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Top 8 Best Softbox Lighting Kits in 2019


1 ) Fovitec StudioPRO Softbox Lighting Kit -Best for Starting Out

By Fovitec

On the lookout started at a price that won ' t break the bank, using soft-box photography? This Fovitec StudioPRO kit fits the bill. It's out there in a single, two, or versions, but we'd recommend the latter to get maximum versatility.

In that box, you'll have three lighting stands that correct all the up to 90 inches, three 20- x ray 28-inch soft boxes, and three lamp heads, each having five bulbs sockets.

The kit ships using twenty five 45W compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) bulbs, and with the aim of using five both of the floorstanding lights, plus one at the lamp mind that's attached to the boom. You may buy and put in more if needed.

There's an adjustable boom stand with a counter-balancing sandbag, and also a carry tote having a hand strap for easier lifting. Each of these lamp heads has three switches on the rear for power to the sockets.

This 's a great deal of equipment for the cost and is great for fresh studio-based photographers trying to take their shots.

2 ) StudioFX 2400 Lighting Kit -Runner-Up, Best for Starting Out

By StudioFX

In the event that you re starting desire a basic softbox lighting kit and also to get serious about your photos, the StudioFX 2400 is more best.

Comprised of three large (28- x 20-inch) soft-box enclosures, an overhead boom bracket, three racks, eleven fluorescent bulbs, and also a transport bag to store everything in, this kit is the ideal way to boost your studio shots without having to spend a fortune.

Every stand is adjustable as much as seven feet high, and also the boom bracket attaches to some of them. The amount of the boom may be shifted, ranging based upon what you require.

Both of the floor-mounted enclosures hold five 45W 5500K (day light ) compact fluorescent lamps, and all which can be controlled with a switch at the rear to highly-configurable dimming. The boom-mounted soft-box holds a single 85W CFL. With inexpensive kits, the racks can be somewhat flimsy when fully stretched, also also there 's. This 's the only gripe, however, of what’s really a flexible means to being started with soft-box photography.

3 ) Neewer 2×160 LED Dimmable Lighting Kit -Best Battery-Operated

By Neewer

Don’t assume all photo opportunity that is great comes within half of a wall socket, and extension cables will only get you so far. As the lights in this Neewer softbox are LED-based, they make work with of a small percent of the power of conventional CFLs (compact fluorescent lights). That means that ' s what these ones perform, and it ' s possible to run them from a battery that is rechargeable.

Both of those 5.9- x 6.7-inch lamps hold 160 LEDs, together with the detachable softbox sitting over top. The stands correct upto six feet high. The utilization of a standard hot shoe bracket and \ n as a result of burden and the small size , but the soft boxes may also be mounted onto DSLR and video cameras.

Every light works on the Sony battery pack that is common, and also you might even run them. You'll get about one hour out of each battery, which it can be worth buying spares if you're planning a protracted shoot.

4 ) Neewer 700W 24-inch Softbox Lighting Kit -Best Budget

By Neewer

For those who really don't have much to spend on a softbox lighting solution, and just desire to increase their studio photography in low cost, this Neewer 700W kit fits the bill.

This dual-light system arrives with rectangular, square, and octagonal lamp options, and an LED version, in a range of kits.

There s also a three-lamp kit variant which includes an overhead boom, however it therefore the square and octagonal lamp kits which are the most ideal budget choice. Octagonal lights (octoboxes) are ideally fitted to shooting individual subjects, whilst the square models would be to get more reflective photography.

Whichever version you select, you ll wind up with a pair of two and soft box enclosures 85W 5500K CFL bulbs, and two 41- and adjustable stands, and a take bag that is simple.

The enclosures can be angled in almost any direction for precise lighting controller, and utilize conventional E27 fittings so you can easily swap in different bulbs (with different colour beams, for instance, or perhaps even a fighter flash component.)

5 ) Neewer Softbox Lighting Kit With Background Support -Best for Video

By Neewer

This specific Neewer package will soon be right up your alley, if you re in the market for a versatile soft box lighting kit that may handle everything into videos.

It comprises a wide selection of equipment, including a pair of 20- x 20-inch softbox enclosures, four 45W lamps, two umbrellas, along with four stands with appropriate mounts for each the above mentioned.

where the apparel stands out, however, is in letting you have control on one’s shots’ backdrop. Offered in three different sizes (small, medium, and large), the kit comes with white, green, and black muslin backdrops, plus a support system along with clamps for holding the wallpaper set up.

A pair of carry bags complete the apparel, one for enclosures the racks, and accessories, along with something for the back ground support program. In the event that you would rather an overhead/boom light into the pair of umbrella racks, then a variant of this “large” kit provides the option.

6 ) Fovitec Complete Photography & Videography Studio Kit -Best for Extra Light

By Fovitec

But want more control over the light, consider that this threepiece Fovitech softbox kit, if you want the thought of with an wallpaper. Equally excellent for studio interviews and photography, it ships with no fewer than 15 5500K 45W CFL bulbs for a super-bright, consistent source of light.

the three enclosures Each hold five bulbs, and that is switched on / off at the rear if necessary again to dim that the output.

whilst the service stands hold backdrops between 6 x 9 feet and 10 x 20 feet, depending on the kit you buy The stand raises upto seven feet, six inches. Each kit has three muslin backdrops white, green , and black. The set is completed by A carry bag.

for the price, we'd have liked to find the discretionary straps included, but given that they're pretty cheap to buy, it's not a show-stopper for that which is a well-made, useful, and also very bright softbox light kit.

7 ) LimoStudio 700W Softbox Lighting Kit -Best for Portability

By LimoStudio

In the event that you the need to travel with a mobile lighting kit, then the final thing you want is just a big bag and complicated installation procedure.

That's where this LimoStudio soft box kit comes from. Weighing just over ten pounds, with a lasting fabric that is 30 Inch haul bag, it ' so small and light weight enough to come together on any shoot, and will be installed and taken down in a couple of minutes.

The kit comprises a set of 2 4 – x soft-box and enclosures covers, each carrying one 85W 6500K bulb, along with 2 stands that correct 86 and between 30 inches to additional elevation. \ n You can also purchase a more version of this LimoStudio kit, however the flexibility and brightness that comes with using two light sources makes the twin-pack well worth the additional price that is small.

8 ) Mountdog 1350W Studio Lighting Kit -Best for Boom Lighting on a Budget


You pay quite a bit more to receive yourself a softbox lighting kit that contains a boom mount for lighting, but that's not true with this Mountdog package.

Usually attempting to sell for under a hundred dollars, the kit comprises three square 20- x 28-inch light enclosures with fabric soft box diffusers along with three 28- to 80-inch adjustable stands, plus one boom mount attachment along with sandbag. If desirable, giving a wider array of choices, the boom stand can also be used like a third upright soft box light.

Each enclosure holds a 135W lamp, and somewhat remarkably for a budget kit, an extra bulb is a part of the packing to get when one breaks or stinks.

isn ' t overly bulky to drop away from the studio in the included carry bag for photo shoots and At 16 pounds the apparel is relatively light. Just like lots of cheap kits, the racks can be a little flimsy (the boom mount specifically ), but it's a decent trade off to find yourself a lightweight, elastic, and well-priced softbox kit.



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