AnimeLand 2020: Working Mirrors, 7 Best Alternatives & Legal Status


AnimeLand is a name well-known by anime lovers across the world. However, the recent actions against various pirates have also sunk the ship of down, but not completely. Good news for all you anime lovers is, AnimeLand has acquired a new name of Dubbed TV and also exists in different languages for your ease.

Your hub for the collection of high rated anime series and movies is still up and running. However, the debate on its uses from legal and ethical points should be clarified. Should you be using the platform? Is it completely safe? What other options do you have? Let’s tackle all of these questions in the article below.

Is Animeland Legal And Safe?

AnimeLand falls in the gray area, much like other hosted websites of similar nature. It would seem that the platform is indeed legal, but still, it is up to the debate.

  • License, Trademark & Copyrights: The website does not own any anime material that is available on the platform. None of the series is copyright-protected or trademarked.
  • Legal Responsibility: AnimeTV does host the anime on the legal server, and it has not been taken down yet. The rules of the internet dictate that the host is responsible for legal actions. Therefore, it is a high possibility that AnimeLand is indeed a legal platform.
  • Imminent Actions: AnimeLand has renamed itself to Dubbed TV. If there were no legal actions against it, then there was no need for it. You won’t find much information on its legality online.
  • Debatable Gray-Scale: Many reviewers and users claim that it is one of the best legal websites to watch dubbed anime. However, the website lacks a disclaimer, privacy policy, and other terms & conditions that would authenticate its legality. Therefore, it is definitely a gray-scale website at the most.
  • Advertisements: There aren’t many advertisements on the website. No click baits, popups type advertisements that would open in a new window. However, it does seem to have ‘notification’ type advertisements that appear on the top left or right corner, mainly while streaming animes. They can easily be cut closed.
  • Safety: It would seem like the website does not have cookies, malware, or virus. So it remains highly safe. As it does not have any disclaimer or information on its legalities, you can use it. You do not risk getting legal action of piracy taken against you because of the lack of information and authentication.

AnimeLand Official Website [Working]

To download anime or stream online, you can visit its online website:

Active AnimeLand Mirrors


AnimeLand Features

  • Minimalistic Design: The website is very simple in design and direction for the users. It has a simple search option for searching the directory. The top tabs list HomePage, Dubbed Anime List, One Piece, and such. There is an option to visit a website to watch anime in Japanese language and subtitles on the top right corner. Overall, it fulfills the purpose of watching anime.
  • Fast Response: Due to its minimalistic design and smooth interface, it has a fast response. There aren’t any delays in loading, generally. It is quick and precise in its functionality. Therefore, being a great platform.
  • Easy Interface: Every command, function, and option on the website is self-explanatory. You do not have to waste time explaining anything. Just search your favorite anime and start streaming immediately.
  • Anime Information & Listing: As you select your favorite anime series or movie to watch, you will get its synopsis and episode list. This helps you get informed and understand how much time it will take. Furthermore, you can decide from the description if it is worth your time.
  • Dubbed Anime: AnimeLand.TV is the website that stands at #1 for being the largest collection of dubbed anime. Therefore, you will not find a subtitle option. However, it offers a gateway for you to visit and watch subbed anime on KissAnime.
  • HD Content: It has 240P to 1080P content. You can activate the HD button on the video player, or choose the quality according to your requirements.

Best Alternatives to AnimeLand

1. Otakustream


OtakuStream was once the most popular platform for streaming anime, latest episodes. You would find a collection of high-rated movies and shows easily on the platform. It has several flexible features for the convenience of the users, including chatting with other anime lovers. You could also socialize. Downloading was also available. However, after the legal action hit, it has undergone a tremendous downgrade. It consistently shifts the URL but stays on the radar. So it might be a little challenging to find all the collections, but the developers are working on bringing you the oldest to latest anime.

2. Animeshow.Tv

If you’re looking for an exact replica of AnimeLand, then this is the one. has a simplistic design with a fast interface. There are minimum advertisements that you will only find when streaming from different servers. Thus, it also has the leisure of different servers. The quality of anime varies, so you might find HD and non-HD content both for animes. It is all about choosing the right server. The website regularly adds new content, and more importantly, as it is using other servers for hosting the content, it can not be taken down legally. O, you don’t have to worry about changing the URL all the time.

3. Gogoanime

Gogoanime Anime Movies

Any long time anime fan will tell you that this is the go-to place for any anime lover. Gogoanime is the master collection of all the anime shows and movies. It has millions of users who use it for streaming and downloading content online. The content ranges in a quality choice from 240p to Ultra HD. Therefore, you have access to all of it for free. The only problem with Gogoanime is that it sometimes faces legal strikes. Therefore, it may jump from one URL to another to stay on board by providing Otakus (Anime lovers) with premium content for free.

4. ChiaAnime

Chia anime does not only offer you an extensive collection of Anime but also introduces you to the fascinating world of Asian dramas. That’s right, and you will find the collection of all of the Korean and Japanese dramas on Chia anime. All of the content on this website is available in subtitles as well as dubbed for the ease of the users. It is known for being a quality content provider with multiple servers for each episode. Therefore, you can enjoy unlimited streaming. As for anime content, it stays on par with the prominent sites like Gogoanime and Anime land, fairly easily.

5. KissAnime


This site is widely acclaimed by the users for its interface, especially the compatibility. In other words, most of the people prefer to use this website on their mobiles for easy streaming options. It has adequate CAPTCHA security measures and wide content. The website is updated regularly with the newly released episodes that are available in High Definition.

KissAnime also has other portals for cartoons, movies, animated movies, and drama series. So you gain access to a complete spectrum of the entertainment industry with KissAnime. The only drawback of KissAnime is that it has several mirror links and websites; some of them are fake and hard to authenticate.

6. AnimeUltima

This is the one platform that does not prompt you to take surveys. There aren’t any popup advertisements, notifications, click baits, and such. It is a website designed to get the streaming done. Therefore, you can immediately start searching and streaming your favorite anime, that too in HD quality. Furthermore, you do not have to register yourself to the website. As a guest, you have access to all the features and services. Furthermore, it is one of the premium-grade websites with developers working on providing a great interface.

7. AnimeStreams

From easy searching options to categorizing the animes according to genres, alphabetical list, and much more, Animestream has everything. It does not have frequent advertisements or popups and stays very easy for the users to browse the content. There aren’t many click baits either, so as a user, you can spare the annoyance.

It does have HD content, and you can download or stream it according to your individual requirements. Highest rated anime and movies are also available on Anime Stream. Overall, it is a great alternative, much like any other on the list. You will also find lesser-known animes that were popular like Yu Gi Oh, Shin Chan, and Vanguard.

Best Legal Alternatives To Animeland

1. AnimeLab

It is one of the most anticipated premium services. You will find the classic hits and newest anime with the highest grade of animation available. Furthermore, they are available in sub and dub both for your convenience. It has simulcast, movie list, animes sorted via genres, and other essential features. However, you have to sign up to run an anime lab.


Primarily, you can stream HD anime and join the community. You can keep track of all of the anime, upcoming or latest episodes. There are gift card options that you can redeem or gift others. It follows two subscription packages, a basic and premium.

  • Compatibility: It has the widest compatibility to work on Android, iOS, Website, PC, and even gaming engines like PlayStation and Xbox. Therefore, you can stream anime on any device without any restriction.
  • Availability: There are some countries and regions where AnimeLab is not accessible or available. However, the company is working on making it available worldwide.

2. Viz

This is the largest owner of copyrighted and trademarked content, with over tens of thousands of anime available in HD Quality. The company exists for over three decades and has made quite a name for itself. Viz offers you an option to read mangas, watch anime, or stream movies. From the latest anime to the oldest, it has a complete collection that is refurbished to be available in HD quality. The main convenience of VIz is that it has an ‘Add to Cart’ Option for Anime and Manga you want to watch. Therefore, you only pay for that.


Viz posts news and articles for users to stay informed and connected to the world of Otaku. It has an ‘add to cart’ option, and gift options with easy signup. If you don’t want to buy anime, it has free manga for all and some animes available for free of cost. You also get access to Shonen Jump, Calendars to keep track of anime and access a wide community. Overall, it is a great platform for anime lovers.

  • Compatibility: It only has a manga app available for users to download on phones. Other than that, it only has a website for users that is highly accessible through any device. It lacks the appeal of Animelab but makes up for it by housing the largest collection of anime, and an active community.
  • Availability: The platform is available across the world in different countries easily. There isn’t any restriction or limitation on it unless it is imposed by the local government. You can access Viz anywhere and stay connected.

3. Funimation

It is an American company that purchases anime and dubs them to distribute them across the globe. Therefore, it is a hub for the largest collection of legally dubbed anime. It costs around $6 per month in New Zealand, Australia, USA, and other partner countries.


You can keep track of the latest shows, upcoming animes. There is an option to add animes to your list and watch them as you go. It has a simplistic design, which makes it highly appealing to the users.

  • Compatibility: It has an app and options to stream anime on any device from mobile, TV to PC. Therefore, it has universal compatibility, which makes it a great addition to have for only $6 per month.
  • Availability: As stated, Funimation is only available in The USA, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada, Japan, and France. To access it from anywhere else, you need a VPN or DNS master.

Top-Rated Shows On Animeland

AnimeLand boasts the largest collection of dubbed anime. Therefore, it has all the popular and high rated animes such as

  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Dragon Ball Super
  • Bleach
  • One Piece
  • Naruto
  • Boruto
  • Attack On Titan
  • One Punch Man and so on.

Additionally, it also has the list of dubbed anime movies, including some of the highest ratings such as:

  • Kimi No Nawa
  • A silent voice
  • Ghost In A Shell

Furthermore, you will also find the list to contain timeless classics or animes that you won’t find anywhere else, dubbed. Such as:

  • Law Of Ueki
  • Hack

How To Download/Stream A Show From Animeland?

AnimeLand does not offer downloading option anymore, and it would seem. However, you can potentially download by visiting the partner website, Kissanime. The server is locally hosted on the website, and it is great for streaming.

As Far As Streaming Is Considered, You Can Follow The Simple Steps:

  • Choose an anime from the homepage list, or search on the search bar, you can also use the anime list directory.
  • If you choose the ‘latest episode list’ from the homepage, it will immediately load the said episode, and you just have to click play.
  • If you decide to search for anime, then upon finding it, you will be led to episode lists.
  • Choose the episode number, and it will load the video player. Then you can simply click play.
  • There is an ‘HD’ option on the bottom right side to turn up the quality. The controls are very simple and direct.
  • You can also load previous or next episodes with the buttons present above the video player.

The speed of buffering highly depends on your connection, and it is fairly average. In other words, AnimeLand offers you standard anime streaming services that will take you back in time when everything was simple.

What to do if AnimeLand goes down for users?

It is highly unlikely that AnimeLand would go down for the users. However, in such a scenario, you can use a VPN if the website is blocked in your region. Alternatively, you can use mirror links or search for it on Google. If you don’t find it there, then you can visit any of the partner websites that offer similarly remarkable services. However, you can also try searching for dubbed tv, and you will most likely discover it. There is also a french version of the website available.


Overall, AnimeLand is a great option for you to stream dubbed anime. The France version also has french language dubs. It is simplistic, and you will not fall target to any illegal activities. Mainly because of its endorsement, policies, T&C, among other aspects, are not completely clear. For loading and watching anime, it is a great option.

But remember, some may take longer to load, while others may lack working episodes. However, the chance for such an occurrence is rare. In short, it is a great alternative to watch anime and have uninterrupted fun.


We do not promote piracy. To remain completely safe, it is always a great idea to browse and stream anime only on the legal platform. You do not have to worry about the virus, malware, cookies, legal actions, and much more. More importantly, these websites will not get blocked suddenly. By becoming a member, you can also get access to discussions and a plethora of recommendations. It will be a good idea for your conscience.


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