Chia Anime: Top-Rated Anime Shows & Alternatives in 2020

Chia Anime
Chia Anime

Anime is growing into a huge entertainment industry. The enticing storyline, fantasy world, and immersive characters in anime create a new universe in the viewer’s mind. Anime like One Piece, Naruto, Fairy Tale, Death Note, and 7 Deadly Sins have a worldwide fan base. Viewers eagerly wait for the latest episodes to be released. There are several websites to download and stream anime.

Of course, many of these are illegal and not considered safe for use. Chia Anime is one such website, one of the best websites to stream and download anime.

Is Chia Anime Safe and Legal?

It is safe, but not legal. The episodes available on the site are dubbed, which is not the original, and you need to have copyrights to dub anime. The original anime created is in Japanese, and most of them have subtitles available. The copyrights belong to the creators of the anime or the manga. Basically, the website is not responsible for the content as it is uploaded by third-party servers.

Streaming content online is illegal, but downloading is a more punishable infringement as compared to streaming. Streaming illegal content on public networks can lead to your system being blocked from further data usage. Downloading is considered as distributing illegal content, making it a more severe crime.

If you have ever visited Chia-Anime, there is a very high possibility that you are hooked to the site. It does have ads and several popups, but it is not a problem until it serves its purpose. Otherwise, there is not much to worry about when you visit the website. Furthermore, the site is not suitable for children, as several of these ads and popups are either adult or graphic content.

Other than the ads and the illegal content, the website is safe from any malware. There is no malware that affects your computer while streaming or downloading from this site. Regarding the flashy and graphic advertisements, you can always use an Adblocker. Overall, Chia-Anime is a safe-to-browse and trustworthy website, which has a pretty decent UI, and a massive range of animes.

Features of Chia Anime Streaming Site

It has a very appealing user-interface, which has often garnered polarizing opinions. Several anime such as One Piece, Dragon Ball series, My Hero Academia, and many more are available here. All the latest episodes are uploaded on the site as soon as they are aired in Japan.

Mangas are also available on the website, and almost every anime has a manga running simultaneously or slightly ahead of the anime. Other than Manga and Anime, there are a number of Japanese TV Shows and Anime tracks available on the website to download as well as stream online.

At the top of the website, there is a tab that shows the hottest anime currently. You can filter your search by the first alphabet of the anime name. There is another useful tab, which consists of all the anime separated on the basis of their genre. You can also expect any of the latest anime to be available on the home page website.

The video quality on the website is also good, and with a decent Internet connection, you can enjoy your favorite anime without any buffers. Video quality can be changed based on your requirement and data usage. Animes are available with a variety of subs and dubs, in different languages.

Best Alternatives to Chia Anime in 2020

No doubt, chia-anime is an amazing site and would cater to all your anime and manga demands. But it is often blocked for access by the government, and for situations like these, you need alternatives. Here are a few sites which can be useful in case chia-anime is not available:

1. KissAnime


The most popular anime website that exists. It is a solid fanbase, loyal to the website, making for probably the largest anime community currently in the world. Any anime content that you might have been looking for is available here on this site. The user- interface, however, has a few issues and can be improved to provide for a better experience. There are advanced search and filter options available to make it easier for you to search for your favorite anime. There is arguably no drawback to this site. You just need to log in or sign up and gain free access to the thousands of anime in the Kissanime database.

2. AnimeUltima


This is not only a website, but an anime community, which is growing rapidly, and rightly so. Going against the trend of anime websites with a cheeky layout and UI, AnimeUltima has a rather simple layout. There are several categories on the home page, including the Latest episodes, trending shows, all-time popular shows, and latest anime. You can log in or register from the option available at the top right corner to access the community feature available. And once you are in an anime community, brace yourself for a different realm of fun. There is a dark mode also available on the site.

3. Animeshow.TV


A well-organized layout, a wide range of anime to stream and download, available in several video qualities make this into a very good alternative for Chia-Anime. There is a massive list of all the anime available on the website. You can easily browse around if you do not have anything to watch in particular. Otherwise, there is a search bar where you can easily search for your favorite anime. There is a separate column for the latest released anime. The latest episodes are added onto the site as soon as they air in Japan. Although there are ads on the webpage, the streaming experience is not affected by them.

4. Otakustream


Otaku is a term referring to a group of anime enthusiasts. Otakustream has been one of the most trustworthy websites ever since it began its operation. There have never been any complaints or issues regarding Otaku Stream. With a very organized layout, a huge database of anime and manga, subtitles and dubs available Otakustream seems to have it all on their side. But for some unknown reason, they have been shut down, without any information as to its future. Over the years, it has created a very diverse community, and you can still reach out to them at

5. AnimeStreams

If you have been into watching animes, even for a short while, there is a very high probability that you would’ve come across Animestreams. It is a great website, and the amazing content, regular updates make it a worthy option to chia-anime. It does feature a few ads, but nothing to ring alarm bells. You don’t even need an adblocker because these ads do not affect your browsing experience. The website has a decent UI and offers the latest animes to watch and download. The most amazing part is that there are a number of video qualities you can choose to watch.

6. GogoAnime

Gogoanime Anime Movies

Offering thousands of anime to download and stream, Gogoanime regularly uploads all the latest released anime. These are usually available in two categories English sub and dub. Content is also divided into categories such as trending, latest, genre, and seasons. It has everything ranging from the new animes like Made in Abyss, the long-running fan favorites like One Piece, and the concluded classics like Naruto: Shippuden. The user interface can be considered as cheeky, as is the case with many other anime streaming platforms.

7. AnimeLand


This is more than your usual anime streaming website. It offers a lot more than anime and manga in terms of entertainment. Apart from the latest anime episodes and the manga chapters, AnimeLand also produces magazines, which offer the latest insight to the anime world, provides the latest news, info about upcoming animes, and much more. Apart from the magazines, there are animations, events, interviews of famous anime artists and anime contests. All this in a very sophisticated website, with a user-friendly interface, and a massive range of anime related content on offer. Almost all the content on this website has to be paid for, and that is probably why it is not very popular among the masses.

Best Legal Alternatives to Chia Anime

Most of the anime streaming websites are illegal, and the content is uploaded by third-party servers. They do not have the ’All rights reserved’ mark on them. Instead, there is ‘some rights reserved,’ which means that the site is legal, but most of the content is not. If you are a complete Anime freak, you might be afraid of the free websites, as they have a number of ads disrupting the streaming. Legal websites, however, have all the copyrights for the content they are uploading, and hence are not free.

Paying for watching anime does not sound very appealing, but it is a worthwhile investment. You get into a community with people who actually watch anime for 16 hours a day. People are fighting over something that happened in an anime. It is a whole new level of fun and excitement which you are missing out on. There are a number of legal websites you can look to stream from. Legal websites do not have all of the anime available. So, if you are paying for an anime website, why not pay for the best ones. Here is a look at the best legal anime websites:

1. Crunchyroll

A delight for anime lovers, Crunchyroll is one of the most popular websites available. The content is cent percent legal, and if you are on a subscription, advertisements are also stripped off. There are a number of subscription plans with different features on offer. On the premium plan, you could watch the latest anime and read the manga as soon as they are aired in Japan. Animes are primarily available in subs, while some are available in dubbed versions as well. The video quality is also good, offering you a choice between different video qualities. Apart from the anime and manga, there are news and games also available. There is a wide range of anime games available, ranging from Attack on Titans to Naruto.

The User interface is pretty simple, and not very appealing, making it probably the only Gray area Crunchyroll needs to work on. Otherwise, the video quality, variety of content, and premium options available for better experience make it one of the best legal alternatives. To top it all off, Crunchyroll also has an online store that makes the anime franchise available. This includes props and clothing inspired by your favorite anime characters. The content on Crunchyroll is region-specific, which means that a few anime or mangas might not feature based on your area.

2. Netflix

Netflix has seen a huge rise in the number of subscribers over the last few years. It is one of the first names that come up when looking for online media content. The TV shows and movies are well known, but they also have a huge collection of anime. This might come as a surprise, but Netflix has started streaming anime, and Naruto, FullMetal Alchemist, and brotherhood are all available here. There is, however, a downside to Netflix. There are no mangas available, and although the new animes are mostly available, the long-time running classics like One Piece are not. The community is also an issue with Netflix.

The subscription plans are affordable, but if you are looking to watch only anime, then it might feel like being on the expensive side. The website interface is really amazing, and so is the app. You can download the anime as well as stream online. You can even choose the video quality you wish for and the subtitle languages. Overall, Netflix is decent if you are hooked to the modern anime, and are not into the older ones.

3. Funimation

An exciting number of animes available to stream, Funimation is lagging behind in terms of subtitles. If you are looking for anime with subtitles and hate the dubbed versions, as most anime lovers do, this is not the site for you. Anyway, if you want any of the dubbed anime, Funimation is your go-to destination, as a legal alternative to the platform. There are two versions of Funimation. If you are looking to use for free, there are ads, and you can stream on one device at a time. The paid subscription means that the ads are removed, and you can stream on two devices simultaneously.

Ever since their tie-up with Crunchyroll, Funimation has become a destination for the dubbed anime, and this has reduced the number of viewers on the website to some extent. As most viewers prefer the subtitled versions. On the plus side, you can expect the less popular anime to be available here.

Top-Rated Shows on Chia Anime

The platform serves as a host to a number of great anime shows, including the recent ones as well as the classics. Here is a list of the best anime shows you can watch:

  • One Piece

GOAT (Greatest Of All Time). Rated as the best anime to have ever been made, and it is still running. The amazing world, a powerful protagonist crew, and some amazing fights to keep you hooked to this amazing anime. It has already aired 929 episodes and is far from its end.

  • Naruto

Naruto is the anime that comes closest to One Piece and enjoys a huge fan following. Even the side characters in Naruto are amazing, enhanced by the storyline and some breathtaking fights.

  • Hunter X Hunter

Another one of the new anime that has taken the Otaku world by storm. Hunter X Hunter lacks a little in terms of fights but tries to make up for it in the storyline.

Some more popular shows:

  • Macross Frontier
  • Dragon Ball Super
  • Fairy Tail

How to Stream a Show on Chia Anime?

Streaming on the site is very simple, here are the steps to do so:

  • Open the official chia anime website.
  • Search for the anime you wish to stream, in the search bar.
  • Select the season and episode number you wish to stream and click on it.
  • Now the video player opens, and you can enjoy your episode here.

While streaming, there are several other options available to improve your experience. There are 4 different servers to switch to in case your default server is causing a glitch. There is also a second video player to switch to in case the default video player fails to respond.

How to Download Anime from Chia Anime?

  • Open the official chia anime website.
  • Search for the anime you wish to download, in the search bar, and select the episode number of your choice.
  • Now right under the video player, there is a link to download the episode in mp4, click on it, and your download will soon begin.

What to do if Chia-Anime goes down for users?

The site often experiences a block of access due to the Government advisory, and this disrupts the streaming experience of the viewers. In case the site is down for users, you can look for alternate sites to stream the anime. There are several alternate websites you can choose to stream from. You can subscribe to several paid websites to have uninterrupted access to a host of animes.

There is also a chance that the website is down for maintenance purposes, and in this case, expect it to be working soon.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Chia Anime

Why is Chia-Anime not working?

It might be due to the firewall settings of your PC. Try adding it into the list of trusted websites, and allowing the platform to operate on your PC. If this does not work, it might be an issue from the website end.

Is Chia-Anime Safe and Legal to use?

It is a totally trustworthy domain, and there has never been any case of the website compromising the safety of your system. It is a legal website, but the content is not. All the content available is basically uploaded by third-party servers, which means that the website is not responsible for the content on it.

What is a better option: Chia-Anime Or KissAnime?

Both the websites are pretty good in terms of the content available. The range of content is more or less the same, and both the websites run ads. However, Chia Anime has a poor user interface and is often shut down for the users.

What are the best anime to stream on the site?

Death Note, HunterXHunter, Sword Art Online, and Clash of Titans are the newer generation of animes and are all available on the platform. One-piece, Dragon Ball series, Naruto, and Bleach are the older animes with each one of them having hundreds of episodes. These are regarded as the best animes of all times and can be streamed on the site.


Chia anime is a great site and offers a lot in the name of entertainment, but it is like a double-edged sword, which can be very useful at times, but be an equal nuisance in case it is shut down. There are other alternatives, including paid and free websites. You can always go for paid websites, in order to have uninterrupted access to the anime world.


We do not promote piracy. To remain completely safe, it is always a great idea to browse and stream anime only on the legal platform. You do not have to worry about the virus, malware, cookies, legal actions, and much more. More importantly, these websites will not get blocked suddenly. By becoming a member, you can also get access to discussions and a plethora of recommendations. It will be a good idea for your conscience.


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