Artiphon raises $2M in seed funding from Warner Music


Artiphon, the startup supporting the digital tool that it has dubbed the Instrument 1, has raised $2 million in seed financing.

As previously clarified that the Instrument 1 for a symphony, rock band and DJ which you could hold in your hand. It is a system which permits you to make the sounds of a violin, guitar, bass guitar or drum system with no actual training.

Back in 2015, Artiphon increased $1.3 million to the Instrument 1 on Kickstarter, blowing beyond its aim of $75,000. The new financing is a more conventional investment, directed by Warner Music Group — in actuality, it’s the very first publicly declared investment in WMG Boost, Warner’s seed investment finance to get music-related startups.

“As true innovators in music creativity, Artiphon is a strong example of the types of companies and products we seek to support,” said WMG’s head of innovation and emergin technology Jeff Bronikowski in a statement. “They’ve already expanded the concept of the musical instrument as a smart, connected device and we’re excited to help them drive the future of interactive music.”

Artiphon co-founder and CEO Mike Butera explained that his aim for the Instrument 1 would be to eliminate ability as a barrier to entry for producing songs. In reality, he remembered getting answers to the Kickstarter effort that stated, “How dare you let anyone sound good? I worked so hard to sound good, and now you’re making that accessible to anyone.”

Butera’s answer? “Welcome to the future.”

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To be clear, he is not attempting to replace conventional tools — he said he plays with his classical violin. Nor does he believe the item is only for novices. Rather, he states that the Instrument 1 (with pricing now beginning at $399) may also augment the abilities of trained musicians, letting them create sounds that they never can with a normal tool.

While I spent over a decade playing classical piano, then it was essentially half a life ago — I think it’s reasonable to say I fall nearer to the newcomer side of this spectrum.

Therefore it was a true joy for me to test the Instrument 1. With only a couple of pointers out of Butera, I immediately found myself noodling about and creating different instrument sounds. In certain ways, it reminded me of playing Guitar Hero, but with much more expressiveness.

Butera, incidentally, fully adopts that contrast. He explained, “We’re interested in making music as fun, or more fun, than playing games.”

Though the item is known as the Chair 1, Butera explained that the title is supposed to highlight the notion of several tools in a single — it does not mean Artiphon is currently working in an Instrument 2. The startup may discharge more hardware in the long run, however, he said that he would like to move from”a customer electronics mindset” in which you persuade a person to get a new gadget each couple of years, and instead make a tool “that may last for ages.”

“We are committed to the quality of the Instrument 1,” Butera said.

So the upcoming steps for Artiphon include researching more distribution channels, in addition to building additional applications.

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Artiphon has created its own program for the Instrument 1, along with the unit can also be compatible with a large selection of audio software such as Garage Band, however, he said, “Okay, what can we do to help people actually play a song? It starts with the instrument … This is the foundation, now we’re getting to design experiences for people around the instrument that are in software.”



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