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Top 9 Best Fujifilm Cameras in 2019




1 ) Fujifilm X-T100 -Best All-Around

By Fujifilm

Fujifilm’s X-T100 is really just a model within the X collection, from amateur to pro and it’s a lot on offer for just about any photographer. It includes an apsc detector with 24.2 million pixels for crisp photos at 6,000 x 4,000 pixels. In addition, it can capture complete HD (1080p) video 60 frames per minute, or bump up to 4K at 15 frames per minute.

The Fuji Film X-T100 is constructed with retro styling which will give a flash of nostalgia to any school photographer. It utilizes an aluminum framework with a leatherlike textured clasp wrapping round the front and back of the camera. It also includes for if shooting requirements are somewhat too smart to use the LCD, an electronic viewfinder, although on the trunk, it’s a LCD screen for simple makeup.

2 ) Fujifilm GFX 50S -Best for Pros

By Fujifilm

Amateur photographers should move on, since the Fuji Film GFX 50S isn’t suitable for the casual shot. This can be a luxury, medium format camera using a sensor measuring 43.8 x 32.9mm plus has a resolution of 51.4 megapixels. This translates that catch a lot greater and a lot more scenery detail than your typical sensor could. It makes up for this with its photo quality, while it might not be ideal for video, simply shooting in Total HD at the end.

It's naturally built with experts at heart, being made using a lightweight magnesium metal, with textured grips around front and rear. The camera body is built to be more immune to weather and dust, plus it can withstand freezing temperature. More magnificent is your detachable and tiltable electronic view finder, which lets you shoot from angles that will have been substantially harder otherwise, although It’s an LCD monitor on the back. That may be the best still camera to get photography that Fuji Film has on the market, \ n If you are a specialist photographer or looking to go pro. It offer greater flexibility and also the image dimensions and caliber will probably give you lots.

3 ) Fujifilm X-H1 -Best Camera for Video

By Fujifilm

If you’re intending to complete some combo of photography and video, the more Fuji Film X-H1 is the best choice. It has an aps c sensor using 24.3 megapixels, but most importantly for video, it can capture cinematic 4K (4,096 x 2,160 pixels, as opposed to this television standard 4K which is 3,840 x 2,160 pixels) at 24 frames per second and also a high-bitrate of 200Mbps.

The Fuji Film X-H1 includes electronic view finder and the common LCD display found on Fujifilm cameras, but one thing that steps the video up strength is the image stabilization, which can allow you to record videos. It simulate cinema film along with also supports special movie modes, that may adjust how color is listed.

Paired with the X-Mount lenses and an protracted battery, the Fuji Film X-H1 can stand out as a very powerful tool in any videographers toolkit. This is particularly valid while the industry moves farther and further toward 4K material.

4 ) Fujifilm X-E3 -Best Compact Interchangeable Lens

By Fujifilm

Capable that is the best method. A 24.3-megapixel aps c image sensor provides sharp photos, but it's also possible to take 4K video at 30 frames per second or a cinematic 24 frames per second. You’ll really be able to dive to your own photography and videography.

The Fujifilm X-E3 supports X-Mount lenses, including those with integral optical image stabilization. It requires the retro design simplifies it to make a sleek package that can be an authentic travelers companion and available on a number of Fujifilm cameras. With integral blue tooth and wifi support, you will not even have to own both hands to shoot photos, but view finder and the built in LCD display may allow you to write shots when you’re holding onto it.

Whether you are an amateur trying to find a terrific allaround camera you can learn about and grow or you are a pro trying to find a capable little side kick to grow your toolkit, the Fujifilm X-E3 is a remarkable offering in a fantastic price.

5 ) Fujifilm X-A5 -Best Beginner Interchangeable Lens

By Fujifilm

In the event you are a fresh photographer attempting to begin at the world of interchangeable lens cameras a Fuji Film X-A5 is a terrific starting point. It has also it may take at 4K at 15 bursts.

The Fuji Film X-A5 is developed on an aluminum frame with leather grip coatings that give it a stylish although functional aesthetic. And, most of that unites right into a streamlined system that is going to be easy for you to carry around with you wherever you are gone. The camera includes a popup for settings, an LCD display for writing your photos, so that you can use your phone and also supports Bluetooth.

The Fuji Film X-A5 is really on the inexpensive end of the spectrum for Fujifilm lens cameras, making it a wonderful first step into the category. As you progress as a photographer, and, thanks to its high-resolution sensor and capacity to mount better and better lenses, then it can stick together with you.

6 ) Fujifilm XF10 -Best Premium Compact Camera

By Fujifilm

The Fujifilm XF10 uses a lens using a fixed 18.5mm (equivalent to 28mm in 35mm format) focal length, meaning it can always shoot wide angle images. This may make it ideal for shooting extensive landscapes, surroundings, along with documenting the most big-picture aspects of your adventures.

It features a 24-megapixel aps c sensor to get photos that are sharp, it can capture video in HD plus it can shoot 15-frame drops in 4K. And, though you’ll probably have the most from this XF10 while shooting scenery, in addition, it can end up close with the absolute minimum focus distance of just 3.9 inches. There is a lot n if you would like a camera which help capture the moments and could go anywhere with you. It measures just 4.4 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches, and with the lens just not adding into this bulk far, and weighs a very travel-friendly 280 grams.

7 ) FinePix XP130 -Best for Adventure

By Fujifilm

You are going to want a camera that is equal to the task if your adventures get truly wild. And, that camera may be the Fujifilm FinePix XP130. It features a 16 Megapixel detector mounted behind a lens that supports as much as 5x optical zoom. Considering many actions cams it’s already revealing itself versatile. It can even capture video in HD in 60 frames per second. N Whether the adventures involve swimming deep, the fall environments, or cold weather, the FinePix XP130 is about to go. It’s watertight to depths of 65 feet, shockproof as much as 5.8 feet, and can withstand temperatures as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit. And, with a three-inch LCD monitor built in the back, you will be able to see what you are shooting definitely in those environments which means that you are able to make sure you capture exactly what you would like.

Bluetooth relations are supported by The FinePix XP130 with tablet computers and phones, which means that you may easily transfer your experience footage. Also, it can connect with Fuji Film’s Instax Share printer, if you’d like to create some photo prints.

8 ) Instax Square SQ6 -Best Instant Camera

By Fujifilm

Fujifilm isn’t just making cameras that are mirror-less. In addition, it includes an item of the market for cameras — people that will publish a photo for you. The Instax Square SQ6 can be an trendy and affordable instant camera that will let you print the memories out straight away and capture fun moments.

The Instax Square SQ6 includes three modes: ordinary, macro, and landscape. And, later taking a photo, it will push a print which should take just 90 minutes to reveal what you’ve captured out. A built-in view finder and a tiny selfie mirror is able to assist you to line up your shots, and also a self timer will allow you to set up a shot and run around to get in the picture.

The flash can help you capture pictures from dark environments, as will the automated exposure control. And, should you want to get artsy with your photos, then you have the choice of a double exposure mode to combine two shots to onesingle, or you can utilize color filters which hook over the flash.

9 ) Instax Square SQ10 -Best Hybrid Instant Camera

By Fujifilm

The Instax Square SQ10 is another camera from Fujifilm, and though it’s a bit pricier compared to the SQ6, it comes with some added handy features for anyone looking for just a little more flexibility from their camera.

Once getting one print of a moment isn’t enough, the Instax Square SQ10 will allow you to receive as many as you would like. That’s because rather than putting it right onto the film and simply carrying an image, it stores photos and then enables one to choose when and exactly how often you need to print them. Because it’s electronic, but additionally, it provides an LCD monitor, which means you can start to see the what you are shooting.

The Instax Square SQ10 comes with built in memory and can be used with a card for space. You can edit your own photos on the camera with filters and also more and print off them, or you could offload them on your own personal computer to talk on the web. Thus, what you receive is a fast camera, but also a camera in precisely the same package.

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Top 8 Best Ps2 Fighting Games in 2019




1 ) War of the Monsters -Best for Epic Fights

By Sony Entertainment

Battle of the Monsters brings Godzilla and King Kong’s dream as you play as a giant monster fighting another giant monster at destructible cities. The game’s presentation shines with its scale of specifics and a exciting orchestra which offers your epic monster struggles a larger-than-life feeling. The streets are flooding, cars are speeding off, and a giant lizard’ve simply chucked to a skyscraper that fuming and is crumbling the atmosphere with smoke. That is just the conventional gameplay of War of the Monsters, where you can jump, climb buildings, block, throw radio towers, and also perform combos and super moves with its 10 monsters which vary from a giant older warfare robot to a Tiki god made from lava and stone.

the overall match’s single-player offers manners including an experience where you struggle through all the other critters in the match, in addition to a endurance and freeforall option that puts your monster fighting skills. Multiplayer versus style supplies a split screen perspective on either side of your screen but handily morphs to a viewpoint whenever you draw the action up close.

2 ) Soul Calibur II -Best Weapons-Based

By Bandai

Soul Calibur II stylized presentation along with switches the fighting genre using its attention to detail and focus on a combat system . Probably one of the most beloved fighting series of them all features a fun and fast paced, action-style gameplay and roared in on the PS2. As the fluidness of fighting in Soul Calibur II and complexity opens for an opportunity \ n Every swipe you punch and take you create may be minute of victory or failure. The overall game is very easy to grab and perform and features 2-3 different uniquely constructed characters offering a lot of weapons and variety that give them all their own personality. The game includes seven distinct modes enjoys and arcade along with an individual player weapons master mode where you earn money to buy costumes and new weapons for the own personalities.

3 ) Tekken 4 -Best for Technicality

By Bandai

The technicality of Tekken 4 has been shown by its different methods of combat, if you are intending to juggle competitions, yank on them side-step off, or utilize one of the numerous distinct fighting styles of each character. Tekken 4 carries with it lots of depth, from its combat mechanics to its levels that are interactive that are .

It could require some time to get into the master and groove a few of the 2-3 unique characters in Tekken 4; yet each individual has their own movements, including boxing and karate. Tekken 4 emphasizes strategic maneuvering (dodging, side-stepping, and anticipating competition’s moves), and the game’s graphics PopOut using intricately designed character models, lighting , and dynamic physics.

4 ) WWE SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain -Best for Wrestling


For fans of the wrestling universe, nothing gets better than WWE SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain on the PlayStation 2. It combines the right balance of arcade-style gameplay. The wrestling fighting game includes a high roster roster of over 50 wrestlers, including The Rock, John Cena, and more.

Do not judge the name, WWE SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain was one of those earliest of its kind to introduce a grappling system with submission meters, human body damage displays, and character attributes that are out weighing all. A ton of personality in the way the character models move, and wrestler entrances flare up with all the pizzaz of fireworks life television monitor footage and interact. The controller scheme is one of the simplest to comprehend and memorize among wrestling matches, so anyone can jump in and start playing.

5 ) Def Jam -Best for Originality


The most pick among the list extends to Def Jam: Fight for NY, 3D fighting game which contains all your favorite rappers such as Flavor Flav, a hip-hop impacted, Lil’ Kim, Xzibit, and celebrities such as Danny Trejo. You’ll build a character, triumph fighting games in New York, gear up Sean Combs clothing, with Air Jordans, and train in a gym run by Henry Rollins to maximize your skills.

The short learning curve of Def Jam: Fight for NY which makes it simple to grab and playwith. This fighting will be more about monitoring and timing in relation to building up combos. The match keeps it self fresh with fluid cartoon strings combined with interactive environments, weapons,”blazin'” super moves, and also five different fighting styles, from kickboxing to wrestling. The rugged story mode is full of voice and animated CGI strings acting involving your own character who partakes in subterranean conflicts and eventually takes the major antagonist played by Snoop Dogg down.

6 ) Street Fighter Alpha Anthology -Best Arcade-Style

By Capcom

Street Fighter Alpha Anthology includes a set of all of the arcade Alpha titles from the Street Fighter collection. The Street Fighter Alpha series changed up the gameplay mechanics of this popular Street Fighter II by introducing chain combos , counters, and air blocking with quicker paced stylized gameplay.

Streetfighter Alpha Anthology contains the ported arcade cabinet titles of Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter Alpha 2, Street Fighter Alpha 2: Gold, Street Fighter Alpha 3, and the Classy and cute Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix. All of the games consist of manners just such as the timeless arcade game, a mode and a training mode to practice your moves and combos. The game consists of unlockable features that are secret such as Street Fighter and Hyper Street Fighter Alpha which provide other gameplay tweaks and extended character rosters.

7 ) Mortal Kombat -Best Western-Style

By WB Games

Mortal Kombat: Armageddon sticks to the westernized style fighting game which the series introduced to respond to the streetfighter II. The match comprises nearly every personality (over 60) from the former names, with added fighting styles, weapons, character creation, and various modes.

Every character in Mortal Kombat: Armageddon uses two separate fighting styles: the one which utilizes hand-to-hand martial arts along with yet another with a weapon that is stylized. Nevertheless, the video game retains a number of the timeless move sets and fatalities that you’d find in the series that is past, which controllers are somewhat familiar. The brutal fighter comes with a main story Konquest mode, a”Motor Kombat” mini game from the type of Mario Kart, and also a personality production option at which you can make your personal fighter and customize everything from their appearance with their special moves.

8 ) Shrek SuperSlam -Best Cult Classic

By Activision

Upon its release, Shrek SuperSlam wasn’t taken as a severe competitive fighting match (as an alternative, as a brilliant Smash Brothers clone for kids ), but because of the web’s me-me brewing procedure, the match took on a life of its own. This match continues to be played today and carries a subreddit community with over 1000 users, YouTube videos teaching advanced”Shrek Tech” moves, real-life multiplayer tournaments, and a whole lot more.

Shrek SuperSlam is a 3D fighting game that occurs in the Shrek universe with 20 unique personalities who each have their own distinctive combat moves (Humpty-Dumpty does reckless vomit projectiles or Donkey has a donkey copter gliding attack).

League modes with up to 3 players incorporate a King of the Hill style where players see that they can stay atop a hill the longest, a Melee style where it’s 's potential to earn slam points by unleashing”Slam Attacks”, and”Slammageddon” where every strike counts as a place. 

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Top 8 Best Nintendo Switch Accessories in 2019




1 ) FastSnail Joy-Con Grips -Best Controller Accessory


The FastSnail JoyCon Grips create to your JoyCon controller for the most effective addon if you’re utilised to conventional controllers. Controls are small, but FastSnail provides a convenient mold which transforms them.

FastSnail JoyCon Grips are designed using an adapting grip to produce handling gambling easier. They are wear-resistant and designed with the small JoyCon controllers even with a new player’s relaxation in mind for gaming. Besides enhancing your gameplay, the FastSnail JoyCon Grips provide a protective shell for your JoyCon by shielding it. Colors include black, blue and red, as well as yellow. Every order has a two-pack.

2 ) amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector -Best Screen Protector

By amFilm

Even the amFilm company is famous for its elite screen protectors, plus so they create the ideal one for your own Nintendo Switch. The ultra clear hd screen protector provides that a 99.9 per cent transparency and protects against bumps, scratches, as well as overall deterioration with its 9H hardness degree.

The amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector is bright light and thin (.3mm thick vinyl ) and owing to the specific design with this system, is easy to set up on your Nintendo Switch’s game screen. You don’t have to think about air bubbles moving underneath the protector. The kit contained is sold with a squeeze card, dry and wet wipes, and two glass screen protectors, dust removal decals and a installation user’s guide. 

3 ) HORI Compact Playstand -Best Playstand

By Hori

The Nintendo Switch is created for mobile playability and the Hori Compact Playstand makes it simpler to set this up anywhere. The light weight stand is also, cheap and streamlined officially licensed by Nintendo.

The Hori Compact Playstand measures at 3.8 x.9 x 6.7 inches and weighs only 6.4 ounces. The stand can supply the perfect positioning for gambling with all the Nintendo Change together with three unique angles (30, 50, 60 degrees) and folds flatly into place when not being used. It also includes a space for charging, although the stand is manufactured with rubberized grips, which means that your Switch remains firmly in place.

4 ) ProCase Hard Shell Case -Best Carrying Case

By ProCase

The ProCase shell that is hard could be the simplest, safest and easiest way to travel with your Nintendo Switch. The tough shell case is made big enough to take your Nintendo Switch neatly at under $15 and lasting.

ProCase leaves a neat little carrying case that fully protects your Nintendo Switch. It’s made with a velcro that simplifies controller and your computer keyboard in a suitable and stable position. The instance boasts large storage so you’re able to secure accessories such as cable, a charger, power bank that is slim, two extra Joy Cons and eight match card slots. If you are not satisfied with the case, hestia Goods provides the full refund or replacement.

5 ) Nintendo Switch High Speed Car Charger by HORI -Best Portable Car Charger

By Hori

Power is nice and when you are traveling on the go with your Nintendo Alter, there isn’t any better way to harness power. Hori’s High Speed Car Charger is fantastic for any family on the road trip or even a traveler who doesn’t wish to fret about a low battery life to their Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Shift High Speed Car Charger by HORI quickly protects your Nintendo Alter with a 5 volts / 3.0 amps of power. The compact charger is made of a durable plastic casing and includes a in-wall cable, so players in the rear seat can delight in a charge. Nintendo — that got its brand officially licenses Hori’s High Speed Car Charger, so you’re guaranteed a high quality product that will work in harmony.

6 ) Bonafide Hardware Replacement Housing -Best Custom Mod

By Bonafide Hardware

There’s not anything cooler than changing your Nintendo Switch together with the Hardware Replacement Housing of Bonafide if you would like to stick out from the crowd. Your Nintendo Switch is transformed by the shell casing replacement with a colour scheme that gives the match its own personality. If you are a beginner, \ n Do not be concerned — bona fide’s Hardware Replacement Housing comes with instructions for users who would like to make sure they get it correctly the first time. Also observe that colors include pink, green, white, grey, blue, purple and transparent.

7 ) Nintendo Switch Pro Controller -Best Controller


Gambling is made by the Nintendo Switch Pro controller on the Nintendo Switch easier for gamers that are traditional, as a result of its controller design. Nintendo the party controller ergonomically designed and creates the best controller. Take it to Play-station 4 as Nintendo’s answer and Xbox One controllers.

Surethe Nintendo Switch JoyCon controllers are fun, but gamers who need a controller scheme will see relaxation in the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. The radio controller comes packed with a Amiibo functionality, in addition to motion controls, H D rumble, which means it can be utilized by you . The controller comes with a USB-C into charging cable allowing upon full control for a 40-hour battery life.

8 ) Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Dock by BD&A -Best Charging Station

By PowerA

Slick, handy and simple, BD&A’s officially authorized Nintendo Alter JoyCon Charging Dock makes juicing up a breeze. It uses up almost no distance, measuring at.2 x .1x.2 inches and has a solid foundation for stability. The plan is currently complementing to the style of the Nintendo Shift console.

The Nintendo Switch JoyCon Charging Dock can control upto four controllers that are JoyCon. The dock allows to hold your. When each control is charging and green when fully charged LED indicators on top show crimson. The charging pier takes about 5 to 6 hours for a control with zero battery life to get a full charge if needed.

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Top 9 Best Wii Accessories in 2019




1 ) Wii Remote Plus -Best Controller

By Nintendo

A great characteristic of the Wii U is that not only could it be backward compatible with all the initial Wii accessories and games, however, you can even use the exact accessories, like the Wii Remote Plus and many Wii U games to play with also. That is especially helpful for multi player games, because it provides you a fairly inexpensive option. We like the wii Remote Plus owing to the durability, guaranteed compatibility, and greater accuracy and performance in comparison to remotes, although there are many Wii remotes available. Nintendo’s official Wii Remote Plus will come in several of color options as well, that is helpful to guarantee everybody can keep track of their preferred remote in frantic multiplayer sessions.

2 ) NEXiLUX Wireless 3-In-1 Pro -Best Third-Party Controller


The Wii U Guru Controller is fantastic, however the lack of compatibility with Wii matches is a bit of a let down. Enter the Wireless 3 in 1 Guru Controller from NEXiLUX. This control provides you exactly the same shape and button layout since Nintendo’s Guru Controller, however, includes a few extra features. To begin with , it works together with compatible (as if they use the Classic or Classic control ) Wii-U and Wii matches, as well as every game on both the versions that the Virtual Console. Additionally, it includes a Wii Remote mode at which it could mimic the movement controllers of a Wii Remote Plus, making broadcasting Wii-U dashboard or the Wii a breeze. Despite being a thirdparty control and all the caveats that naturally comes with, it is worth the expenditure and is an incredibly convenient control to get around.

3 ) Wii U Microphone -Best Microphone

By Nintendo

For Nintendo Wii-U microphones, it doesn’t get any better than Nintendo’s official Wii U Microphone, made for that console . The Nintendo’s Wii-U Microphone is an excellent build mic which allows you to utilize all of the system’s singing and games.

The Wii U Microphone operates best with all games such as The Voice along with SiNG Party. Oahu is the very compatible microphone available on the market for the wii U console . This is a amazing microphone for its affordable price point, ease of pickup quality.

4 ) PowerLead Wireless Controller Gamepad -Most Affordable Controller


You need ton’t need to pay a fortune play in your own Nintendo Wii U with your family and friends and to have a quality control — that’s where the PowerLead Wireless Controller game pad will come in. The PowerLead is and will not skip on quality controller, although An initial party wii U controller will probably run you $70.

The PowerLead Wireless Controller game pad functions and can be designed exactly like a Nintendo Wii-U controller. It’s assembled with an ergonomic and comfortable design which has a simple learning curve once you pick up it. It’s suitable for your Nintendo Wii U system and connects wireless with Bluetooth through a simple sync procedure. The PowerLead has a warranty too, only incase anything goes wrong.

5 ) Gioteck HS-1 Superlite Stereo Headset -Best Headset

By Gioteck

You may not discover complementing and slick headsets made for the Nintendo WiiU, nevertheless the Gioteck HS-1 Super lite Stereo Headset does it. Its sleek and minimal style complements the WiiU any way you like, and it is durable enough to survive you. That you don’t need to pay a lot of money either with its affordable price of under $25.

light weight and comfortable, the Gioteck HS-1 Super lite Stereo Headset is equipped with also a headband that hastens weight evenly and padded ear cups. It comes without being cumbersome with a wired mic flourish which protrudes. It comes with a warranty.

6 ) Wii Wheel -Best Wheel

By Beastron

There are not a ton of racing games offered for the Wii-U therefore your options for steering wheels are nonexistent as much as a wheel and wheel installation goes. As a wheel option is available in the form of steering, all is not lost, however. You snap a Wii Remote Plus into the wheel, now your steering motions are accurately with. You save a little money and can safely buy more expensive third party models as an alternative of the official Nintendo unit As these are only simple shells. Demonstrably the experience isn’t going to become quite the same as having fun with a true wheel and wheel set, but the motion controls work great in games like Mario Kart 8 and also definitely makes the games more fun to play than on a standard controller, specially for children.

7 ) Wii Fit U w/ Wii Balance Board -Best Balance Board

By Nintendo

The best balance board you can buy for your Wii-U is the party. The innovative Wii U accessory allows to play with with games.

The Wii Fit Balance Board is sold with Wii Fit U — a match with 70 different tasks you can accomplish this utilizes the Wii Balance Board. The board calibrates to moves and a weight, and through a user-profile that is documented keeps an eye on every single calorie while playing matches about 29, you burn off up. It’s rough shell casing allows for users to personalize their work out routines together with activities like dance, stamina exercises and yoga.

8 ) MiniPro 2TB External USB 3.1 Portable Hard Drive -Best Hard Drive

By Oyen Digital

Using a large 2.0 TB capacity, the Mini-Pro 2TB is a fully compatible american-made mobile hard drive for the Nintendo Wii U. Its USB 3.1 technology makes for the fastest rates, and that means it is possible to access a boat load of games and content instantly with no hiccups.

Using a 2.0 TB capacity, the Mini-Pro is virtually capable of carrying every single Nintendo NES and Super Nintendo game in life. When you download games you’ll never have to worry about depending on the internal memory distance problems. It isn’t awkward either, quantifying at 7.8 x 6.3 x 1.8 inches. The Mini-Pro is endorsed by means of a seven-year warranty, so you can rest assured when for whatever reason the hard drive crashes.

9 ) Wii U Pro Controller -Runner-Up, Best Controller

By Nintendo

Even the Wii-U Game-Pad is fantastic with games which actually utilize the built-in touchscreen display well, however, perhaps not all of games create smart use of this, and sometimes you only want to play with a more conventional controller, therefore in those situations the official Wii-U Guru Controller is a must have. The Guru Controller provides you precision control in just about all Wii-U games and Wii U variants of Virtual Console titles, and it has an absurdly long 80-hours of playtime using a single charge. The only negative is the fact that it isn’t harmonious with original Wii applications (including Wii Virtual Console names ) on the Wii-U, so you will still need Wii remotes and timeless controllers to play Wii games. For Wii-U games you will not find a control that is traditional than the Wii-U Guru Controller.      

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