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Top 10 Best Wireless Earbuds in 2019




1 ) Jaybird X4 Wireless Sport Headphones -Best Overall

By Jaybird

Also an all-around work-horse, rugged, and versatile, the Jaybird X4 ear buds bring relaxation and sound to every one, from music lovers into not-so-casual triathlon participants. By having an IPX7 evaluation, the device is fully watertight and equipped to take care of the climate that you can. Eight hours of battery life allow you to simply take it on road, the street, or slopes about it running out of energy, without worrying. The buds could find one hour or so charge in fifteen minutes therefore they won you totally slow down in the event you go out of juice.

The ear buds prioritize personalization: while there is a fit available as a result of an Speed Cinch, and interchangeable ear buds hints, bass and treble can be adjusted using the Jaybird app. You get a handle on the quantity, and can certainly do whatever out of paths, mute the microphone so you never skip a beat.

2 ) Apple AirPods -Best for iPhones

By Apple

When Apple introduced its iPhone 7, The-World fawned over just how narrow it was. That’s in part because the headphone jack was removed by Apple altogether. Instead of this white Apple ear buds, wireless AirPods rolled out.

The AirPods are driven by a Apple W 1 chip and also have software integration that is superb. A pop up appears on your phone, right once you take them from this box for the first period. On top of this, Siri plays ​a chief role. They produce sound and also have a superb dual microphone set-up with sound cancellation technology. The battery lasts for approximately 5 hrs and so they charge up quickly when within their case; only 15 minutes of charging gives you 3 hours of listening time. In reality, the instance will control the AirPods for a total of 24 hours (that's in addition to the 5 hrs the AirPods hold themselves).  For Apple integration that is solid, AirPods will be the thing to do.

3 ) Bose SoundSport -Best for Sports

By Bose

Music helps you through a tricky set or go that extra mile. Excellent noise is critical, but much more essential is your fit because nobody wants to be more small with their ear buds. The sweat-proof Bose SoundSport wireless cans, that come in three sizes, have StayHear+ ear-tips with steel fins to get a loose yet stable fit. Note that the fit will allow ambient seem to creep in, but that is OK for cyclists and runners who wish to be aware of their surroundings.

for that noise, you’ll receive good performance with pretty adequate mid and also bass. Battery life is rated approximately six hours, which should get you. Plus with NFC pairing and Bluetooth pushes, you’ll be able to render your workout with the hard work.

4 ) SENSO Bluetooth Headphones -Best Value

By Senso

While buying budget headphones, you’ll undoubtedly have to make some sacrifices, however when it comes to the value headphones, what you want ought to be packed up for the very best price achievable. That’s exactly what you get with SENSO’s earbuds. The headphones are simply built and built, but still comfortable to use. And so they do not skimp on quality. With a frequency response to 20-22 kHz, the earbuds deliver true hi fi sound detailed with bass that is booming and transparent treble. You will get a solid eight hours of battery life to give you a day of listening, while you’re commuting, exercising or exercising.

5 ) Anker SoundBuds Slim+ -Best Budget

By Anker

You must be, if you are unfamiliar with Anker services and products. Its own services and products are consistent while the organization isn’t yet known for being the greatest of the best. Its own SoundBuds have a hooked design that sits assuring a more secure and comfortable fit. They come with many different sizes and shapes . The rubber material also means that they’re water resistant (IPX5) and weighing just 5.6 oz, they are light enough to forget you are wearing. Indoors are drivers that deliver solid bass.

As with any budget item, there are drawbacks. For the SoundBuds, it’s how the battery only lasts about seven hours. For both athletes and commuters that might not be considered a issue, however you might like to think, if you are a marathon music listener. About buying a budget product, still wary? An 18-month warranty plus customer care is offered by anker.

6 ) Samsung Galaxy Buds -Best New Release

By Samsung

Samsung has tried to contend with Apple AirPods, and with the Galaxy Buds, they've created some competition. One of their selling things: they and Galaxy apparatus out of this box can set. Maybe it doesn’t appear to be that big of a deal to turn up your own Bluetooth matching menu and then link up your cans the old fashioned way, however, Samsung currently features a pop up which pops this process.

Convenience isn’t where it ends Samsung has enjoyed their longtime partner AKG that is audio to listen to the speakers which means that you ought to get decent, thoughtful frequency response. Samsung is also recorded in their Scalable blue tooth compression, which should provide better response for your wireless transmission of sound, although there really are the AAC and SBC codecs involved here. There is an Ambient Audio control mode for staying alert to your surroundings, intuitive signature control, and even the capability to wirelessly charge the 58mAh battery along with the battery case. You can pick up the Galaxy Buds in a sportier yellowish, white, or black.

Still can t decide on what you would like? Our round-up of this wireless earbuds will be able to assist you to find what you re searching for.

7 ) Beats BeatsX -Best Design

By Beats

While Beats build these neckband-style headphones, they are designed with assistance from Apple’s design and technology teams. Even the neckband, or”Flex-Form cable” as Beats calls it, encases two cables made from nickel titanium alloy, which makes it more pliable, lightweight and durable. Even the ear buds house drivers that are 8mm and are magnetized, so it’s possible to stick them together when not in use and wear them as a necklace. As with the Apple AirPods, the BeatsX include a W-1 processor, that enables pairing. You’ll get eight hours of battery life, and if you’re in need of a quick charge (using a Lightning cable), you will get 2 hours of playback in only 5 minutes, thanks to that which Beats calls Fast Fuel (it's a branded way to express fast-charging ).

thinking about reading more reviews? Take a peek at our range of the best audio head phones. 

8 ) Bose QuietControl 30 -Best Noise-Canceling

By Bose

Bose is famous for its cans and its QuietControl 30 model simply furthers its standing. The neckband-style cans rest such as a horseshoe around the earbuds and also your neck sit in your ear . The head phones are sweatproof, though some athletes might bother which makes them convenient for sports.

to its name, the QuietControl 30 allow you to correct the noise-canceling feature. It is possible to raise or lower it by utilizing the Bose Connect app or clicking a button onto the inline remote. You’ll likely want to keep it at the highest level that is possible, but if you’re running or biking, you might want to lessen it to know traffic and nearby noises. Battery life is rated at an impressive 10 hours, but bear in your mind that as it willn’t always have a option that was wired, it’s not going to work with entertainment and hence isn’t an ideal set for travelers.

Have a glance at several of the best noise-canceling cans you should buy.

9 ) Sennheiser HD1 Free Bluetooth Wireless Headphones -Best for Phone Calls

By Sennheiser

Whether youare only dropping a line to your own mom or’re making a sales call that is high-stakes, the Sennheiser HD-1 Free Bluetooth Wireless Headphones deliver sound quality whilst still managing to seem luxurious. The group of this pair is stitched up with a red series although the neckband style is not for everyone else. A remote sits on the left aspect of their neckband, which permits you to adjust scan tracks and answer or refuse phone calls. The discreet mike offers high intelligibility, so every word you speak is not clear. Dynamic drivers deliver a frequency range of both bass, and battery life tops out around six hours not too shabby!

10 ) ISOtunes PRO Earplug Headphones -Best for Hearing Protection

By ISOtunes

Unlike a standard couple of headphones, these ISOtunes were designed as ear-plugs original and foremost. If you're a builder, woodworker, builder, etc. — if you work in a loud environment, subsequently hearing protection should be a priority. The ISOtunes PRO Earplug head phones feature 27 dB noise cancelation which reduces the effect of dull sound. You can answer calls and also require the noise cancelation to muffle disruptions like fans and lawn mowers, low-flying planes and vacuums.

The buds themselves are made from the material that molds to the shape of the interior speakers and also your ear contain ISOtunes's patented SafeMax Technology that enables users to play music at the most volume without damaging their hearing. For all anyone who have physically demanding work environments, the ISOtunes Pro headphones have an perspiration – and – money-back certificate. The head phones can also be compatible with apparatus that are Bluetooth-enabled and send 240 hours on standby or 10 hours of playback.

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Top 7 Best Hard Drives For Gaming in 2019




1 ) Seagate 2TB FireCuda -Best Overall

By Seagate

The well-rounded Seagate 2TB FireCuda takes the cake while the hard drive for gambling. The drive provides similar power of state drives. You will be left by Both terabytes in the FireCuda with loads of room for the future.

The FireCuda is capable of holding around 80 games each at 25GB, which makes it perfect for just about any gamer worried about finding that space. Storing and accessing games are simple, because the 8GB NAND flash partition of the drive gives gamers super read and write rates of more than 200 Mbps. Top this off using the last-minute warranty on the FireCuda of Seagate and also you’ve got reassurance for a reliable drive which will not stop gaming along with you.

2 ) Seagate 3TB BarraCuda -Runner-Up, Best Overall

By Seagate

Seagate’s 3TB BarraCuda will be your ideal runner-up for gaming hard drives due to its huge storage space, cheap pricepoint and multi-tier caching power. The best on the list still delivers solid reliability and the performance you’d expect from Seagate and is affordable.

The Seagate 3TB BarraCuda is built with industry standard 64MB cache system and 6Gbps SATA port for access and speedy surgeries with a 7200RPM spinning design. The drive is easy to put in and is backed by Seagate warranty for peace of mind. If you want a upgrade and also less expensive choice with reliability as the ideal gaming drive on the list, this may be actually usually the main one.

3 ) Fantom Drives PS4 Hard Drive Upgrade Kit -Best Kit for PS4

By Fantom Drives

Check out the Fantom Drives PS-4 drive if you’d like storage and some extra kick for the play-station 4. The kit features everything you need as a way to improve your memory so you can download also games and more content.

The Fantom Drive comes Seagate FireCuda that’s built with technology, therefore games on your PlayStation 4 console obtained and are stored 5 times quicker than hard disks. As a little extra, the kit comes included with a 16GB USB 3.0 flashdrive with USB 3.0 technology, and that means you’ve got an extra portable memory , too. PlayStation 3 consoles and it works together PlayStation 4 also features a five-year warranty.

4 ) Seagate Game Drive for Xbox One -Best for Xbox One

By Seagate

Seagate’s amazing Game Drive for Xbox One can be perfect for the Microsoft console also comes right out of this box. The hard drive that was plugandplay is stuffed with some 4TB storage space that gives gamers enough room for around about 100 x box One games.

The Game Drive for Xbox One can be a external portable storage hard drive designed only for both Xbox One and Xbox 360, with a slim size measuring 4.6 x 3.1 x.8 inches, and so it is possible to fit it directly in your pocket. The overall game Drive uses USB 3.0 rates for quick writing and reading in 140Mbps, meaning an full x box One match in 25GB could be moved in under three minutes. The hard drive also requires no power cable, making it ready to use at which you playwith.

5 ) Toshiba X300 4TB -Best for Cache Storage

By Toshiba

The Toshiba X-300 is the best choice on the list when you would like access without any buffering issues to a games. Its 7200RPM rate and 128MB data buffer deliver performance for gamers who would like to dip into play instantly.

Together With its own onboard cache algorithm along with buffer control platform, cache allocation is optimized by the Toshiba X-300 with read and write cycles to get fast accessing and storage placement of games and data apps that are dense. The gambling hard drive is engineered for built-in jolt sensors that detect impact, including a motor shaft to safeguard against machine vibrations and stability having its own slide loading technology.  Toshiba also throws in a​two-year restricted warranty.

6 ) WD Blue 1TB -Best Budget

By Western Digital

On a limited budget? Check out the WD Blue 1TB. It's Amazon’s No. 1 bestseller for hard disks and comes with a two-year warranty. This Western Digital gaming hard-drive option it has installation and provides most GB of storage for its price. It s optimized for energy intake with top performance handling.

The WD Blue 1TB gaming drive employs a 7200RPM construction for reliable access along with SATA-3 6Gbps interface. Though 1TB might be smaller for some gamers out there, it s possible for further drive storage expansion. The WD Blue can be created using NoTouch Ramp Load Technology that positions the recording head its disc surface off to protect your data. It comes with a limited warranty.

7 ) Silicon Power 2TB Rugged Armor A80 -Best for Durability & Portability

By Silicon Power

The miniature and tough Silicon Power 2TB Rugged Armor A80 isn’t the very mobile gambling hard drive on the list but also the strongest. Gamers that are always on the go will love the Silicon Power 2TB Rugged Armor A80's design. It’s also engineered with an IPX7 waterproof protection if it requires a spill in to some liquid.

The Silicon Power 2TB Rugged Armor measures 5.5 x 0.94 x 3.4 inches and can be built with a sturdy aluminum casing with an anxiety resistance that could withstand over 650 lbs of force, therefore that it 's fairly crush-proof. The drive connects via USB 3.0, assuring fast hardware connectivity and data transports. Also included is just a three-year manufacturer warranty.

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Top 9 Best Wireless Mice in 2019




1 ) Logitech’s MX Master 2S -Best Overall

By Logitech

Widely considered the best mouse Logitech’s MX Master 2S could be your class leader for over all performance. Packed with Logitech’s cloning technologies, the Master 2S connects with numerous devices effortlessly (as well as contains a copy-paste function between different computers). Along side Flow technology, the Logitech adds support for dual connectivity, allowing up to three Windows or Mac computers to connect via the receiver or through blue tooth technology, which eliminates the need for any extra hardware onto a desktopcomputer.

The track virtually anywhere feature adds support for the Master 2S to work on almost any surface (even glass). Even the rechargeable battery lasts around 70 days on a single control and also the look was engineered not only with performance in mind, but also ergonomics for a comfort that’s sculpted to conform to the form of a hand for a comfortable position.

2 ) Logitech MX Anywhere 2S Wireless Mouse -Best Anywhere Mouse

By Logitech

Logitech’s Anywhere Mouse”works anyplace you’re doing,” from office desks and kitchen islands to java shop tables and airplane tray tables. In addition, it can browse seamlessly between upto three computer screens, copying and pasting text and images in one screen to the next. It boasts a 4000 DPI laser detector that gives you tracking.

The mouse design is crafted for productivity and comfort, featuring customizable and hyper scrolling switches via the Logitech Options pc software. But what good is a wireless mouse with no trustworthy battery? The MX Anywhere 2S holds a charge for approximately 70 days and will be topped up in four minutes via micro-usb with the complete day’s bill.

3 ) Magic Mouse 2 -Best Apple Mouse

By Apple

Designed solely for Apple’s computer , the Magic Mouse 2 is really a normal Apple layout that dissipates on buttons and scroll wheels and chooses for a surface that is multi touch alternatively. Swiping between website pages or scrolling through documents requires nothing more than the brush using a finger using desk immunity , thanks to a foot design. The builtin battery continues around thirty days before needing a recharge through the included Lightning-to-USB cable (it’s 'll fullly fee in 2 hours). The addition of gestures like zooming, scrolling and swiping of apple are typical a refreshing approach. Founded only 7.2-ounces, Apple’s unique spin on the mouse supplies a love-it-or-hate-it approach but if you love it, its feature-set is hard to resist.

4 ) Logitech M570 -Best Comfort

By Logitech

Its sculpted shape helps keep and encourage your hands at 1 place, although logitech mouse might not be the most eye of this bunch. Even the trackball bears all the workload weight with smooth, precise cursor control whether you’re working in your own desk or every other room. With battery life great for as much as 18 months OnOne contained AA battery, the 2.4GHz wireless connection works up to 30 feet away on both the Windows and Mac operating systems. With a bevy of switches and a design that is exceptional, there’s plenty of reason to think that this mouse represents a fresh whole way of working online.

5 ) Logitech G602 -Best Gaming Mouse

By Logitech

There isn’t any shortage of competition from the gaming wireless mouse space, so standing away from the package demands an impressive set of features. Luckily, Logitech’s G602 delivers with also a shelf life rated in over 20 million clicks and over 250 hrs of battery life. Along with Delta Zero sensor technology, Logitech supplies a two-millisecond response speed in actuality. This gaming mouse also now offers both an ultra-durable build that can resist even the most intense gaming experience. Add in 11 buttons that are programmable along with support for Mac and Windows operating systems and you’re going to come across a mouse that won’t break the bank. Logitech maintains a lag-free gaming-grade experience and the online reviews deliver with a 4.3 out of 5 star Amazon rating.

Need some help finding everything you re searching for? Readthrough our gaming mice article that is best.

6 ) Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse -Best Design

By Logitech

Ergonomicallya well-designed mouse provides comfort and efficiency over long spans of use. That is why we love the Logitech M510 muchbetter. The mouse has been contoured to encourage your hand and wrist and you also are rubber grips for the thumb and pinky on the side. Unfortunately, both buttons on the left side limit its users to righties only.

for all its own buttons to make it a lot simpler to accomplish tasks like tabs windows and switch applications or jump into full screen, you can customize shortcut tasks for productivity. The laser tracks smoothly round every single surface (barring mirrored ones such as glass) and Logitech claims the battery lasts around two years with daily use. If you’re a user, you will be very happy to learn that Logitech’s Unifying receiver links and plugs in via USB including keyboards, to free up ports.

7 ) Logitech Marathon Mouse M705 -Best Battery Life

By Logitech

Logitech’s Marathon Mouse M705 is suitably termed battery life (powered by one AA battery powered ) that may last up to three decades. Even the M705 is really power efficient by 2x that the battery life that it can out-last wireless mouse options available on industry. Battery life is of the M705 does. It’s an ergonomic design with a sculpted shape that suits your hand naturally. Advanced tracking delivers an accurate and ultra-responsive cursor control without even skipping a beat whilst working on various surfaces. The three incorporated thumb buttons offer multi tasking that is fast and simple . Having battery life and an easy-to-swallow price tag that can survive more in the computer, there is loads of reason to give the M705 a look.

8 ) FD V8 Ultrathin Silent Travel Mouse -Best Mobile Mouse


Measuring 1.3 inches thick and weighing only 3.52 ounces, the FD v-8 travel mouse is remarkably sleek, making it an ideal travel companion for work trips. It also eliminates 90% of click sound, and which means it’s possible to work in public spaces without bothering your neighbors.

The FD v-8 mouse has a receiver which plugs into the USB port of your computer. Its 2.4GHz wireless connection offers true cursor tracking (without a mouse pad), together with a hyper-fast speed of return rate (250Hz) at a maximum distance of 20 meters) Additionally, the device uses an energy-efficient battery. It will not require an on/off switch; the mouse is all set and wakes up with a tap. On standby, the charge can last for approximately 3-6 weeks. The FD v-8 mouse will come in five colors, each with a glistening finish to brighten up your workspace. 

Check out our guide on the very best travel mice today you should buy.

9 ) Pictek Wireless Gaming Mouse -Best Silent Mouse

By Logitech

Want quiet and peace as a way to work? Even the Pictek Wireless Gaming Mouse is virtually quiet, providing a distraction-free environment for you and your desk-mates. Producer claims it s built to last for as much as 5 million bucks, therefore it is going to feel as a mouse every time it is used by you. Even the Pictek uses 2.4GHz wireless technology to give a stable connection, precise tracking, and also hyper-fast data transmission speeds. For nights at the office or long gaming sessions, Pictek promises reliable performance, with no delays, interference, or drop outs, even from distances. The apparatus also includes also a 2,400 DPI optical detector and a 250Hz rate.

The Pictek wireless mouse would be a plugandplay apparatus, therefore there isn’t any demand for extra installment software. The recipient fits snugly to a slot underneath the mouse’s battery package for effortless storage. The mouse weighs just 2.9 ounces and measures 4.9 x 2.8 x 1.5 inches , which fits easily in any backpack or travel bag.

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Top 8 Best Bluetooth Audio Receivers in 2019




1 ) Etekcity Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 -Best Overall

By Etekcity

With a range of more than 33 feet, the Etekcity wireless Bluetooth 4.0 receiver is a stand out choice for homeowners trying to bring just a little versatility for their home sound experience. Capable of dealing with Bluetooth 4.0 compatible speakers, the Etekcity additionally provides connectivity via A/V, RCA and 3.5millimeter input signal. With 10 hours of battery life per charge, the.6-pound unit can be fully re charged and ready for round 2 in around 2 hours. Measuring just 6.3 x 3.7 x 2.2 inches, the Etekcity is incredibly compact, which makes it ideal for pretty much any environment (including wireless streaming music into your own vehicle 's sound system).

2 ) Aukey Bluetooth Receiver -Best Budget


If you’ve been itching to get hands on calling via your home speakers, make that need a reality together with the Aukey Bluetooth receiver. Capable of connecting to any existing wired head unit, headset or speaker, the Aukey works with a slew of devices, including all types of computers and iPads, as well as I phones. And pairing is equally simple. Just join the Aukey for tablet or a smartphone as you would any other Bluetooth device. Weighing 6.4 ounces and measuring 4.5 x 4.3 x 1.8 inches, so the Aukey allows an individual to accept an incoming telephone with an easy press on this work . Once connected, you are going to find a clean sound via the built in microphone that frees up both hands to do the remainder of your office or home work. 

3 ) Bose Wireless Audio System Adapter -Best for the Home

By Bose

The Bose wireless audio system can be a out from the box. Capable of connecting to almost any kind of electronics, including computer speakers, stereo systems, home theatres and moreimportantly, the Bose also offers wifi connectivity for an immediate connection to the brands SoundTouch speaker for a boosted audio experience. All those device options are paired for Bluetooth streaming and using loads of options, for example Pandora, Spotify and Amazon Music. Music is regulated from the smartphone program that was downloadable and, with presets, you’re able to jump directly into album or the song you want.

4 ) Aukey Bluetooth Receiver With 3 Port USB Car Charger -Best for the Car


Have a look at the Aukey blue tooth receiver with three-port USB, if your vehicle does not support Bluetooth. Setup is a snap. Simply plug the receiver into the car stereo via the AUX (auxiliary) portand insert the charger into the cigarette lighter or 12V input and you are done. Pairing your device is as easy by placing the Aukey and going onto your smart phone in the Bluetooth menu and pairing as you would any other Bluetooth device. Roll down the windows, once attached and play with some tunes or let friends and family achieve this as the Aukey supports up to 3 users at the same time. In addition, the Aukey once return on powers away with the car , automatically connects to the last connected apparatus. Beyond music, the Aukey also doubles as a speakerphone using the car’s speakers to get conversation and the microphone while in the receiver component.

5 ) Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter -Best Range

By Logitech

Featuring a streaming music assortment of up to 50 feet, the Logitech Bluetooth audio adapter for loading is a improvement to workplace or your house. The Logitech is filled with features right from the bat, for example multipoint Bluetooth connectivity, and this gives for a simultaneous connection of your smartphone and tablet computers (and you may pick which device happens to be streaming audio). Setup is a cinch with the Logitech remembering each device and requiring a single button press to get a fresh connection. Producing sound is at least as simple as the installation by enabling a connection to some PC speaker, home stereo system or any A/V receiver employing an RCA or 3.5mm input. It weighs 2.9 oz and measures.9 x 2 x 2 inches.

6 ) Mpow Portability Bluetooth Receiver -Best for Portability


There are a lot of Bluetooth receivers out there. Nevertheless, when it comes to battery-powered units which you could easily throw into your own pocket or back pack, the Mpow Portable Receiver is one the best (and simplest) designs we’ve seen. It connects to your audio system (in the car or in home) via a normal 3.5mm auxiliary port. It has a single Multifunction button which turns on and off it, plus song and volume buttons on the side. It has the capacity to pair with multiple Bluetooth devices at precisely exactly the identical time, and all it requires is to change it on and it is going to automatically recall that the set once you have paired them. The device weighs over 2 ounce, provides 10 hours of battery life also is available in some pretty trendy colors outside ordinary black including red, yellow, green and purple. 

7 ) Nulaxy BR18 2-in-1 Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver -Best Battery Life

By Nulaxy

There are a couple diverse kinds of receivers which respond to needs. Some are intended to plug into an outlet and stay in the exact same place all the time inclined to increase in the house into an speakers or an record player. The other type of receiver is intended for usage such as in your car or on the beach, and people receivers are often intentionally miniature. One drawback of travel-friendly version's small size is that they usually only fit A100 –300 mAh battery — leaving you using battery lifetime and also the need to carry an external charger. We’ve tracked down the Nulaxy BR18a Bluetooth receiver having a whopping 1050 mAh battery — almost the size of a smartphone battery. This means may be the system offers 40 hrs of transmit time, when compared with the 10 hours offered by competitors. Beyond battery lifetime, you’ll also get each of the requisite features of a receiver like 1-5 meters of range, multiple pairing choices, and both transmit and receive functions (based upon what direction you need to proceed ).

8 ) Audioengine B1 Bluetooth -Best Splurge

By Audioengine

The Audioengine b 1 Bluetooth music receiver is a superb option for playing music that is wirelessly. With the capability of connecting to a receiver, amplifier or speaker in your home, all you have to is a easy RCA or wire connection. Once connected, sync your own smartphone or tablet and you’re all set to jam. The receiver chooses its experience with the inclusion of this apt-x codec which allows for near-studio quality music output. This means heavier bass and energetic selection, most of which make for a superb Bluetooth receiver choice which is compact at five ounces to fit almost anyplace.

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