Top 5 Best Smartphone Starter Kit in 2019


1 ) Olloclip 4-in-1 -Best Overall Accessory

By olloclip

As smart-phone cameras really are everywhere as advanced they aren't able to zoom on a thing or person without image deterioration. Fortunately, the attachment market has attempted to address this issue with addon lenses and the Olloclip 4-in-1 may be your very best one available on the industry at this time. Made for the iPhone, Olloclip carries lenses to the samsung-galaxy S5 and S4, with the expectation that devices is going to be backed down the line. Weighing under one oz with attached lenses, you see the Olloclip when mounted as well as when capturing a photograph as an, there isn’t any additional camera delay. Just point and shoot.

The 4-in-1 clip adds a versatile set of lens options, including a wide angle one for capturing more picture, a fish eye one for a exceptional 180-degree field of vision, in addition to 10x and 15x macro zoom lenses for close-up activity which goes well beyond the naked eye could naturally detect. The Olloclip shines with the macro speakers, although \ n The fish eye and wideangle provide some unique opportunities. You’ll lose some attention with macro shots with sharpness at the edges of your graphics, but it’s a small price to pay for the type of photography that your smartphone can’t do.

On the disadvantage, fast flipping the lenses round can cause some undesirable fingerprints, and the mount cubes the display on models, and it’s a design choice.

2 ) Mpow iSnap X -Best Selfie Stick

By Mpow

Out high pick for the ideal seflie rod may be the Mpow iSnap X, that includes Bluetooth-ready and is only 7.1″ when collapsed. As long as the 31.5″ telescoping bracket provides more than enough distance to get the perfect moment. As an extra perk that is little, you’ll have the choice of grips that are black, blue or pink-tinged to offer a little personalization.  The adjustable mount ensures you’ll come across the angle to look your best while selfie photographing. Pairing is really a cinch. Only turn it on, pair it with your own smartphone of preference via blue tooth and, voila, you’re prepared to go.

Read reviews of their selfie sticks open to buy online. 

3 ) Joby GorillaPod -Best Tripod

By Joby

Few names evoke more love compared to the GorillaPod when it comes to tripods for smart phones. Practical, flexible and around amazing, the GorillaPod GripTight is an extraordinary tool for professional photographer or its most casual. The clamp fits any apparatus measuring between 66mm into 99mm and works on today’s market on smartphones. N Placing the phone in to the GripTight grip is simple, simply pull on the clamp open and then push it straight back in, tighten the screw and now you’re prepared to go. Bendable legs let it be placed in almost any position. Additionally, it may be used on a stone, wrapped round a branch, on a flat working work surface or anywhere your imagination may take you. At only 12″ tall and .15 pounds, it’s portable enough to be stored in virtually any sized tote for traveling.

​Read reviews of their best smartphone tripods available to buy online. 

4 ) Beastgrip Universal Lens Adapter & Rig Kit -Best Camera Mount

By Beastgrip

The name says it . This sturdy rig will accommodate any modern smartphonefrom i-phone to Android. It permits you mount your phone on an apparatus to install lenses for both video and photo shooting or gimbal, and more. The lens mount is a 37mm joint which will work with the Beastgrip wideangle lens for bettering your smart phone 's camera.

They have thrown in five -inch mounts for placing this on a barbell or attaching mics and flashes, and that means that you may add whatever accessories you need for your take. Plus, they've contained a sliding rig system which accommodates many different camera placements and phone sizes. That means your attachments will lineup with the builtin lens on your own apparatus, even if you decide to change your phone model in the upcoming

Beastgrip spent years (and a couple of crowdfunding campaigns) putting this rig kit together. Hand in Chicago assembles each Beastgrip mount, and that means you could be certain you’re getting a well-designed and dependable product.

5 ) Lokfworld Ring Light Phone Holder -Best Light Attachment


If you should be trying to shoot photography — whether that means after-dark picture shots or shooting — that the main method is to give light. Sure, you receive lenses which brighten the highs up of a darkened spectacle and may pull on some ISO trickery, however getting a good fill lighting which works nicely will yield shots. 

The Lofkworld lighting ring works at 100W of power and is. It’s possible to dim and correct the color temperature (out of 3200–5800K) so it’s possible to offer soft, bright light light, or glowing, bright light to your photos. It comes with a 61-inch light rack if you would like to set your phone up such as a complete buckle rig, or you’ll be able to utilize the remote that is Bluetooth-capable to connect your device. The ring also features a hotshoe mount (along with this smart-phone mount itself), in case you would like to make use of your DSLR onto it as well. Package it all away in the included case, when you ' re finished shooting. 

This version is a bit on the other side (you can find more expensive , more limited smartphone-centric lights out there), however you do receive yourself a ton of features for your money.


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