definers to cover for or write posts on Facebook’s benefit — or even to spread misinformation”

The Times article published Wednesday reported about the activities of high-level leadership throughout the previous 3 years in Facebook, which comprised that the answer to Russian manipulation about the stage, conclusions around hate language, as well as the ways the firm sought to strengthen its political associations and general image, while averting regulations.

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Among the ways, it allegedly did so was work with Definers, a consulting company based on Republican political operatives. Definers allegedly proposed resistance research fashion approaches, so pushing out harmful content about critics and competitions.

For Facebook, this supposedly included bringing competitors such as Google and Twitter to the election manipulation dialog, disparaging Apple, exposing a grassroots anti-Facebook effort was financed by George Soros, and accusing those protesters of anti-semitism.

The Times did notice in its own first article that Facebook didn’t cover the anti-Apple press release products, printed by the Definers affiliate NTK-Network. Another unnamed technology firm supposedly compensated for unwanted Apple press releases, which were subsequently picked up by outlets such as Breitbart. However, Definers official Tim Miller allegedly told the Times that seeing Apple and solitude, “Facebook is pleased to’muddy the waters.'”

Facebook reacted to this Times article in a statement mainly denying that the accounts of its executives reacted, in real time, into election hatred and hate address risks on the web. Curiously, it didn’t deny reports of Facebook’s steak with Apple in the aftermath of Tim Cook’s comments criticizing Facebook about solitude — that it used as its motive it never hired Definers to criticize Apple. That beef comprised Zuckerberg “encouraging” workers to utilize Android telephones rather than iPhones.

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“Tim Cook has always criticized our business model and Mark was both clear he disagrees,” Facebook wrote. “So there has been no requirement to use anyone else to do so for us”

To put it differently, Apple states it could fight its road battles itself.


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