Top 7 Best Google Pixel Cases in 2019


1 ) Spigen Tough Armor Case with Kickstand -Best Overall

By Spigen

With its utilization of air cushion technology in each corner, the Spigen Difficult Armor’s military-grade protection features, and its pocket-friendly and slim design, you will find plenty of reasons this case is the top pick. This could be the finest Google Pixel case foryou, n In case you’re the type that lets your kids play your phone or falls your phone often . It's shock-resistant and will be offering dual-layered protection — that the very first stratum is for shock absorption, as the next coating keeps you phone scratch-free, keeping your Google Pixel safe even if you accidentally drop it.The Spigen Tough cell phone casealsoallows for handsfree use, because of a nifty kickstand built into your spine. It has buttons as they ought to, so all your controls work, in addition to a ergonomic cutout for fingerprint recognition.

The Spigen Difficult Armor Case with Kickstand is available in black, white, gunmental, mint, and improved color choices. Our model fits the Pixel 3, but the case is available for Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 2 XL, along with your own Pixel 2.

2 ) Cimo Matte Cover Phone Case -Best Budget

By Cimo

For those who need a slick, basic phone example on a budget, this instance from Cimo can be really actually just a great-looking option having an ultraslim profile that shows off the Pixel's design that is amazing. If you re a minimalist that t need any bells and whistles, this situation is a basic as it has. The Cimo doesn ' t provide identical level of drop protection, As it s slim — it s better in protecting against scratches than it’s at protecting against a screen. With cutouts that are precise, the case allows access to the ports of the phone while keeping both the speakers and speakers unobstructed.

This case is available in a range of accent colors such as black, white, gray, pink, and blue. This case fits the Pixel 3, but Cimo makes the same instance for Pixel 2 and also the Pixel and Pixel XL’s 2016 types.

3 ) Spigen Rugged Armor -Best Value

By Spigen

The Spigen Rugged Armor instance remains one of the very widely used Google Pixel cases round. Overall, it also offers the very best value for your hard earned money : adequate coverage, a top quality look and feel, and also a pricetag. The situation is produced of flexible TPU and is equipped with Spigen's “air-cushion Technology” to protect against drops.In fact, this phone case is certified military-grade and has even been drop-tested to guarantee effective security.

The design will be optimized for easy use.The phone instance cut-outs don’t be in the mode of the medial side switches, camera, detectors, speakers, or charging port, and also the material provides you a bit of traction when remaining free from fingerprints and smudges.

The Spigen Rugged Armor instance is offered in black. Our version will be really for the Pixel 3, however you can purchase this instance for Pixel 2 XL the Pixel 2, along with Pixel 3 XL.

4 ) Crave Dual Guard Protection Series -Best Protection

By Crave

For those who are always on the go and have an active life style, it can be a struggle to maintain your cell phone. This is exactly why finding a telephone case having a little additional protection can be a lifesaver (or even device-saver). The Crave Double Guard case is made for greater protection with also another of high quality poly-carbonate and two layers: among thermo-polyurethane. The Crave Guard phone case has a compact and slim fit that's with no bulky lasting. And with its texture that is grippy that is subtle, you’ll not have any trouble holding your phone.

The buttons onto the case allow access and align perfectly with your mobile controllers. The controllers for the volume are not hard to access, and also rear-facing cameras and also front are unimpeded.

This situation is offered in a variety of colors based on which phone you're. The Pixel 3 XL is fit by our selection, but you might obtain Pixel two XL and also the Crave Guard for Pixel two.

5 ) Trianium Clarium Series -Best Clear

By Trianium

You may choose to really go case-free, however the thought of your discovered Pixel hitting on the earth may be a lot to bear. A crystal clear case may provide you a few much-needed protection while showing off every angle of your apparatus. The Clarium Series case from Trianium leaves nothing scratch-resistant coat and the TPU bumper protect it by the impact or encounter having a set of keys on your bag, and also its design lets your phone glow through. It also has a slim profile which does not add much bulk to the first dimensions of your phone and grip-friendly stuff to minimize drops.

The Clarium Series case also has an elevated border which will help protect your screen from scratches (a must have with an Pixel 3's fresh “Flip to Shhh” feature). Precise cutouts give you unobstructed access to charging ports and the telephones. \ n This event matches the Pixel 3, however Trianium makes exactly the exact case for Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 2 XL, and the Pixel 2.

6 ) Moment Photo Case in Walnut -Best Style

By Moment

This Pixel 3 XL instance will be loved by aesthetes from Moment, that will be made from a combination of plastic and real wood. (This situation works with attachable Moment lenses with the same company, if you're interested in buying a supreme quality photo lens for your smartphone, then this circumstance is already ready for it.) However, it seems great by itself although you don ' t need to possess the lens to love the style of this instance, and nothing about the look makes it appear to be that s a attachment overlooking.

The wood on the trunk not just looks nice, but in addition, it provides natural feel that helps you maintain a good grip. You also can customize your case having a Moment wrist strap which keeps your Pixel securely in hand.

the minute Photo Case can be obtained for Pixel 3, Pixel two XL, also Pixel two, in addition to the Pixel 3 XL case.

7 ) Sonix Clear Series Case -Runner-Up, Best Style

By Sonix

Take a look at these partially-transparent designs from Sonix if you are the type that wants a phone case with a certain personality. This case, which is available for both Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL, is offered in four unique patterns: this palm leaf design, also a pink-and-green quartz swirlplus a floral print, and a cherry pattern. These cases let your apparatus shine through and possess a flair of personal style.

The Sonix case is drop-test certified from 6.6 feet, so that it 'll actually keep your phone safe when looking great. The rubber sides are compatible with the Pixel's “squeeze” feature, and also the best part: it s compatible with wireless charging, so you can aren't prying it on and off.


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