Apple’s Beats brand may release truly wireless Powerbeats earbuds next month


Apple’s Beats is currently preparing to launch really wireless Powerbeats earbuds in April, CNET reports. CNET’s origin, who it claims is near the retail station, says that the new earbuds will allegedly utilize Apple’s new H1 processor that is employed in the wireless charging AirPods, also possess exactly the identical always-on Siri voice helper. Additionally, it is likely to have a longer battery life compared to AirPods, which have approximately five hours of listening.

CNET points out that the timing of this wireless Powerbeats lines up with if the Beats X have been declared, which was soon after Apple first introduced AirPods at 2016. Rumors of higher-end AirPods have been circulating since this past year, suggesting they would be a noise-canceling, over-ear headset. The wireless charging AirPods declared this week do not line up with exactly what the rumors have been indicating, but the Powerbeats could target a marketplace that’s searching for much more features compared to that which the AirPods offer. The recent Powerbeats are sweat-resistant and extend a more secure fit than AirPods, to get started.

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There is no pricing info yet, even though the Powerbeats3 Wireless (that are still connected by a cable ) now retails for $199.95 on the Beats site, but can be purchased for as low as $99 on Amazon, indicating an upgrade may be arriving. When the rumors are true, the newest cordless Powerbeats3 are the very first in the whole Beats lineup to become wireless earbuds.


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