Top 9 Best Drone Accessories in 2019


1 ) DJI High Capacity Intelligent Flight Battery


DJI’s High Capacity Intelligent Flight Battery is designed specifically for the DJI Phantom 4. The battery is still a pack that expands the amount of time in and allows for maximum control. The battery pack comes to allow you to fly for half an hour and should you simply take it out, it recharge and maintain your drone at the air.

The side of the battery life ensures it’ll provide insight to this DJI Go app. Once it reaches the absolute minimal point determined by DJI’s software, the drone will soon return to its point, ensuring that your apparatus doesn’t get lost or invisibly suddenly.

2 ) Homga Drone Landing Pad

By Homga

The Drone Landing Pad of homga can be actually a handy solution for anyone who wants to pin point an specific location to land a drone or wishes to own a landing contest. The landing pad is quite affordable and measures 30 inches round. It’s made so if you’re utilizing a DJI Mavic Pro or choosing for a different RC drone, you are going to be good to go.

The landing mat comes in two colors: blue and orange. There are also reflective strips onto the mat which can make it much more easy to see in the nighttime. Only in case that you wish to land in conditions, you’ll also have the ability to make utilize of it to put down and keep it set up.

3 ) Case Club Drone Wheeled Case

By Case Club

Purchasing a case for your own drone is a fantastic idea. It keeps your propellers in tiptop shape, ensures your batteries really are where they are needed by you and generally maintains your own drone safe. The Case Club Drone Wheeled Case is one of our options as it ' s waterproof, dustproof, also heavy-duty. Sure, it’s only just a little on the expensive side, but foam and also its own hard casing afford your protection. You might also use it, although it’s specifically intended for the DJI Phantom 4. N as well as keeping the drone, the event will hold as many as the controller five batteries, your propellers, and an array of accessories. Best of all, it’s airline-approved for luggage that is checked and you’ll be able to padlock it. Don’t worry, if you should be concerned about carrying it around: it has wheels, so you may traveling with this.

4 ) Powerextra Waterproof Carrying Bag

By Powerextra

The Powerextra Waterproof Carrying Bag, One other terrific storage option offers protection for your own drone of choice and features a back design design that lets you throw it. The case comes with a design and aside from the main compartment for your own drone, in addition, it has some pockets around for keeping accessories. It can accommodate drones from other programs though it was equipped using the DJI Phantom set in your mind. The tote measures 18.9″ x 14.5″ x 8.3″ and can be offered in black.

5 ) TOZO Antenna Signal Range Booster


If you feel as though your drone may use just a little more range than what it supplies out from this box, consider using the TOZO Antenna Signal Range Booster. The device can readily be inserted to the control of your drones. The boosters (there are just two in a pack) use foil copper to select the signal from the antennas on your control and beam them further compared to the signal would usually proceed.

TOZO doesn't say exactly how much additional range you may anticipate from the boosters, but they do say they”significantly increase” the connection between your control and also drone. According to the business, you won’t require any additional tools or modifications to get the signal boosters up and running.

6 ) CamKix Landing Gear Extenders

By CamKix

CamKix Landing Gear Extenders are designed to begin with: to really help create the flying and shooting experience on your DJI Ghost 4 (or other DJI Phantom drone with the identical size specifications) somewhat simpler. The extenders are essentially stabilizers that connect into the bottom of your own drone. The extenders are intended to maintain it safe and take care of the overall health and fitness of your drone’s legs, After the drone is on a lawn. The drone will gain from equilibrium and rocking which should offer a smoother experience when it’s flying. The Landing Gear Extenders of camKix also safeguard your camera and gimbal from damage by debris and impact or dust . It is a win-winsituation.

7 ) Neewer Filter Kit

By Neewer

The Neewer Filter Kit is your thing to do, if you’d love to modify the camera experience on your DJI drone. The kit includes six filters which may affix onto your drone. A few of the filters will highlight the videos and photos while some can make sure they are considerably darker, you catch from your own drone. Based on the appearance you are trying for, the blockers should allow you to get the work done.

as a way to utilize the Neewer Filter Kit you are going to need to eliminate the stock filter onto your drone, so beware of the requirement until you proceed forward with a filter and to take action. The blockers are affordable, which means you might need to pick up a pair for yourself and a close companion.

8 ) DJI Genuine Props


There are a number of ways your drone's trip may go awry. You take a turn landing and damage your apparatus or may hit on something mid-flight. But that is just where the DJI Genuine Props come in.

The props are replacements to your own fires which come with your drone. Thus, in the event that you somehow hurt the ones your drone was included together or else they erode over time, you can install these to get your apparatus back to working how it needs to. The DJI Genuine Props come which means you ought to find a way to replace the props on your drone time round. Bear in mind, however, that the props only focus with DJI drones.

9 ) SummitLink Prop Guards

By SummitLink

If you are concerned with the propellers in your drone also don’t desire to purchase new ones, then look at the SummitLink Prop Guards. The guards are designed to affix to the propellers in your drone as their name may imply. Once installed, they’ll absorb some impact or damage that might occur if you bump to things such as trees, walls, roofs, or other barriers. 3 drones, and the props are developed for Phantom 1, 2 and are quick to put in as they don't require some tools. Their pop-on, pop-off design also means they're effortless to detach and package away in a case for easy transport. They measure 10″ x6 ” x 2″ and weigh 4.2 ounce. The one drawback is the fact that the additional weight can slightly lower your flying and battery moment, but we'd say it's worth every penny because they can protect your device from leading damage.


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