AnimeUltima 2020: Is It Safe to Watch Anime Online? [Best Alternatives]


Initially considered as a domestic entertainment form, Anime websites has slowly grown in popularity around the world, credit to the success of various Anime that have managed to garner attention. Anime such as Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon have been touted to be the best-animated shows of all time.

Vibrant colors, cheerful characters, engaging storylines and realistic worlds that are created in the anime lead to extreme anticipation among the fans.

Around the world, millions of people anxiously wait for the new episode of their favorite anime or the latest chapter of the Manga to be released. These are available on the web and is pretty easy to stream. However, many of the anime streaming websites are illegal and can lead to corruption in your PC. AnimeUltima is one such site. Follow along to get the detailed info on the site.

AnimeUltima: Is It Legal and Safe Platform?

It is basically a rip of the legal websites. Although a legal website, the content on the platform can be debatable. Most of the content on the website is uploaded by third party servers and is a different version compared to the original. The sub and dub versions are also usually fan-made. Similar to most other websites, the content here is illegal, but these websites have found a fool-proof way to go around the rules and deliver content.

When it comes to safety, there are few other websites that can match the safety standards of the website. There is not a single advertisement or pop-up plaguing the screen. There are no fake links which mean that when you click on a link, it directs you to the webpage you are looking for. There are no ad pages that open instead. Even when downloading, there are no viruses or malware that get downloaded. All these features make it totally safe website to visit.

Top Features of AnimeUltima

  • Amazing Layout:

It has one of the best layouts considering that it is systematic and does not look like a kid’s sketchbook. The website design is very subtle and minimalistic.

  • Video Quality And Subtitles:

The video quality is pretty good, which is enhanced by the video player. Sub-titles are available for almost all of the animes here.

  • Viewer Ratings:

Viewers who have logged in to the website can give each anime a star rating. Before you start watching any anime look for the star ratings which give you an idea of how good the anime is.

  • Anime Description And Episode List

When you hover around the anime title, the anime description is displayed, which gives a good idea of what the anime is about and its setting. An episode list is also available which includes all the episode titles.

  • Day/Night Switch

It is a switch at the top right corner, which just changes the background of the website from Black to White and vice versa. It sounds very simple but comes in handy sometimes.

Best Free Alternatives To AnimeUltima

It is usually up-to-date and always working. However, you might face a few issues if your internet connection is slightly on the slower side. The website ceases to respond in case of a slow connection. This can be troublesome and hence having an alternative is advantageous. Here are a few anime streaming websites to consider as an alternative to AnimeUltima.

1. GogoAnime

Gogoanime Anime Movies

Gogoanime is a totally advertisement free website and does not run any ads. The testament for the same can be found at the top right corner of the homepage. A minimalistic interface coupled with the latest anime episodes makes it one of the best alternatives for AnimeUltima. Anime are divided into categories, based on genre, type, recently uploaded, and release date. There is a list of all the anime available on the website, and hovering around the title gives info about the particular anime. There is also a search bar that can be used in case you are precise and are looking for an exact anime and episode number.

2. AnimeLand


A step ahead of the usual anime streaming websites, Animeland has an ever-growing fanbase. Regular updates, latest anime chronicles, and news give it a slight edge over the other websites. The anime collection itself is massive with hundreds of anime in the database, available in different video qualities. The UI is also very appealing, designed in order to give the website a modern outlook.

3. KissAnime


If the content is your only priority, this is the one website that has it all. Hundreds of anime, with subs and dubs available, making it one of the largest collections of anime. There is a massive fanbase that is extremely loyal to the website. There are a lot of ads on the website. Although not affecting your browsing experience, these are very extreme and have to be classified as adult content. If these ads are not a problem, then Kissanime is one of the best anime streaming sites out there.

4. AnimeStreams


The biggest advantage of Animestreams has video quality. There are tons of anime available, and most of them are available in HD video quality. The website is updated regularly, uploading the newly released anime episodes. The UI is also decent and is need of an update. Overall considering the number of ads and the content available, it is good enough to be an alternative to Anime Ultima.

5. AnimeShow


With an amazing interface to boast of, Animeshow is a website bound to attract you, but on the other hand, the number and quality of the ads make it look more like an adult site rather than an anime site. If ads are not an issue, and anime is all you want, it is a perfect alternative to AnimeUltima. The range of anime is amazing and can cater for almost all your anime needs. The website is also great to look for new anime shows and binge-watch. This is because of the amazing video player available.

6. OtakuStream


Although not in service right now, OtakuStream has been instrumental in the rise of anime communities around the world. The website came into existence when there were not many websites to offer anime streaming services, and it was difficult for anime fans to watch the latest episodes. Hundreds of people used to participate in the online anime discussions on the website. However, for some unknown reason, it has been shut down. The chances of Otakustream being operational again are slim.

7. Chia-Anime


Not as popular as Kissanime, but it is equally good. There are no ads or pop-ups on the website, and with the range of anime it has on offer, chia anime can easily serve as an alternative for AnimeUltima. The user interface can use some improvements, as it is childish, just like most other anime websites. There is a search bar to help you search for any particular anime. Another noteworthy feature is that the new episodes are released on the website as soon as they are aired in Japan.

Best Legal Alternatives to AnimeUltima in 2020

Most of the common websites streaming animes are usually legal, but the content available on them is uploaded by third-party servers. Websites that offer content that is totally legal, straight from the animation studios, require you to log in and are usually paid for.

Although every anime fan says that ‘I just need to binge an anime, why should I get a monthly subscription just for that’. Well with a monthly subscription you get original content in the best of qualities, it is completely legal hence you need not worry about getting banned from your service providers. Most of the legal websites are not very well known, and hence here are a few legal websites that can serve as an alternative to AnimeUltima.

1. Viewster

ViewsterIn comparison to the above-mentioned websites, Viewster has a major advantage going in its favor. Unlike the paid plans of Crunchyroll and Funimation, Viewster is totally free, and the range of titles available to stream and download is also amazing. Ever since Daisuki has ceased to exist, Viewster has been on a steep rise, gaining a huge community.

Its UI is pretty decent and has an uncanny resemblance to this site. Viewester offers not only anime but also a wide range of other movies and TV series, from numerous other countries and in several languages. It has all the resources to be an ideal alternative to Anime Ultima. Its free of cost content is a sure advantage, but it does run several ads, but that is a necessity to keep the site running.

2. Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll is the only legal anime content website, which manages to compete with the illegal ones. With a massive community, several paid plans to choose from, the latest anime, and on-time release of new episodes, Crunchyroll is a perfect alternative.

Being one of the most popular anime sites in the world, Crunchyroll has an exciting roster of anime. Of course, if you compare it to the illegal ones, it will fall short in terms of the number of animes it has. Most of these animes are available with sub-titles. If you are a fan of dubbed anime, this is not a site for you.

The content is also region-specific, which means that you might or might not have access to several animes based on your location. In several countries, a major chunk of the content is available for free, but it contains advertisements.

3. Funimation


They have recently agreed to a long-term deal with the above-mentioned Crunchyroll, and as per their clause, many of the anime titles are going to be shared between them. Funimation is very popular among the dubbed anime fans and offers almost all of the animes in dubbed versions.

It is also the official media partner of several animes including One Piece. The range of content might not be as vast as that of this platform, but the quality is surely worth the subscription fee. An amazing video quality, and original audio tracks available, rest assured that all the minute details of the episodes will be visible to you.

Given that most of the latest titles are released on the website almost as soon as they are aired in Japan, Funimation is a great alternative to AnimeUltima.

Top-Rated Shows On AnimeUltima

No doubt One Piece is the best anime of all time. It is in a league of its own and has already broken all existing records in the anime world. It has raised the bar so high that it is very difficult to overtake the success it has achieved.

Among the animes of the newer generation, HunterxHunter has been rising in popularity. Alongside this, Death Note and Tokyo Ghoul are also worth a mention. Bleach is another anime that has been highly rated and is an adaptation of one of the best mangas out there.

Apart from these, One Punch Man, Naruto: Shippuden, Boruto, Code Geass and Akame ga Kill are a great watch. Many of the animes like Tokyo Ghoul and Attack on Titans are pretty dark, violent and simple graphic. They can be very entertaining for adults, but they are not suitable for children.

How To Download/Stream A Show From AnimeUltima?

It has a very user-friendly interface, because of which it is quite easy to download or stream your favorite animes. Here are the steps to download/stream animes:

  • Open the official website.
  • From the collection displayed on the home page, select the anime, you wish to watch.
  • In case you are unable to find the anime, you are looking for, just type the first few characters in the search bar, and the results will be displayed.
  • Now from the episode list of the anime, select the episode number you wish to view, and just click on it.
  • You can now enjoy your anime in the video player.
  • To download the episode, look for the download option just under the video player.
  • Now click on the download button, and your video starts downloading.

What if AnimeUltima goes down for users?

There is a high chance that the site may go down for the users, due to the content not being totally legal. This can be done either by blocking the website on a particular network or by blocking the individual access to the website. In such scenarios, you can opt for the mirror sites, most of which should be operational. However, the best option is to go for the legal websites that do not pose any such risks.

FAQs regarding Animeultima Mirrors in 2020

1. How fast is downloading on Animeultima?

It is able to support high-speed downloads. However, it primarily depends on the server that you select. Mainly because of the different servers that offer different speeds. Most of the time, if you have any standard high-speed connection (4G and such), you will be able to download a 300 MB episode within 30 minutes.

2. How good is streaming on AnimeUltima?

It depends on your internet connection and speed. Each server responds differently to the Internet Service Provider. You can choose different servers to stream anime optimally. However, if you don’t have network issues, the platform supports uninterrupted HD streaming. It means that you can stream High Definition Anime without buffering as long as you have a connection to support the speed.

3. What would be the best site for watching Anime for free?

AnimeUltima is one of the best sites to watch anime for free. Gogoanime falls on the top of the list. If you scroll up and look at the alternatives, they are all ideal for streaming anime for free. Some legal websites, such as Anistream and Crunchyroll, also offer great options to stream anime for free. However, these are usually older animes. So, choose from the alternatives provided above for impeccable streaming experience.


All the illegal websites pose a severe threat to the users as well as the website owners. If you are found guilty of distributing pirated content, it will be considered a severe crime. And hence it is highly advisable that you always stream or download from the legal websites. Although you might have to pay for the content, you watch, but then it is better than being blocked to access any content.


Most of the alternative websites to AnimeUltima have illegal content. Although they experience heavy traffic, they do not match the quality and originality of the legal websites. The mirror sites are illegal as well. Streaming from illegal websites is usually unsafe for your PC and for yourself. By no means are you encouraged to use these websites as a source of anime content?


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