Top 12 Best Iphone Cases in 2019


1 ) Spigen Ultra Hybrid Crystal Clear Case -Best Case for iPhone XR

By Spigen

Chances are you chose it as you wanted a colorful device, if you chose the i-phone XR. That also means you probably do not wish to pay this up with a solid-color situation. But because the majority of the device’s construction is glass, you really do need that protection. Where this Spigen Ultra Hybrid case comes from that’s. This can be the crystal edition, so it is while still providing scratch and drop coverage, the lightest seethrough option they can produce. The edges are made for greater protection against drops of TPU, and also the PC rear is translucent to let your device's beauty shine throughout. The whole thing is simply about 0.15 inches thick, hence that the slim, sleek design of the phone wont be consumed. There’s a bezel. And the material permits wireless charging signal pass-through, so that the wireless charging convenience of the i-phone XR (one of the stand out features of this revolutionary product ) will not be slowed. You’ll run over $10, or so the price is correct, as soon as it boils down to it, this slim profile case enables your i-phone XR shine.

2 ) Swaller Battery Case -Best Battery Case for iPhone XR

By Swaller

The appearance of this case out of Swaller is like the proprietary case of Apple down to the fold/peel back way you put in the telephone — but it s much less expensive. There’s a 4,000 mAh battery, that renders your mobile 25 more hours of talk time, 15 hours of data usage, 16 hours of average video playback, and 65 hours of music and sound. It’s important to note that these really are quotes, and the numbers will likely probably be different in actual life based on how significant your usage is in each category.

But a 4,000 mAh battery can be just really a capacity, and in this instance, it doesn't make the phone bulky. There are. There is pretty solid drop protection, using a raised border for face first drops and rigidness across both sides. The case leaves loads of room to get a quad cable, and it’s compatible with all the Apple EarPods. It doesn’t encourage wireless and there will not be guaranteed compatibility but all these are pitfalls for battery cases.

3 ) ESR Metro Wallet Case -Best Wallet Case for iPhone XR


At face value, a pocket case gives you added advantage. You can safeguard your phone without having to carry around a pocket. This option from ESR has a nice design. It's only 0.07 inches thick, making it one of the funniest instances with this particular list, and additionally, it means that there won’t be considered a good deal of weight added. The pocket slot on the back is slanted to allow for easier access to your cards, however it is only designed to take your card or two, and a tiny money. The leather is wrapped around also a little and the border on to front of your own phone, which features a protective function’s bezels — it renders the case a little bit of shock protection. Our color choice here is really for the brown that is soft and gray, because it adds a good deal of personality. You may as well do it if you’re going to pay up your i-phone XR.

4 ) TOZO Ultra Thin Hard Cover Case -Best Case for iPhone X/XS


Even the iPhone X is just one of the most beautiful mobiles to turn out in recent years (strictly because it is fundamentally 100% screen), which means you do not need a enormous bulky instance taking from the aesthetic. However in addition, you do not desire your investment that is to be destroyed to the drop. The TOZO instance fits both invoices. First of all, it’s merely 0.35mm thick, so that it fits the phone like a glove, but additionally it is made from a tough, matte, semitransparent black plastic that’ll prevent it from sliding away from your hand and protect it from scratches and minor drops.

The area only around the camera (which, itself, protrudes a little from the phone) is increased with a lip to ensure a drop on the back will not decode the camera lens. As the instance is slim and so forth, there are holes cut out just for the lightning enter, the amount rockers and also even individual holes for each one of the mic vents. Overall, it’s really a pretty meat and celery case which may let the attractiveness of the device shine through without leaving it vulnerable as if the phone did not have a situation.

5 ) Alpatronix iPhone X Battery Case -Best Battery Case for iPhone X/XS

By Alpatronix

The iPhone X battery case in Alpatronix is includes a 4,200 mAh battery provides 150 per cent additional charge, providing you two and a half full charges in your own phone on a go. The case protects with a 360degree scratch protector that’s been officially Apple-certified to get the job done with all of the functions and buttons onto your telephone, which means you obtain protection and functionality .

The construction permits easy setup that won’t force your phone to flex . The charger and passe through, too, which means you can leave your phone when charging and syncing. But the actual calling card to the situation is that it moves through the Qi wireless charging which Apple put into the telephone. It is a huge deal ​since this is the very first time Apple has included wireless charging on their telephone from the box, therefore it would be a shame to cover it up using a situation. This case will not try this.

6 ) Dockem Luxe Wallet Case -Best Wallet Case for iPhone X/XS

By Dockem

This Dockem Luxe Wallet Case is one of the better options out there for XS users or X that still want some card-carrying functionality in their own case. The structure has been made around a DuraFlex shell that offers decent shock protection. Dockem is calling the outer casing”UltraGrip twill-style leather,” which in our opinion looks amazing with the heathered feel and also gives you a grip-friendly feel to scale on casual drops.

There are two card slots in the rear, and Dockem recommends you don’t put more than one card in each slot to get access. Buteven with all those 2 cards in the telephone, you add about 14mm of depth. 1 final point: If you have an X, this case will work. But if you have an XS, the camera bump on the back (which is larger in the XS), can fit a bit closely.

7 ) Spigen Tough Armor -Best Case for iPhone XS Max

By Spigen

If you should be trying to give your phone that extra piece of protection, the challenging Armor line in Spigen is a premium option. There are just two layers of drop protection: an outer layer that is rigid and a softer, rubbery layer interior of that. The materials are grade, for what Spigen is currently calling ” air-cushion technology allowing. ” This amounts to really a standout level of protection for your mobile cell phone. It’s going to add a bit of bulk to the phone, but Spigen has taken some measures to diminish this — there is only technically 0.15 inches of additional depth to the apparatus (sitting just above the XS Max’s camera ledge). The edges of your mobile are somewhat wider as a consequence of this scenario, but Spigen has taken the time to give it an ergonomic design, supposed to fit more smoothly in both your hands and your pocket. Plus, the milder instance gives it room for additional options .

8 ) Ztesy Battery Case -Best Battery Case for iPhone XS Max


With a phone such as the i-phone XS Maxbattery life is a consideration. With a large OLED display, there are a great deal of pixels to your own mobile 's built-in battery to power. That’s why there is a battery case a fantastic investment, because it will give you a ton of additional screen time plus some protection. This Ztesy case has a mAh battery which offers upto 180% extra time onto your own phone. You’ll almost certainly get a minimum of double the time along with your mobile on a single fee, while that amount will change depending upon your own use.

The case has a internal frame to protect your mobile and also a rubberized outer shell to make certain it won’t slide. The fee input signal is the normal Lightning cable, so it won ' t crack across the 35, and also the input that sticks in to your phone sits in a shell. There is an set of LEDs which let you see exactly how much charge is in the battery case, and this circumstance is a good deal for the features you receive.

9 ) Snakehive Wallet Case -Best Wallet Case for iPhone XS Max

By SnakeHive

If you place your XS Max such as this, you may forget that it’s really a phone — it feels and sounds like a leather accessory. The situation is handmade in britain, stitched from European Nubuck leather. There is an internal layer of TPU to hold your phone in place and put in a little bit of drop and shock protection. The interior of the leather cover also acts as a mean your mobile phone. They will have aligned the cut outs to enable access as well as effortless port access into the switches and volume rockers. There are just three card slots inside for credit cards, more and IDs, and there is even a compartment in Therefor cash or receipts. It will come in five colors and our choice, a brownish. It’s really a bit on the pricey side to get a situation, but by means of the appearance and the leather, it s worth it.

10 ) Caseology Envoy Series -Best Case for iPhone 7/8

By Caseology

One of the most powerful selling points of the iPhone is its own elegant layout. Just why hide the phone that is sleek behind a bland case? Caseology’s Envoy series supplies many different sophisticated layouts that accentuate the iPhone 7/iPhone 8 slim profile while protecting the telephone with a well-engineered case.

the protective art of The case relies on raised protection to shield your screen. A mixture of poly carbonate and shock absorbent TPU provide a Dual Layer defense that’s been.

you may pick from a number of sleek designs, one which is sure to fit your own personality. An carbon fiber black instance is clean-cut and understated, while leather cherry and beige walnut add visual flair without appearing. All cases are quick to snap on / off your phone, which means that you can even change styles out based upon your mood.

iPhone 8 cases available in the marketplace today and Check out our other reviews of their very best iPhone 7.

11 ) Trianium Atomic Pro -Best Battery Case for iPhone 7/8

By Trianium

To get a battery case, the Trianium Atomic Pro is quite light weight in comparison with other models, only 6.1 ounces and 0.4-inches thick. It holds a 3,200 mAH battery, which adds an additional 14 hours talk time or 10 hours of internet browsing — essentially decreasing the lifespan of your phone. In addition, it features technology, so you may connect your laptop and your phone without needing to get rid of the case. The Trianium also comes with a microUSB cable which permits you to charge your iPhone and the battery package .

The Trianium case boasts its hardy, yet design. It's resistant to everyday bumps and scratches and has a 360 degree bumper: the exterior has a hardened scratch-resistant shell, and the inner is just a shock-absorbent cushion. The case also includes LED indicators to keep an eye on power levels, so you are never going to worry about running low on power. The only real drawback we can find is quite minor: the Trianium just works together with Apple AirPods as well as other blue tooth cans and is not appropriate for conventional 3.5mm earbuds.

12 ) JOTO CellPhone Dry Bag -Best Waterproof Case for Older iPhones


This summer looking to swim however, keep away from keeping an eye on it or you desire to snap some graphics? Take it along with you in the pool or sea using an JOTO cell-phone drybag case (available for the 6, 6S or 6S Plus).

The JOTO cell-phone drybag case is Licensed watertight. The case comes with a easy snap and lock access that keeps soil, snow, dust, sand and water out, and preserves full capability. 

Although the case is slightly bulky, giving away the impression of a tote, it simply measures.2 x 6.7 x 3.9 inches. There is a very clear window on both the front and back sides, which means you may not have trouble watching videos taking pictures or checking your emails while you are from the water. The case has a neck strap for carrying and could fit any smart-phone measuring 6 inches diagonally.  Colors include every style: black, white, white, green, blue, magenta and camo. 


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