Top 8 Best Samsung Tvs in 2019


1 ) Samsung QN55Q8F 55” QLED 4K Smart TV -Best Overall

By Samsung

If there is only room for one tv in your house, ensure it is Samsung’s QN55Q8F QLED 4K 55-inch smart TV. The premium display instantly draws you in — with HDR (high dynamic resolution) built-in , colors pop as they would in the real world. QLED technology empowers various Q Contrast e-lite for its most colors and deeper blacks and features such as Q Color. The Q Engine processor works overtime to keep the display technology running therefore that the picture never falters.

as the picture on this TV is outstanding, it’s the extras that really allow it to be this version our over all selection. Gone would be the times of wires that television has a clean design which runs strings and on the wires throughout the television base for a minimalist appearance. Its own bezel-free layout keeps the focus on the picture and maybe not on. And Samsung’s SMART-TV process can be a success. You control it with your own voice, can get your favorite streaming programs directly from the television, and use the television as a wise home hub.

2 ) Samsung UN65NU8000FXZA 65” 4K UHD 8 Series Smart TV -Best 4K

By Samsung

What helps make the screen on Samsung’s NU8000 65-inch 4K Series 8 television so awesome? Take the unbelievable 4K resolution and then add HDR/HDR10+ compatibility, 120Hz refresh rates and wide colour saturation first of all, most which contribute to more lifelike colors that jump from the screen. For whiter whites and blacks, an ultra-slim Array finetunes each color. Action sequences are boosted by Motion Rate 240, which reduces motion blur.

Players will get plenty to love with the NU8000. It optimizes the television settings for reduced gaming experience diminishing input lag and refresh rates that are accelerating. Samsung’s SMART-TV system can be a Best in Class option, allowing you to access your online on the screen. It can also double as a heart for your home devices. The comprised OneRemote streamlines the user interface also will be offering controls.

3 ) Samsung UN32N5300AFXZA 32″ 1080p Smart LED TV -Best Budget

By Samsung

At the realm of Samsung televisions, it’s not necessary to spend a lot to find yourself a lot. That’s precisely the case with the Samsung UN32N5300AFXZ LED television that is smart. What it lacks 4K technology, it makes up for in value. Ultra Clean View tech’s incorporation helps to ensure that your favorite shows are displayed without undue distortion to your clearest possible image. With 4K programming mostly limited to streaming solutions television programming remains at 1080p. That allows for thousands of pictures and shows to be looked at on the N5300 at their quality. Motion Rate 60 is onboard to provide a boost to the refresh speed and prevent motion blur, if you’re an action fan.

A similar performance boost can be attributed to Samsung processor, that allows you to quickly and seamlessly switch between other media and smart apps. That is a fantastic thing due to the exemplary TV capacities of the N5300. Utilizing the SmartThings app that is downloadable, the 5300 can control the content variety of the television in addition to most of your smart devices. Switch from Netflix from your smart phone to Hulu right. In reading more reviews \ n Interested? Have a peek at our assortment of their budget TVs. 

4 ) Samsung QN55Q7FN FLAT 55” QLED 4K UHD 7 Series Smart TV -Best QLED

By Samsung

With a stunning screen and SMART-TV features, Samsung’s QN55Q7FN 55″ 4K 7 show television is hard to beat. QLED (Quantum scatter LED) is really just a Best in Class screen experience with vibrant colors which are second to none. Insert in blacks as well as also an anti-reflective screen plus it s easy to see the appeal of this apparatus. HDR elite adds still another level of colors for life like pictures. N Supporting this incredible display is a stylish bit of hardware which mounts flush into the wall. The whole television is designed with a “uncluttered” decorative — instead of plugging a bunch of apparatus into the rear of the television and letting the strings hang anywhere, you plug everything into the One Connect Box alternatively (it could accommodate all sorts of external components like Google Cast and video game consoles). If you’re not already sold on the television, the terrific smart television functions will seal the price. You can look through voice orders for content or utilize universal guide to detect content from all your streaming services onto a menu. 

5 ) Samsung UN55LS03NAFXZA 55” The Frame -Best Design

By Samsung

If you’re trying to find a tv that’s Samsung’s signature picture quality without appearing like every other television, Samsung’s 55-inch 4K”The Length” could it be. The unique design centers around what Samsung calls”art style” which transforms the hardware into a masterpiece of design when not being used. A built-in motion sensor alters the display photos or backgrounds that are bought. You can subscribe to Samsung art shop and select from artists. You can select among four border colors to match the decor of your room.

And The Frame's performance is nearly as excellent as its appearances. With a 4K display, you’ll find Samsung’s signature quality. High dynamic range ensures deeper blacks and whiter whites for an even image. The TV has an menu as well. Every thing out of the guide for content discovery to voice commands using Bixby all boost the Frame’s significance. And that which, including art style, could be controlled from your smart phone.

6 ) Samsung UN40NU7100FXZA 40” 4K UHD 7 Series Smart LED TV -Best Small TV

By Samsung

In a little room that fits neatly on the hunt for a relatively inexpensive but strong tv? Samsung Series LED TV could be your best you’ll find. HDR 10 + helps differentiate this model from the rest of the tv bunch by having an picture. In particular, along with selection is increased by the accession of PurColor to countless of shades, all fine tuned to develop a life like image. Action movie fans and sports fans will appreciate motion technology that eliminates blurring and also makes sure that you don’t overlook that critical touch down.

It s easy to find your favorite shows and discover content employing the universal guide. Combine all of your streaming favorites like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO . It SA cinch to browse the TV menu that is intelligent employing the simplified handy handheld remote control. Samsung smartphone owners are able to join the tv to mirror content from their device ' s screen and their telephones.

7 ) Samsung UN65NU8500 Curved 65″ 4K UHD 8 Series Smart LED TV -Best Curved

By Samsung

Curved TVs are something of a niche product — on the 1 hand, they could offer immersion that is incredible. On the other hand, the viewing angles can make them a option for the ordinary family room. But if you’re in the market for a screen, the Samsung UN65NU8500 Curved 65″ 4K UHD 8-Series Smart LED television could be the cream of this crop in Samsung’s curved television line up. And, as may be the appeal with these kinds of screens, this television provides indoors whatever you’re watching an wonderful picture that will simply take you.

This collection features 4K H D viewing with a refresh rate and HDR Plus, so it is possible to watch all the very best YouTube 4K articles on Netflix, I tunes and more in detail that is unbelievable. For features, the UN65NU8500 offers all the streaming media Bixby and apps Voice assistant integrated, so that you can search by talking in to your remote. This collection was praised for easy set-up and its display quality, although this model is on the side.

Wish to peek at various additional alternatives? Visit our guide to the best curved TVs.

8 ) Samsung QN65Q9FN 65” QLED 4K UHD Series 9 Smart TV -Best Splurge

By Samsung

The 65 in. Q9FN show 9 smart TV of samsung is that their flagship version — and for all of the ideal reasons. For the price tag, you’re getting their 4K picture. Together with HDR and HDR10+ compatibility, this TV offers their best features in this price range. Throw in a full-array community dimming LED back light and it’s easy to find out why this tv is so popular. To generate an already great picture Samsung adds their quantum scatter tech for enhanced HDR colors. To be clear, the colour modification with the screen is fantastic, going straight back to any TV will feel wrong. 

To eliminate unnecessary distractions which plague so many other TV models, Samsung causes it to bracket flush to the wall and reduces cables . Additionally, it has an “ambient style ” for as it's not in use and Bixby voice command functionality.


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