Top 3 Best Guitar Pedals in 2019


1 ) Fulltone OCD -Best Overall


Annoyingly, lots of guitar reviews amount to personal taste: intangibles of feel, sound and tone that’ll differ from player to player. That is especially true with distortion because the overdrive and trimming you receive respond to a personal volume inflections inherent on your individual playing style. Even the Fulltone OCD, however, objectively contrasts with guitar players. 

the OCD is amongst those finest pedals on the current market, and also the consensus is that it includes players responsive full and downright rich distortion at a affordable price. The controls are simple, allowing for adjustments in general quantity, drive (to boost the dirt) and tone (to flow in certain overtones). It also provides true bypass switching, so your guitar’s tone if not actuated won’t be affected by it, and they’ve contained a higher impedance input state on this version for a bit of responsiveness. In our opinion, if you buy only one distortion pedal, then this should be it.

2 ) Wampler Tumnus Overdrive -Best for Distortion/Overdrive

By Wampler

Okay, we’ll admit it we were only a little biased on this list with the clean-boost-y overdrive pedals. But, the Tumnus by Wampler is a illustration of just what a pedal maker can perform with also an eye on the past and the current tech. 

The Tumnus isn’t true bypass, therefore it won’t depart from your tone untouched, however, the buffered by pass may actually serve to give you a few more low end after in your effects chain (which will be extra important once you start stacking a ton of pedals). That puzzle is part of their charisma of those pedals, and you’d do well to try it yourself — although wampler is pretty tight lipped concerning the circuit — even though they did promise they did not go rare , older diodes. 

3 ) Ernie Ball 40th Anniversary Volume Pedal -Best Volume Pedal

By Ernie Ball

A volume pedal is really basic: it sits in very front of one’s board, plus like a toaster, it has a job. For earning one of the very classic volume scooters on the market, ernie Ball gets the crown, because only this past year they released a variant of the iconic model, and it’s really apparent they understand it.

Paying homage this black pedal provides you even action when muting or dampening your guitar. They’ve shrunk the footprint of the pedalplus they will have improved the kevlar cord below the pedal to get fadeouts and precise swells. What’s amazing about it is it will not involve any electrical power and won’t add any unnecessary noise to your signal chain.


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