Top 7 Best Car Stereos Under 200 in 2019


1 ) BOSS AUDIO BV9979B -Best Overall

By BOSS Audio Systems

BOSS AUDIO's BV9979B model permits one among the largest scales of music playing compatibility. It can play your DVDs and CDs together side reading from sticks and SD cards. It can read tracks and, like another family line of products, includes an additional port you can connect your smartphone or MP3 player. The system allows for calls and dialing, as well as streaming, so you can play music from your smartphone or through programs such as Spotify and Pandora wirelessly.

The system offers 85 watts of power from four speaker channels, and features a RDS tuner together side a preset EQ that is integrated, so you can correct your audio’s balances. It’s just one of the only real car stereo systems among the set with a seven-inch motorized touch screen monitor for an effortless consumer experience. The system also offers steering wheel controller sockets and also rearview camera in case you intend to buy hardware.

Many users assert which the top quality audio process is super cheap. Others have discovered that the customer care is hard to achieve and get into contact and that the radio presenter isn’t ample for reception. It includes a three-year platinum trader warranty and also a radio remote.

2 ) BOSS AUDIO 612UA -Best Budget

By BOSS Audio Systems

The top bestseller at Marine Stereo Receivers on Amazon could be your BOSS AUDIO 612UA. It’s the item on this list, also is sold with all the features you’d expect in the car stereo system.

The BOSS AUDIO 612UA offers a maximum of 50 watts from preamp outputs that are leading four speaker channels, also features a built-in EQ with presets that corrects for treble, fader, bass and balance. The device will not own a DVD or CD player, but the trade off for older support leaves room for compatibilities that are modern. It is able to read MP3 and WMA formats, and functions from sticks and SD cards. It doesn’t include Bluetooth compatibility. You may play music in MP3 player or your smart phone with all an auxiliary outputsignal. The system includes AM/FM radio as well if you feel a little nostalgic. Many buyers love its modern features at this reduced price, but advise that because of the you are going to have to know about its own limitations. It comes with a three-year warranty.

3 ) Pioneer MVH-AV290BT -Best Wattage Output


The Pioneer MVH-AV290BT doesn’t play CDs, nonetheless it has sound, Bluetooth connectivity, a very display and higher watt outputsignal. The doubledin digital media receiver sport a 6.2″ LCD Touchscreen which allows you to get a handle on a USB storage device, an iPod or even iPhone and some other Android device. In addition, it allows easy communication via Bluetooth 3.0 technology and hands on communication is empowered via way of a mic.

The most continuous power output is 22 watts RMS via four stations at four ohms, 50Hz-15kHz and 5 percent THD. The power output is 70 watts and 50 watts over four stations at five ohms or 50 watts on two stations at four ohms over one channel at two ohms for the subwoofer. The receiver has a MOSFET50 Internal Amplifier which is more efficient and smaller, which delivers music at higher volumes without a switching or distortion noise. Control the audio with five EQ Bands.

4 ) BOSS AUDIO MGR350B -Best for Weather Proofing

By BOSS Audio Systems

The BOSS AUDIO MGR350B can be a vehicle stereo system that delivers 60 watts of audio power. It’s the vehicle stereo system on the list having an IPX 6 evaluation so it may manage water churns from many sides against its enclosure without the damage. Materials that are Water proofed protect the system together with UV coatings for circuit boards vinyl surfaces and connections. It rust resistant.

The machine has a integrated preset equalizer to adjust for treble and bass and a sub woofer control. Though it lacks a CD and DVD player, it has a USB and auxiliary inputsignal, in addition to Bluetooth for wireless streaming in your devices. There’s a switchable mic with the apparatus, too, and that means it is possible to receive radio broadcasts either in the U.S. or Europe.

Several users composed that they like the system because of its Bluetooth connectivity and weather security. Other users have voiced that installation can be bothersome, which it requires some time to set up. It comes with a warranty.

5 ) Kenwood DPX502BT -Best for Android OS

By Kenwood Package X3

This stereo receiver may render you without a lack of choices to play music if you are an Android user. It’s a maximum output of 50 watts in each of its four channels, filling your vehicle with deep bass and crisp mid and high notes.

The 3 x 3 x 3-inch receiver is actually a composite of light ice blue along with casing . It’s a CD player, blue tooth connection a USB Interface along with Android programs such as Pandora and iHeartRadio. Benefits for users incorporate voice and telephone control Charges along with hands free having an microphone, so you can safely take calls while on the road.

Kenwood sound reconstruction, which restores quality to music is also included by The DPX502BT. The receiver supports WMA, MP3, AAC, WAV and FLAC displays song I d and files.

6 ) Kenwood DDX24BT -Best Sound Reception

By Kenwood

The Kenwood DDX24BT multimedia receiver has a slick 6.2-inch VGA Color LCD touchscreen display, full compatibility with Android along with i-OS apparatus and impressive sound technology. It includes integral Bluetooth and wireless music complete with double phone connection, which means that your passenger could play from their library over Android Music Playback. Additionally, it has a screen that’s compatible with a camera.

The 1 3 band graphic equalizer is among the very finest at a car stereos at this price range, giving you staging options to adjust the gain, frequency and Q factor to keep any audiophile happy. You choose from ones included by Kenwood or can save yourself habit EQ presets. In addition, you also can fix sound performance. Four 50 watt stations power music at an impedance between 4-8 ohms. The receiver also comprises three collections of 2.5V Preamp outputs.

7 ) BOSS AUDIO BV9967B -Best Touchscreen

By BOSS Audio Systems

The BOSS AUDIO BV9967B appears to be the most effective of the bunch, although it’s often tough to obtain a car head unit on a budget using a TFT widescreen display and touchscreen capacities. The consumer face showcases a digital clock and includes icons for radio, disk, hands free streaming and phone calls. Features a remote and pencil for navigation.

The machine includes a RDS tuner and packs a max of 85 watts. It’s appropriate for your DVD and CDs and has both SD card driveway and a USB port. It includes an AM/FM radio and plays WMA and MP3 file formats. The system contains a pre amp output for rear front, video and subs. From the smartphone, you can stream utilize and music programs like Spotify along with Pandora.

Many users reported that the machine’s radio isn’t the best and the manual isn’t very helpful when setting up all of the proper connections. Users advise that you ought to know a bit about your cars wiring setup is and that means you can obtain a proper connection. It has a warranty.


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